What Does Google Core Algorithm Update Teach Us?

In the previous blog, we have discussed about the arrival of the massive Google algorithm update and also a short introduction on the reason behind it and the changes it could cause in the web world amongst the users who are highly relying on this dominating search engine for years. Being a reputed SEO agency in Chennai, we are bound to be responsible and bring in the required clarity amongst our peers about this massive update made by Google and give them certain clarification.
Google has been a dominating search engine since its inception and it would like to continue its streak despite the situation prevails around it either tough or favourable. Currently the entire world is suffering from the Corona pandemic and it hasn’t even left the digital business world, since they too suffer due to its outbreak. Google as a search engine holds a part in it and it suddenly loses the search and its related queries on travel, tourism and hospitality. This is an unexpected hit for Google and hence it has now prepared to face the change by creating a transformation in it and that’s the result of the core algorithm update.
This blog section will be detailing about the key takeaways from the recent Google core algorithm update or massive roll-out that happened on 4th of this month. The detailing helps the website holders and other digital players to come up with a strong and successful digital marketing strategy and SEO tactics that assist them to analyse, implement and execute the required approach for SEO post the core algorithm update wave. Being a renowned SEO expert in Chennai, we carried out the basic learning of the existing approach and the changes made by Google to educate the existing players out there in the digital world and bounce back strongly in this tough situation.

Losing the rank is not penalization

Most of the players holding their website lose their ranking in this situation and the budding aspirants amongst them will feel that they got penalized as the part of Google’s core update. One thing we need to make sure and provide high clarity is the process of Google penalizing a website is different and the core algorithm changes which it makes are different. Penalization takes place when the Google or any other search engine finds that a specific website is performing activities that are against Google webmaster console similar to that of building or inserting spam links and creating duplicated or plagiarised content. If one website or a website holder is found to get involved in this kind of activities then it can be confirmed that the Google search engine will be penalizing them by issuing the violation notice from the Google webmaster console. Losing the ranking in Google search engine is a usual temporary occurrence that happens to any website irrespective of their business size and they can bounce back by creating more unique and authoritative content. Being the best SEO Company in Chennai, we help you with solving the problem caused due to Google core algorithm update and also avoid you getting penalized by conducting a productive SEO audit that helps in finding the spam links and other irrelevant stuffs.

Why websites lose ranking during algorithm change?

Google being a search engine look out for relevancy and uniqueness when it comes to ranking a certain website or a webpage. The factor of relevancy do changes every time when Google undergoes it algorithm update, and presently the process of leading websites’ losing their ranking is a part of it which states that Google has changed its ideology of ranking a page so it is ok to accept the change in Google’s approach and act accordingly. Being a proactive SEO service provider in Chennai, we do lot of experiment that are calculative and filter out the best approach that could add beneficiary to the ranking process and also helps in generating more targeted leads to the concerned website or webpage.

Causes of Google Core Broad Algorithm Update


The wave of Google’s core broad algorithm update certainly caused two different strikes over the players exists out there in the web, either the lead players might lose their ranking with their low competitive peers or the website might completely get lost and will be pushed back to 10th or 11th page which will take more time and efforts to gain back their lost credibility and get fixed in their previous position. The affluent SEO services we provide in Chennai involves a deep-rooted internal analysis that helps to find out the actual root cause of the issue, its after effects and then think and frame a précised SEO strategy to regain your lost credibility.

What is the total waiting time after core algorithm update?

There is no certain waiting time mentioned by Google or any other SEO expert group regarding the post wave of algorithm update, it certain for sure that the ranking factor might get affected with the algorithm update of Google but websites’ with high value and great credibility always have that D-factor to bounce back due to the quality they possess. The website holders need to do is to deploy their 100% effort and implement convertible and best SEO practices that could help them to bounce back in a better way. By approaching a legit SEO company in Chennai, one can overcome the troubles occurred due to the broad core algorithm update and get placed in a stronger position.

Not just focus on Quality

Quality is a certain top ranked factor that needs to be considered when it comes to ranking a website or analysing its downfall post the core algorithm update made by a search engine especially Google. But SEO experts and other renowned players in the arena of search engine has something else to say, they do strongly feel that quality will not always be the concerning factor for a website or a particular web page to get decimated post the core broad algorithm update. We are the leading SEO Company in Chennai, who are highly capable enough to measure the quality factor and to come up with a result of the exact bothering factor and also the remedy to repair it with our strategies.

Technical Issues

Technical issues are the other bothering factors that need to be considered every time when a new page is being created and published or when a web page or an entire website getting into trouble after the broad core algorithm gets updated. A generic or a normal SEO handling person might certainly state that the loss of ranking for a website might happen due to its technical issues something like implementing irrelevant code or building scope less links. But again this might not be the case every time when a core algorithm changes happen, instead, there are several other factors like relevancy which will be detailed in the forthcoming section. We are the most promising SEO Company in Chennai, who can handle both the relevancy and technical issues related factors to solve the ranking issue.


Relevancy does matters

SEO experts and other high end professionals of search engine field firmly state that relevancy is the core factor that needs to be considered and worked out when the core algorithm change does happen. Google has started to look out for relevancy and gives more importance to it when compared to the technical and quality factor. Relevancy can be foreseen and verified in several aspects like:

  • Whether the created content is relevant to the subject being discussed?
  • Whether the created content witnesses and resolves the pain point of the target audience?
  • Whether the content is created in different formats and is it relevant and necessary for the service being provided?
  • Whether the inserted images are relevant to the content and concept?
  • Whether the added links justify the relevancy to the content explained?
Apart from these we as a SEO agency analyse and examine several other factors to bring in relevancy to the content created.


Hence it is not necessary to get panic or demotivated due to the Google’s broad core algorithm update, instead, the web players can look out for necessary remedial actions or approach the best SEO agency in Chennai, that could uplift them from the current setback and help the business players irrespective of their industry who rely high on web generated traffic to reach out the hotspot of the Google first page and drive enough traffic to sustain and grow in their business.