We all love HTML5 but with mobile browsers’ things are a little different. These are still new and people are still trying to figure out the best ways to create apps. But when you talk about the response time of the browsers, one major problem is the 300 millisecond delay, which occurs after each tap from the user. We all want your mobile browser to have a good loading time. You do not want to wait for too long before your website loads. Hence the loading time is very important in the current state of affairs. Lots developers are paying lots of attention on this issue and at any cost they want things to be fast. As if there is a delay, then there are chances that the user may vanish.

Why Is There A Delay?

On touch screen devices, browser gives a 300ms delay in between the user touching the screen and the execution of the browser. This was brought into practice for a reason, that browser can recognize if the user wants a single click or a double. Hence the mobile browser waits for 300ms to see if user is double tapping or not. It may sound a small delay, but user experience will tell you otherwise.

Let Us See The Process, How This Delay Occurs

  • User touches the screen
  • User stops touching
  • There is a delay of 300ms and then the mobile browser runs.

Generally responding to user input is something that is done while creating the UI. This is done generally with the help of keyboard, mouse and pointer. In mobile browsers while doing these actions there is a 300-millisecond delay. It is very important that you keep in mind these issues at the time of development, or you may need to change the entire code again if the results are slow. You want to give the user a good experience and a slow website, will never be able to do it. Hence it is important that you keep this in consideration at the time of development. If you are not sure how to optimize your website for speed and you are waiting for some professional help from good web design company in Chennai. Your “Wait is O will never be able to do it. Hence it is important that you keep this in consideration at the tim ver” at “iStudio Technologies, Chennai“.

How To Overcome This Problem?

Take help of Fastclick.js, It is tested well and works great on many devices. This is a great plug-in, which helps you overcome this problem of the delay.

But all news is not bad, some browsers know zoom double tap feature is not needed at all times. Hence if you look at Chrome 32. Has recently removed the delay when zoom is not active. Also Firefox and chrome on android has got method to remove display. But some other issues can happen due to these changes. Also Microsoft has overcome this problem with help of Use Pointer Events. For more technical details you can take help from us.




The life line of any website is the website design and the design of layout is very important. Everyone wants their website to look good. They come up with various design to make their website look attractive and the design can really make your website look very good. One popular trend in 2015 is that , the header which is a very important component of the layout is separated. Header is separated from the content very neatly, this is common trend now to remove all the extra chrome and make the design look attractive. If you want to get a good layout made take help of a good web design company in Chennai, who will guide you to get the job done. Another important layout this year is greatly focused on removing header or footer. IN place of having a header you can have the name of the company and a clear statement which is something like the slogan of the company. This is followed by the navigation bar and this is a great way to get people navigate easily on your website. It looks very elegant and makes your website very attractive. This is very attractive and looks very new and trendy.


Another type of layout is the grid based; this is made up on modular or grid like structures. In this each design is based on the flex and which has basis on the screen size. This is a very unique way to have the layout and makes the design very responsive and attractive and hence used by many people. This is a very adaptable layout can integrate plug-in. If you want to know more about getting right layout done for your website, you can take help of some good Web designing company in Chennai.

This design is completely responsive and adjusts the size between elements without too much of a problem. The only probe is each part is of the same size and hence you are not emphasizing on anything.

Another one is Filling a single screen is a unique layout. This is layout will completely fill the screen. This design layout is very responsive and will give very good effect. I adapt and changes as per the screen size which is something really good. But it completely fills the screen and does not product the scroll bars which could be a problem. Lack scrolling is not something which you want or your users are used to. Lots of Website Design Company in Chennai is following this approach and visitors like it and it is becoming more popular and hence is used more by webmaster.


Since there are different trends emerging all the time, it is very difficult to list them all, as new things keep on getting added all the time. There is a huge diversity emerging with new layout in the current time. And at times very challenging to work with things. Mobile devices are becoming more and more popular and hence your layout has to keep that in mind while you design it.




