Get an Exclusive Mobile APP for Your Restaurant

The entire world has got affected due to a deadly coronavirus, the virus has certainly lockdown most of us by highly decimating our daily routine and usual life. Small and Medium size businesses are heavily got affected due to the current pandemic situation that they cannot even move out to meet their clients and develop their business.
Stepping further, the lockdown has also affected the production and operability of essential businesses like dairy, poultry, farming, other food and restaurants, despite the emergence of technology still several players of the food chain industry haven’t yet adopted the online space to connect to their customer base and this pandemic situation will be really a troublesome one for their business.
Social distancing and avoiding social gathering will be stringently practiced and implemented by governments across nations, that would be a big checkmate for hotels and restaurants that are highly dependent on the daily inflow of customers who visit them for food.
To prevent this critical situation restaurant can avail the helping hand of online, and keep providing their service without any hindrance. Being a proficient restaurant mobile app development company, we at iStudio Technologies bring in the complete restaurant handling process into a digitized system in the form of a mobile app that helps you to carry on with the customer handling process seamlessly.
It is the high time for restaurants and other food delivery hotels to adapt to the technology of mobile application that drives their business with high success rate even in this social distancing time. We provide a lucrative mobile app for restaurants that brings in all the stakeholders like the concerned admin (the supervisor/the owner of restaurant), the delivery person, and finally the consumer who makes the order on board to possess an inter-communication that drives the entire operability with ease.


The food delivery app module we create is targeted at single vendor who holds multiple branches in a city or multiple-city hence they can administrate the complete operability of the delivery system using their assigned admin login credentials provided by our mobile food order portal app. We have three different stakeholders here

  • Admin- Who manages and foresees all the operability takes place with respect to the food order delivery happening with their restaurant by making complete use of our food delivery app for sale.
  • Delivery person- A complete functionality set for the commuter who carries the food from the restaurant to the concerned customer/consumer.
  • Consumer- End-end functionalities embedded in the food delivery application that makes customers or end user to stay back and utilize it to the fullest.

Admin Functionalities


The admin or the concerned assigned supervisor who handles the processing and related transactions happening in collaboration with the food delivery mobile app will be given an exclusive login where the person can view, modify, control and execute the complete operations that takes place with food order delivery mobile app we provide.


A crystal clear dashboard that brings in all the details that required to be known by the admin with respect to the operability of the mobile food ordering portal app, it involves the details including the entire menu list available in all the branches, involved delivery people and their complete information, signed in customers, their order history, separate platform to send notifications and offers to customers and delivery person as well.

Delivery Person Management

Helps the admin to know better about the working delivery person under them where they can avail the complete information about the assigned in delivery person which includes the personal details, licensed to drive, insurance and other authenticated documents that makes them eligible to get enrolled into the working process. Get complete over the delivery person workability by developing the best food delivery boy app.

Customer Management

Being the best food delivery app developer in India, we create the most lucrative application that revolutionize the specific arena, as it can easily predict the signed-in users taste and interest over the food and suggest them the same by parallelly analyzing the signed-in restaurant’s menu list. The food delivery app we provide highly paves way to customer retention and enhances the scope of their multiple users.

Food Item Handling

We help restaurants to manage their food menus and other dishes in a much better way according to their customer interest, a proper inventory handling functionality delivered from our restaurant app development services that help the signed-in restaurant admin to know about the availability of the food items in their multiple branches and assign delivery for food order accordingly.

Food Order Management

Manage the food orders you receive now using our online ordering app development services that seamlessly handles the food orders from different customer base received in different branches of a single vendor. By synchronizing with the food item handling feature, now the signed-in restaurants easily manage the ordered food items.


We are the leading food delivery app developer who helps the signed-in restaurant to tackle the pricing related disputes in a much smarter way, analyze the customer perception on the food items pricing charged by the chain of restaurants and go on with a better price revising that brings in a win-win situation to restaurant, app provider and the consumer as well.

Analytical Report

A detailed analytical report on the happening sales, derived customer insights, analysis on the feedback on food delivery, quality of the food, and suggestive measures to improve. Availing our mobile food ordering portal app helps the signed-in restaurants to take proactive decisions and lead their business successfully.

Customer Payment

Get paid properly and in a secured from your customers for the delivered food items from the multiple branches of the restaurant. We create the proficient food delivery app for sale that embeds well with the restaurant functionalities and receives payment instantly and in a secured way.

