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Fabrication of a digital marketing funnel


A digital marketing funnel is how your marketing system is set up to direct potential clients from learning about your company to ultimately purchasing what you have to offer. The purpose is to steer them in the most effective direction toward the destination. iStudio, a leading digital marketing company in Chennai, assists you in creating a digital marketing funnel that meets your specific requirements.

Building a digital marketing funnel

Create ads & content

Your initial step should be to create advertising and content because awareness is the most crucial stage in a digital marketing funnel. By providing visitors with unbiased, trustworthy information, advertisements will point them in the right direction and, ideally, persuade them to visit your website.

There are different types of adverts and content formats to think about

  • Digital advertising on social media sites
  • Pay-per-click advertisements
  • Widgets for making recommendations
  • Posts on the blog
  • Videos
  • Updates on social media
  • Quizzes
  • Checklists
  • Industry research

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Build an enticing offer

To create a digital marketing funnel that almost fills itself with qualified prospects, it would be beneficial if you made an offer that encourages people to learn more about what you do.
The objective of your product is to capture the curiosity of newcomers by delivering something truly beneficial. They will be motivated to give their contact information and consent to further marketing strategy in it.
Create ads & content - IStudio Technologies

The following are some examples of popular offers (lead magnets)

  • Ebooks
  • Webinars
  • Trials are available for free.
  • A case study is used to show a point.
  • White papers are a type of paper that is used.
  • Videos with instructions
  • Reports
  • Sheets of cheats
  • Mini-courses
White papers and case studies are more likely to get the attention of business experts than ebooks, depending on whether you are targeting b2c or b2b audiences. If you’re serious about publishing an ebook, include industry statistics and success stories to keep readers engaged.

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Set up a landing page

Users will direct the target audience to the landing page when they click on the advertisement. Its functions include hosting the offer, showcasing business expertise, and helping customers comprehend the services so they can invest in the solution.

The following are some of the best landing pages

  • A detailed explanation of the lead magnet you're promoting.
  • Visuals that is simple but effective.
  • People can fill out a form to provide their contact information.
  • Testimonials and security badges are examples of trust-builders.
  • A strong call to action (call-to-action)
Set up a landing page - IStudio Technologies

Create email sequence

When someone signs up for an offer via email and provides their contact information, a direct mail sequence is a series of communications sent to them. Typically, communications are distributed over three weeks in batches of four to seven. Create an email sequence to remind the business audience of the company’s existence and provide them with useful information until customers are ready to buy.
In the first email you send to a new client, you may include a lead magnet and some advice on making the most of it. The second email can go into further detail about the issues brought up in the lead magnet. In the third email, a business can distribute a case study to the subscribers about how collaborating with brands helps consumers. The trust-building process might continue with the remaining email messages until consumers deliver an offer.

The content of an email series sent to a b2c receiver will differ from that sent to a b2b subscriber. Business-to-consumer email marketing, b2b can appeal to a customer’s emotions. They can be visually appealing and contain intense material to trigger particular reactions. On the other hand, a b2b email sequence demands thought leadership and must attend to the buyers’ problems. We can find an excellent blog post on the differences at Essence of an Email Marketing Campaign for Email Sequence.

Connect the dots

Users must connect the various components of the digital marketing funnel for people who sign up for the offer to receive the lead magnet and the email sequence to be activated.
Businesses can set up the offer, connect an email service, and put any tracking code on Unbounce’s user-friendly dashboard to have lead magnet distribution, tracking, email collection, and message series all happen automatically when a visitor signs up.


The procedures have been followed, and you now have a digital marketing funnel. To make sure it’s configured properly, you need to perform a few tests right now. Enter your contact information on the landing page to verify that your lead magnet is sent and that your email sequence runs without a hitch. If you are having trouble setting up a digital marketing funnel, please contact iStudio digital marketing company for more information.

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