You may have lots of traffic but no sales. , OH Gosh!!! that’s not what you want. It is very important that you have a website which converts well. You want the user to perform the action which you want. This is generally achieved with the help of Call to action. There are lots of Button in UX which are completely clickable and has labels like Buy this now or Click here today. These are called call to action, where you tell the user to perform an action.

If you want your website to be successful then you need to take help of the some good call to action buttons to get users attention. If you do it well you will surely entice user’s action and this will improve in better performance for your website. Designing call to action buttons is not easy. It has to be done in a well thought out way. Hence requires some planning. Not only the designing part but also the text which it has. People also need to pay specially attention on the size of the call to action buttons. Based on your need then you can get it designed from a Web development company in chennai. You should have some money to spend or learn the technology for getting the work done.

Generally the size of the call to action button is 20% more than your company logo size and should be place around the logo to get maximum user attention. This is generally a norm followed by most designer and webmasters, as they want maximum attention on their call to action button.

Another tricky situation can be having multiple call to action buttons. Here you need to decide which one is the most important one. So the more important one will be bigger than the others. Positioning of the button is also very important, if place in the right place on your page can increase the business leaps and bound and hence has to be experimented a great deal. Placement should be done in such a way that it is easily visible to the user. Always look for important ant location like the top of the page, which surely lead to higher conversions as people are going to view your button more than anything else. This can also be done with the help of a good Website design company in Chennai.

  • Should be made to standout in the web layout.
  • Label text should be very attractive and should ask user for action.
  • Colours should be bright or in contrast, based on your strategy.
  • Position button high up in the page for better response.

You can make use of this button in the right way and see the change in the way your website visitor responds, always try out different combination and study. You can take help of a professional web design company in Chennai to help you design one of these.




Facebook is loved by one and all. Facebook has actually done something very new, it has open-sourced its React Native framework and this is for the purpose of development of mobile apps. React Native technology helps the users to write the code in java script and produce real native interface. This is something very unique and JavaScript is used widely by many. This technology with time is set to affect lots of smart phone users and the mobile app development industry. If you want to make use of this technology for your website get in touch with some web design company in Chennai.

But in the market still lots of people prefer native tools for getting good user experience as they produce stuff which is faster than the cross platform solutions. Also native tools apps run faster and neater. But learning each native tool as there are few of them, becomes difficult and could be quite time consuming for most. Also if you want to develop apps for various platforms, you need to write code in each native tool. Hence development time goes up considerably. This is a major cost factor and will go against this. If you want to know more about these tools get in touch with Web designing company in Chennai, for some cost effective solutions with this technology.

But when you talk about React Native technology it will allow user to use JavaScript which is very simple to learn and can run on most mobile devices. The interface created is very good and that is the best part about it. People do not need to learn java, swift and other languages, if you are into app development. Although still lots of enhancements are required by this, it is still in the initial phase and will need to be seen how the development community responds to this.

Advantages of React Native technology

  • Uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which already know to most.
  • Works on various platforms.
  • A Facebook Technology Tool.

Very Good User Interface For Development.

Comparative if you look at cross platform tools like JavaScript, html and CSS, platforms can display these which mean you only create one app and that is why it is liked by many. And hence face book and though of creating something which will make life easy for mobile developers. But it is important, that you consider performance and compatibility as this could go against cross platform technologies in some cases.

This technology follows a reactive approach, this majorly works on a concepts of separation of logic and UI and that is the main basis of it. This is a boon for JavaScript developer as they can use their existing knowledge and create something that is new and internet based in no time. Something that facebook has though deep about and is promoting it on a large scale and is really good. This technology is powerful and can produce some good quality products.

android app development


Developing An App For Android

More and more companies have begun to invest in making apps for their business. You can get an app developed as well. It can prove to be a sensible investment for your company. After all, mobile apps have become extremely popular among all users of a smartphone.

It is possible that you or anybody else in your company has no idea about developing an app. You can always hire a mobile app development company or developer in case you have no knowledge of the various technicalities and facets of app development.

