All We Need to Know About Google Core Algorithm Update

All We Need to Know About Google Core Algorithm Update

Besides the lockdown situation due to Coronavirus pandemic, the Google have added up to the flame by making a strong and unexpected announcement that caused a severe shocking wave amongst several small and medium scale businesses that dependent on Google Search Engine for their ranking and most importantly for their business purposes.
It all started in 4th of this month when the entire top ranked website’s got crumbled and got pushed to the 2nd and 3rd page of Google that certainly sent a shock wave amongst the top-level player prevailing in the search engine world.
Being the best SEO service provider in Chennai, our team is highly capable of overcoming this setback and can definitely help out the strugglers to bounce back in a stronger way.

Google’s Announcement

Google brought in the major algorithm change back in 4th of this month and announcing it later amongst its users all over the world. When it comes to SEO, Google has always been in the top-notch by keeping itself updated and pushing the involved users to provide their 100% to compete hard with their peers to attain the top 1st position. With the sole intent of making necessary changes and to carry on things normally post Corona impact, Google has made this big algorithm change. We are the best SEO Company in Chennai, who keeps tracking all the Google algorithm update and implement the same to uplift the client’s ranking in the dominating search engine.

Google’s Announcement

Second Biggest Update this Year

For the kind information to the all the patrons who highly rely on Google search engine, this is the second algorithm update it makes post the first one in January. Most of them believe that Google will stop making algorithm update henceforth this massive approach and also due to Corona outbreak but things gets a different twist, Google keeps working on its platform and it will keep updating its algorithm that affects them either way. Being the renowned SEO agency in Chennai, we at iStudio Technologies can able to forecast the algorithm changes with our SEO expertise and hence come up with solid and long lasting solutions.

Why to Make this Update?

This specific update made by Google is termed as broad core update that will certainly bring in wide range of disturbance amongst the ranking of the leading players that completely make things inverse. The single and core reason behind this update is relevancy, yes you heard me right, Google needs to strengthen the relevancy of the content created in a website and it gets intended to give high priority to it and as a serious ranking factor. Impulsiveness is what one can expect from this May core update and the ranking will keep jangling for all the players in the next two weeks, one thing the website holders must do is to create 100% unique and highly relevant content that can withstand the ranking war in future.

Role of Corona in Google’s Update

Yes, Corona did played a massive role and to be much precise it even forced Google to come up with this update in a massive structure too early, the outbreak of Corona has not just affected our daily chores and routine life instead, it has also drastically drifted the way the search being carried out on Google. Say for example, the travel and tourism related searches has immensely dropped down and henceforth Google needs to take remedial measures to cover up with it, the mentioning of travel and tourism industry is just an example and there are a lot to mention when it comes to the search related changes in Google. So now we being a proactive SEO expert in Chennai we can empathise the Google’s approach and then implement the same to drive in more and un-lost traffic.

Demand for Expert SEO team

The unexpected Corona outbreak followed by the Google’s massive algorithm update has paved the way to rise in demand for SEO experts, whenever there is a change in Google algorithm the demand for SEO expert or an expert team will rise to sky high and now the Corona outbreak has added up to the count. All a website holder needs to do is to filter and find the best SEO team in their region to regain their lost position.

Expert SEO team

Key Takeaway

Google didn’t announce any special notification to cope up with the massive hit in the ranking factor and advises the website holders to just focus on their quality enhancement especially with their content development process. The more the content is provided in a unique, impressive, and convertible way the highly it gets stabilized and sustain in the search engine race.