It is not centuries, but if we stream our memories two decades past our lifestyle is entirely different where we got found very much dependent on our fellow human beings, and things now got radically changed with the advent of the internet and its subsidies like digitization and technologies. If we used to travel to a new city or state in the ’90s (according to Indian context), we completely rely on our fellow guides or local people or auto-rickshaw person to find an affordable and best hotel rooms to stay.

But things have drastically changed these days, and now we can instantly book hotel rooms for our convenience where we can derive any information online. Thanks to the emergence of the internet and technology that has seriously helped the public and hoteliers to establish a better connection and attain maximum benefits on both sides.

Having a website for hotel booking business is not a matter of deal, but it needs to lucrative, transparent with your business and must provide value to your customers. We at iStudio Technologies provide the best hotel booking website that helps in driving 3X more customers and also improves your brand loyalty.

Top Features for Resort Booking Website?

Home Page Design

A home page design is a deciding factor that determines the success or failure of the venturing of your business online it takes just 3 seconds for any visitor to decide to continue with your business or to abandon you.
One needs to create enough trust in the minds of their customers to make them avail the resort booking service, hence being an experienced web design company in Chennai, we offer the best homepage website for resort booking business that generate more leads.

Have a look at the dedicated set of design functionalities we embed in your homepage of cottage booking website:

  • An attractive and promising tagline that creates trust in viewers (customer's) mind.
  • Suitable search bar below tagline that navigates website visitor to the concerned page and provides them with valid information.
  • Displays eye-catching stats about your achievements in providing seamless service in running the resort business (that includes the facilities).
  • If you provide hotel room booking business in different localities or different cities then you must have a special menu displaying the cities in which you do business.
  • Having dedicated and custom-made designs for the cities you serve in the inner page section.
  • Displaying the testimonial section that includes previous visitors rating and feedback.
Being a renowned website developer for hotel room booking business in Chennai, we make sure that your homepage design is excellent and it will highly impress the visitors to avail your services.

Rooms Availability

Either you are running your hotel room booking business in single or multiple cities, displaying the available number of rooms on your website is essential to help the user with providing the right information and maintain your loyalty with them.
We are the best website creators in Chennai for resort booking business, who implements 3D carousel slider in the homepage that helps in displaying the exact number of rooms available with you (in different cities if your multi-city business model). Either room booking or cancellation, it will immediately reflect for both the key players (customers and hotelier) when the process is executed in the either sides.

Your Perks

When it comes to running a cottage booking business, every player has their own perks with them in facilitating their service to their customers let it be their affordability in terms of price or multiple-options of cities or availing extra services like bar and swimming pool, that needs to be projected in a better way both in terms of designs and functionalities in your website.

We deliver splendid resort booking website services in Chennai that helps them to glorify their USP (Unique Selling Point) in a better way.

Search Bar

A search bar is a mandatory element that plays a crucial role in any booking website, and so as it does for your hotel room booking website that helps any user to search out for specific queries or access any particular details regarding their stay or other terms.

Especially when the user is looking out for room availability, nearby locations and other precised information the search bar plays a pivotal role and it is undeniable.

We offer quality cottage booking websites that helps them to provide detailed information to the website visitors and convert them into their customers.

Listing Websites

A user-friendly design layout not just enhances the user-experience of your website but it also helps your resort booking website to get mentioned in the listing sites.

Being a speculative hotel room booking website creators in Chennai we offer end-to-end website design services for business that includes the following UI/UX designs that enhances better user experience.

  • An impressive banner located at the top of the website with proper contact details that includes registered name, address, and contact means of your business.
  • Details regarding price and address will be displayed in grid form.
  • A filter option to be placed in the left side of the screen, to find out the availability of rooms in a particular locality and their price as well.
  • Integrating Google Map with the website to help the user to find your exact location without any struggle.
  • Mentioning the clear distance, time to reach and the route for your hotel from the nearby bus stop, railway station or airport.

Room or Inner Page

The success of any website lies in its consistency and so as it applies for the hotel room booking business, projecting the landing page in an excellent way and not focusing much on the inner pages doesn’t yield any success whereas it demands consistency in the entire journey of your website.
Being a bespoke resort booking website development company in Chennai, we make sure the inner pages of your gets crafted in a bettery way to enhance user-experience and derive more business from it. We implement the following functionalities in your cottage booking website to geenrate higher revenue.
  • Projecting the image of the room as it is without imposing any photoshop or digital effects to cheat the customer, but still we ensure that the image is placed in the right position.
  • Displaying the price per night for a selected room.
  • Detailing the features of a room and suggesting the best one for the user according to their budget and taste.
  • Mentioning the nearby attraction and tourist spots when a specific room is selected in the locality or city.
  • Providing complete details about the extra amenities offered by your hotel service for that specific selected room.
  • Integrating location map that helps to travel the nearby places and reach them in a correct time easily.

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Booking Process

When it comes to implementing the booking process for a hotel room booking website web design companies follow two standard approaches of creating leads that drives them to book a required room for them. We come up with request to call button or online booking option to facilitate different kinds of users to adopt the service seamlessly.

Request to call

A simple procedure where the user needs to provide their detailed contact information like name, address, phone number and other required details (as mentioned in the website) and then make a call to the hotelier to book their desired room based on their requirement.

Online Booking

A booking option integrated with the website, where the user needs to provide all the requirements like check-in and check-out details, number of rooms required, and total number of travelers staying. All these details need to be provided in the enquiry form or booking form displayed in the webpage of the hotel room booking website.

Payment Options

A lot of payment options via online have emerged in the last decade of digitization and it has highly disrupted industries in a positive way. Including online payment option will enhance your resort booking business and helps to fill the gap with your customers.

Projecting that you accept all the major payment options including UPI integration can be a inducing factor that drives customers to avail your hotel room booking website.

We provide end-to-end web design services in Chennai that includes the integration of payment options for your resort booking website.

Social Media Integration

Social media platforms are high impactful irrespective of their pros and cons, businesses today are swiftly adopting these platforms to reachout their targeted customers easily. Our enhanced resort booking website helps their business to get well established and reach out maximum customers.


Verifying the user authenticity is essential to ensure that proper user is staying in your hotel room who doesn’t have any criminal or illegal background.

This can be done by asking the user to submit related identification proofs and verifying their background by analyzing the submitted document. We at iStudio Technologies, embed the required verification functionalities in our hotel room booking website to ensure safety of hoteliers and their properties.

Terms and Conditions

Every hotel or resort or cottage is different and unique in its own way it operates and provide service to its customers. Hence they need to be clear with their terms and conditions that includes their operability, billing and things they expect from their customers.

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The entire concept of feedback is underrated and not utilised properly by many businesses post digitization era, and one among them is the hotel room booking industry.

A genuine feedback from a customer helps you to provide better hospitality service and improvise your standards as well when compare with your competitors.

A feedback can be availed in different forms in a website and the best way is to fill out a questionnaire, even airline services are using this format to know what customers think about them?

We help you to create a better feedback form as a integral part of our website for hotel room booking business that helps the hoteliers to grow in a better way.



People usually get confused with the feedback and testimonials, but they are entirely different, the only similarity between them is they were provided by the customers.

Feedback is something that happens only between user and hotelier but not displayed in public (website), but testimonial is something different where the user will share their experience of stay in the public platform (social media platform) or a platform displayed for public view (hotelier website).

Avail our speculative website for resort booking business in Chennai that helps you to earn more customers and encourages to get more positive reviews.

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