However, you just cannot select any company or developer for the work and ask them to develop an app for you. Instead, you should find out more about app development. Only then, you will be able to understand what kind of an app you need for your business.

The Platform

There are a few platforms that you can develop your app for. You can choose from iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry OS. The iOS platform is present in iPhones and iPads from Apple while Android is a platform developed by Google. Windows has been developed by Microsoft.

The choice you make for the platform will influence the way your app will be developed and deployed. You can make your app successful and popular by choosing the right platform. On the other hand, the app can become a complete failure if you choose the wrong platform to develop and deploy it on.

Why Android?

Although there are other platforms available, most people develop their apps for Android. This platform is often the first choice for developers. There are some good reasons for this trend.

The Android platform developed by Google, is used in more than 50% of the smartphones and tablets in the world currently. This huge share of the mobile market means that you will have a larger section of the audience who can use your apps. You can gain larger number of customers. This in turn can help you get a good and sizeable return on your investment. In the long run, your brand awareness can grow and capture customers from across the globe.

Developers love Android for another reason. The Android platform is an open source one. Open source platforms are perfect for developers as they can create and develop a variety of different smartphone and tablet apps. Another feature of Android is that it is based and developed on the Linux operating system. Linux itself is a license free operation system.

App Development Outsourcing Is A Better Option

Outsourcing your android app development can be a sensible decision for your company. It can be quite beneficial for your business and a sound financial decision as well. After all, you will be outsourcing to a professional who will have more knowledge in the field of app development.

App Development Outsourcing Is A Better Option

  • An Android app development company can be more useful than a single of a group of freelancing developers. A company is more likely to have more app development projects at hand. This allows the app developers to practice their skills and increase their knowledge. This means that a company will be staffed by professional app developers that have considerable experience and knowledge which can help make your own app a better one.
  • You want your apps to be of a high quality so that your customers have an enjoyable experience using the app. Your app can only be of a high quality if an experienced developer has created it. You can search around and look for experienced mobile app development companies that can render a quality service for your app development needs.
  • Any Android app development company will have adept professional developers who have extensive knowledge of their field. They will also understand the intricacies of technology as well as its limitations. They can provide you with tips to enhance the workings of your app. Moreover, a company will have the ability to replace a developer without letting your project become affected. They may even add other developers if necessary.
  • The mobile app market is booming and if you want to make your company successful, you should try to get an app developed for you. Get a good mobile app development company to help you create the best app for your business.

How docker helps developers to develop application fast and makes developers life easy

Docker has changed the life of developers owing it ease of use features. Docker uses a virtual machine that makes it workable so enable to handle more workloads. Now deployment, testing, staging, and production have become easy process owing coming up of Dockers. First we shall let we know what basically is Docker and then we would know how it is changing the life of developers as well as the field of developing.


It is an open source platform for running, developing and shipping the applications. Its main task is to provide the applications in a faster way. With the help of docker, you may separate the applications from the infrastructure and may treat the infrastructure like a managed application. It assists you to test faster, ship code faster, shorten the cycle and deploy faster between the running code and writing code.

Docker does all kind of things with the help of a lightweight container virtualization platform along tools as well as workflows that assist you to deploy and manage the applications. It offers a way to run any kind of applications which is isolated in a container. The security and isolation permit to run several containers simultaneously on the host.

  • May get the application in docker containers.
  • Shipping and distributing the containers to teams for testing and development.
  • Implement the application to production management.


Faster Delivery

One best thing is that they assist you along the development cycle. It allows the developers to create on local containers that contain the services and applications which can be further integrated into a deployment workflow as well as a continuous integration.

Scaling and deploying more easily

Owing container based, it allow for very portable workloads. The docker container can be run on the cloud, physical or virtual machines as well as on local host. Owing lightweight and portability, it makes the dynamically managing workloads easy. With the help of docker, you may easily tear down or scale up the serve ices as well as applications. Scaling is done in real time environment.