Payment to Delivery Person

Helping the admin/concerned supervisor to handle payment transactions with the delivery person in a hassle freeway by utilizing our mobile app for restaurant ordering app, that process the payment for the respective delivery person in a most secured, and transparent way that paves the way for sustainability of the stake player relationship.

Push Notifications

Now the app holding admin/restaurant supervisor can send timely and convertible push notification to both the customer and the delivery person to keep them informed about any updated information on time every time. Being a speculative food deliver app developer in India, we help in sales conversions with best notification generation settings.

Payment Options

Multiple payment options are enabled in our food delivery app, where the customers can now make their payments using net banking, cash on delivery, debit card/credit card, and other payment gateway as well.


Manage the complete settings and accounts of the admin by using our restaurant mobile app developed for food delivery, it includes the review, rating and comment sections that helps the restaurant to maintain a smoother relationship with both the customers and delivery person.

Delivery Person Functionalities


The delivery person can easily login into their allotted account using their social media account with their concerned restaurant, where they can provide their complete personal information and also the details regarding their professional work that includes driving license, insurance and vehicle details.


A dedicated dashboard in our restaurant food delivery app that helps to handle their operability in a smooth way where they can seamlessly collaborate with the restaurant admin and the customers to deliver the food item without any chaos.

Route map

Completely updated route map, which flawlessly navigates the delivery person to the concerned restaurant or the customer’s house to avail or deliver the ordered food. The food order mobile app we deliver keeps updating itself with the routes and directions frequently to navigate the delivery person in the shortest and easiest way.

Account Handling

Ranging from personal data settings to payment handling, the complete account handling is made in an effortless way in the food delivery app we provide. The delivery person feels zero complexity in every walks of the account handling.


The delivery person is provided with receiving multiple payment options, where they can go cash-free and at the same time ensure security in receiving their salary or incentive through online.

Working Package

Unlike other food delivery app system, the food delivery app comes out with multiple beneficial that gives a certain win-win situation to all the involved players, similarly it offers a flexible working package that involves multiple working shifts where the signed-in delivery person can avail anyone of them as per their comfort.

Incentive System

Our online food ordering app development service embeds an in-built calculator that accurately calculates the incentive package for every individual delivery person by strictly considering the assigned incentive scheme denoted in the terms and conditions document.

Customer Details

The required customer details will be shared with the allotted delivery person, which includes their address, name, ordered food, and mode of payment. It further also includes the respective restaurant details on which the order is placed.


Normal and advanced settings are implemented in our food delivery app development system that is concerned with the primary motto of providing easy handling of personal account setting of the delivery person for easy access.

Customer Functionalities


The customers can now get logged into the most secured food delivery app that doesn’t access your personal details even the sign-in takes place using your social media account. We have deployed a high secured authentication factor system that shields the user information from getting accessed.


A detailed and picture perfect dashboard that brings everything in front of customer’s display, that includes their food order history, favorite items, suggested item, preferred restaurants, billing and other details.

Food Items

The available food items will be neatly and category wise displayed in front of the customer mobile app portal that helps them to easily pick in their favorite food item from the respective restaurant.


The restaurant food delivery app we create comes out with multi-mode payment options facilitating the customers to pay on their flexible mode, that includes cash, card payment, net banking and third-party payment gateway options.

Restaurants Details

The end customers can now get to know about the restaurant from which they order their tasty and spicy food, their ambience, their food making style, multiple cuisines they hold and even the recipes they add-in.

Delivery Person

The customers can track their food order with high clarity by using our food delivery app portal that keeps denoting the real-time status of the delivery person every 30 seconds; this helps the customer to get prepared with their payment mode. Moreover, the customer can avail the delivery person image and contact details for authentication.


The customers will avail timely, purposeful and useful notifications regarding the food order, update on new items, discounts and other offers. Our restaurant delivery app gets easily synchronized with the users’ smartphone and delivers notification as a pop-from the app, text message and through email.

Offers and Discounts

The customers will avail offers and discounts purely based on their purchase that excluded certain highly expected seasonal discounts. Moreover we have created our dedicated online ordering app that includes various promotional offers like free rides, discounts in movie and theme park passes etc.

Secured Account

A completely secured account is provided to the end user, where our food delivery app is strong enough to safeguard itself from malicious virus and any other online threats.