Useful high-density environment

Docker is fast and lightweight. It offers a cost-effective and viable alternative to hyper based virtual machines. They are basically useful in the high-density environment.



It is an open source container which utilizes virtualization platform.
Docker Hub – It uses the software as a service platform for managing and sharing the docker containers.


Unlike window based applications, the web-based software run on the server. For a site, the classic management embraces building 3-4 distinct layers such as staging, production, development, and testing. Along with the set of rules, the strategy incorporates, at least, one server per layer. The build may be deployed to next level server when the software was ready for next promotion.

But now virtual machines have now changed everything and it allows you to create several servers for use. Owing this each module is tested separately which is merged further into mainline for final testing without investing too much for new hardware. For having virtual machines has also solved the issue of debugging as now they can be easily done.

The main issue with the virtual machine is speed and size. Each virtual machine acts as an operating system which means that we allocate some space and so we can install the build on that OS. Now docker has now solved the issue as on one operating we may run to or more virtual machines which provides the capability to run much application even if you have low space on your computer.

A docker runs in the kernel instead of running in the application space. Moreover, it makes itself as a part of the operating system. Docker limits to the modern kernel of Linux both container or host machine but it also simplifies the switching process of OS.

Docker has now solved many issues such as making copies, debugging, testing, deployment and many more. Owing its fast speed it has now changed the method of doing work of developers.


Docker on a couple cloud servers as well as on your local machine is one thing but making it production ready is a totally distinct thing. In early days when it came to production, the dockers were like Wild West. The container orchestration is the most common thrown around phrase which is the practice of taking dockerized services and apps which are scheduled onto clusters of resources. The organization does not know where the containers are running and it is like that they are serving or running the right request whether it is of internal services, web traffic or queues of messaging.

Nowadays the big player in the orchestra is Docker swarm, AWS EC2 container service etc. This orchestra may manage the containers in a well way but along this, it also comes with container healing, red or blue whistles, load balancing, inter-container networking and service discovery. There are other challenges such as configuring or logging when you account for docker production.

topic 5 tips to get more conversions from the website


Conversion rate is a way of counting the number of potential customers who buy a particular product in general sense. If we talk about websites then it means the average number of customers who log on to a website not only to view it but also buy a product from that website.

There are a number of factors that affect this number they range from attention grabbing headline to offering a price-match guarantee. These all factors are basically attention seekers they only work when these factors grab the attention of the customer

Attention-Grabbing Headline

“On the average, five times as many people read the headlines as read the body copy “says DAVID OGILVY (widely hailed as “The Father of Advertising”), so therefore the headline of any website should be attractive enough to grab the attention of the visitor it shouldn’t be very long or very short it should be short and sweet and should have words or phrases that interest the reader and it should also hint the reader about what he/she is going to find in that article. Headlines create a first impression on the reader that interests them or in other words forces them to read it or it could bore them and that would end up discarding or not reading the article.

Displaying The Stock Of That Commodity

Quite a few times there is a possibility that the customer has the money to buy the product but is not willing to buy it due to his/her personal reasons which may range from minor financial crisis to etc. Therefore by displaying the stock commodity on the website if the stock is less like for example there is only two in stock then the customer will discard his plans of purchasing or spending on anything else so therefore displaying the stock of the commodity encourages the customer to buy that particular product.

Price Match Guarantee

Price match guarantee basically gives customers a sense of safety that this website is selling this particular product at the cheapest price available in the market so therefore this type of guarantee if given it attracts the customers as whichever company who provides a price match guarantee to its customers is most desirable by customers as they get a feeling of security of the fact that their prices are lower than any other company present in the market.s For more technical details you can take help of some Web development company in Chennai

Have A Clear Return Policy

Nowadays there is a trend of internet shopping and this trend has become a craze so, if the customers are provided with a clear return policy then the customer won’t have to worry about the quality, the size, the colour etc. before purchasing the product from this website so in order words this kind of policy is most desirable by the customers. If you want to look for some professional help from some good web design company in Chennai.

Have Customer Testimonials

Customer testimonials are basically customer reviews these reviews are important as these reviews give an insight of the product and thereby building the confidence of the customers in buying that particular product if you know your product is the best in the market then it is very essential to put up customer testimonials as there would only be positive reviews so that could be a type of usp(unique selling point) and you should take maximum advantage of it.

services pertaining



IStudio Tech is a Chennai based company whose main aim is to provide the services pertaining to technology such as Web-based, App based and many. It is in the market since from many years and now its business is growing day by day across the country as well as globally. They are providing the services in many fields but their main is to offer the best service as compared to others. You may explore the information by visiting each link and can know how it is working and how it is different from others.

Istudio is working in many areas such web designing, application development; Web portal designing and enterprise solutions. We are very efficient in these fields as we provide very interactive, simple and user-friendly designing. Before start to work on any type of aforementioned fields, we first understand the need of the customers, what are their needs, what are their expectation, and many more. After a complete analysis, we try to implement these ideas in order to yield the expected results of the users. This analysis is much needed for a web designing if they want to progress in this competitive world and intend to stand out among others.

One of the future technologies is feature.js that Istudio is being used in creating the website for their elite customers. Actually, they intend to keep their perspective users up to date or want to provide advance feature via the latest technology. It is also an endeavor of the Istudio to bring awareness about the latest technology.

Let’s see how we can explore the information in a better way in order to provide you best information about feature.js. we also see the latest technology, the features as well as many other methods pertaining to them

Feature.js is simple, fast and lightweight browser feature detection library. There is no reliance and has only 1 kb of weighs which is gzipped and minified. It automatically triggers on loading of the page, there is no need to do it. While initializing, it does not run any test. It runs only when you ask to do it. Owing this, it makes its performance fast. It uses the browser feature to detect the code which is executed automatically. IStudio has now used this technology in websites owing such kind of features. We shall explore one by one in order to make you aware about the technology.

The main aim of using feature.js is to provide the latest technology and serving their elite customers in the best way so that they are being updated with the latest technology. Feature.js has all the latest tools or trends which the users feels they should need to have if they have their own website or if they visiting other websites. One of the best things of the Feature.js is that it is very light, fast and easy to use. Many things are still pending which need to explore for you so that you could become aware of this technology.

IStudio has been implementing in many websites owing the powerful features of Feature.js. It uses javascript that is based on event means when an event occurs, it automatically trigger the actions which need to perform by clicking on it. It detects the code which needs to be executed on occurring of event. But before any event occurring, it asks for to do so. This kind of behavior makes it very fast. Many website designing firms have still not started to work on this latest technology. Istudio is one of them who have entered the name on the list. Istudio has now made many websites using the Feature.js technology and many users have now become aware of the technology features.

Some of the characteristics of the Feature.js are given below. There are several gotchas pertaining to the feature detection of the browser and these needs to keep in mind while using the Feature.js.

  • Touch – if touch events are supported, feature.js tries to detect it. But it does not really means that it is touch screen device. In some ways, you may get a false response of having a touch screen device even if you have the simple device.
  • CSS 3D Transforms – In older android web kits, it might give false positive which is a rare case. Currently, it is being tackled and will be addressed for future references.
  • The orientation of Device – several desktop browsers supports it so the device will definitely respond to it even though they did not sensors regarding this.
  • Placeholders – It provides a negative response in case iOS but it did not have many users, so it is not an issue in this instance.

The primary point of utilizing feature.js is to give the most recent innovation and serving their first class clients in the most ideal way with the goal that they are being upgraded about the most recent innovation. Feature.js has all the most recent apparatuses or patterns which the clients feels they ought to need on the off chance that they have their own particular site or on the off chance that they going by to different sites. One of the best things of the Feature.js is that it is light, quick and simple to utilize. Numerous things are as yet pending which need to investigate for you with the goal that you could get to be mindful about this innovation.

Istudio has presented all the features in the web designing and using the latest tools and trends for providing the latest trends in the websites. Feature.js is very different from other technology as it provides all the latest trends in the android devices as well as desktop browser and through you may enable to know what kind of event is occurring and how it can be tackled if some errors or bugs we see in the website. You may learn the stepwise manner website designing features but first you need to know the technology that Feature.js in very well manner.




Mostly people are searching businesses in online to fulfil their business needs. SEO is important part in Internet marketing and plays a key role in any business marketing strategy. If your website is search engine friendly, definitely it will be an advantage for your business to get relevant results. Here it is clear that still there is need for SEO optimized website for business.


  • Good Return on Investment (ROI)
  • Investing on best SEO strategy is always better than pay-per-click campaigns. SEO Result will be longer-lasting.
  • Increase in click-through-rate and conversion rate.
  • A profitable way to improve your business with strong online presence
  • Huge increase in web-traffic


  • Google is following many factors in ranking the website in search engines and also updating its algorithms like panda,penguin, etc in recent days. By following all the updates and new technics in SEO, Our SEO Company is providing a SEO Strategy. By implementing this, you will easily get listed in SERP and also have an increase in organic traffic to your website.
  • If SEO Activities will apply properly, your website will remain significant in related searches and will continue to be effective on ranking. SEO helps you to improve your online presence, so you will earn more ROI compared to other methods like PPC advertising and purchasing leads.
  • You know that many people are surfing internet for doing businesses in mobile than desktops. I.e. mobile usage for searching products is increasing day to day. If your business will appear in search results, than only you will have sales in online. It is time to adapt to the new behaviour to reach your potential customers with the help of SEO.
  • Maintaining fresh and consistent content will make at ease for search engines to rank your website. To maintain fresh and unique content, you need to optimize your webpage SEO Friendly with useful information about your products and services to the visitors.
  • Search for the best SEO Companies which are providing valuable SEO Services and ask for recommendations before choosing SEO Company. Don’t go for the firm which promises you the accurate result in short span of time. Because SEO is a long-lasting process and takes time to provide results.


Unit Testing

It is an essential step in the software development process. It ensures that every unit of code in all parts of the application is tested in a successful way.
Paytm is one of the most popular digital wallet payment systems in India. There are many more but this is one of the most popular one. This is a digital wallet owned by One97 Communications Ltd. It will be a part of Paytm Payments Bank Ltd. The founder of paytm that is Vijay Shekhar Sharma has applied for a bank licence and he has a stake of 51%. Since this is one of the most popular payment wallets in India, it has a huge user base, also it offers lots of discounts, which makes it very popular option for the users.

As per RBI, the reserve bank of India, it will be changed to a bank after receipt of necessary approvals; the process is already on since last year. Since the process is on it will happen very soon. As per statement issued by RBI, It is about to get a final licence from RBI and then start functioning, the operation all over India.


It is basically end to end testing framework for applications of angular.js. This framework assists in running tests against the application running in a real browser. It is a Node.js program. It uses Jasmine for its test syntax.


It is a javascript command line tool. It uses the web server to load the application code as well as to test it. It runs on Node.js as well as available as an NPM package.

  • First describe the type of object. E.g. – factory, Filters, Controller etc
  • Load or inject module of app
  • Describe your specific name of the object
  • Load modules of mock as needed
  • Instantiate the object
  • Describe specific method for services & controllers
  • Write your expectation as well as tests

Testing Controllers

It is quite distinct the setup process for testing a controller. The main reason for this is controllers are not injecting able. They are instantiated automatically when a ng-controller or a route loads directive is compiled. There is a need to instantiate manually the controller under test as we do not have the views loading in tests. The behavior of methods in the controllers relies on the views as the controllers are generally tied to a view. Also, after compilation of view, certain additional objects can get added to the scope. Form object is one of the most common examples of this. These objects have to be manually added or created to the controller in order to make the tests work as expected.


Unit test is important for your application as it makes you confident about your source code. Later it speeds up the debugging as well as development process. Here we have learned few things about Karma or jasmine for angular.js applications as well.