Top Social Networks Dedicated To 360 Degree Content

360 degree cameras have become quite popular. Once you have such a camera, you will certainly be interested in sharing the videos or photos that you have captured while browsing on similar activities by other users. This has given rise to a new niche in social networking. YouTube and Facebook have already enabled support for 360-degree videos. However, there are now several social networking sites which are dedicated to sharing and discussing specifically such content. They even offer tools which are not available in the more popular social sites.


This social platform allows users to share their 360-degree videos. It has a thriving community of around 360 creators from across the world. Users are able to explore the works of other users via a world map. Various editing options are available to the users such simple filters, video trimmers or the addition of text. MettaVR is still in beta and you need an invitation to join or add your name to the waitlist.



Developed by Fulldive, a VR startup, Portby is a photo sharing app dedicated to 360-degree videos exclusively. Users are able to see and edit their 360-degree photos here before sharing them on other social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. It is also possible to view these photos via Google Cardboard. The app is currently available in the Apple App store and Google Play



This web based app enables you to share 360-degree photos. Apart from easily sharing pictures, users can also embed their photos. Unique effects are also available for application on the photos such as lens flares and filters. The app has been developed by Bartek Drozdz.


Littlstar is a worldwide network where you can find a wide collection of 360-degree videos. Funded by Disney, this platform also showcases 360-degree videos from various famous brands such as Fusion, Mountain Dew, Red Bull, National Geographic, Discovery, PBS, Showtime and, of course, Disney. The app is available for iPhones and Android devices.



Apart from being a social platform, Vrideo also aims to become one of the primary platforms for the distribution of VR content. Users can explore the content through the Samsung Gear VR, iOS or Android app apart from uploading their own. Alternatively, they can also use the company’s site.


Created by Intermersive, this is a cross-platform social sharing app designed for 360-degree content. Users can upload their own 360-degree pictures. Alternatively, they can use the app to convert a panorama picture taken by the phone’s camera into a spherical photo. Currently, the Spinnable app is only available for iOS users but Samsung Gear, desktop and Android versions are to be released soon.



This VR platform is based on the web and is meant for sharing VR content. The content is accessible via the mobile app, desktop or even head mounted displays. 360-degree content can be embedded on other sites. Users can also edit the content before uploading.


As 360-degree hardware become more accessible, there is sure to be an increase in the number of networks and apps dedicated to the content produced.



Facebook has already begun to support 360-degree content. As such, you are sure to have come across videos and images which make you feel that you were actually present in the situation. Due to the high level of interest and curiosity commanded by this kind of content, it would be a good idea to consider using them for marketing your brand. As for costs, you will need to spend less than $500 or even free.


If you want to make an absolutely basic 360-degree photo on Facebook, you simply need to upload a panoramic image into the app. These days, nearly all smartphone cameras allow you to take panorama images. Once uploaded, the app should detect that it is a panorama automatically and display a globe icon after uploading. However, taking a true 360-degree image is more difficult. Such images can be scrolled in all directions. To take such images, you need a 360-degree camera. Use the camera to take the picture and upload it to Facebook just like any other image. There are several such cameras in the market in different prices


Of course, you might not be interested in investing in a 360-degree camera. There is an alternative solution called Google Street Video. Although time-consuming, it is free. You will have to take each photo and stitch them to create a 360-degree photo. The images can then be shared on Facebook and other platforms.


So far, it is only Facebook that provides support for 360-degree content. However, this is certain to change with time. Currently, if you upload such images to other networks like Instagram and Snapchat, the photo will be flattened, resulting in a distorted image.On the other hand, you can easily stay ahead of the curve by creating 360-degree content now. You can start creating such content and posting on Facebook. Once this feature rolls out on other social networks, your existing experience with the content will prove to be invaluable. You will be able to leverage this media much before the competition. Apart from Facebook, you can always embed the images on your site.


The benefits of 360-degree content will be obvious in certain industries. Real estate businesses can use them to showcase properties. The tourism industry can also use them for showcasing spots and interiors. Cruise lines have already started using them. For other industries such as ecommerce businesses, creativity can help leveraging 360-degree content for marketing success. Such businesses can use 360-degree images and videos of the events that are hosted or attended by them. Even conferences and team-building exercises can make the perfect subject for such content. Businesses can use them for showcasing their stores and offices. It will be a like a tour for the customers. Product demonstrations are another excellent idea.360-degree content is inherently interesting. Moreover, marketing with them presents a wide range of opportunities. As a result, they are worth the consideration in your social media marketing campaign.


Google Now Targets Hateful and Offensive Results with New Algorithms


Google has recently released a new set of guidelines for quality raters. The new guidelines specially target web pages that are not only inaccurate but also offensive, hateful and upsetting. The document, available online, is meant for helping quality raters in spotting and flagging such pages in the Google search results.


Paul Haahr, who has been a lead search engineer for 15 years at Google, mentioned that the search giant has been working to develop algorithms that can track web pages which are abusive and disrespectful.

According to Haahr, such content affect only 0.1% of the search queries but it is still an important issue nonetheless. In fact, the percentage comes as a surprise considering the publicity that is given to such results in the media. On the other hand, more and more sites are now being launched that are exclusively dedicated to the propagation of false information, hate speech and other kinds of offensive and inaccurate content.

Haahr mentioned that there are certainly users who are specifically looking for inaccurate or hateful content. For example, there are many who enjoy satire content and sites. There are also those who search for hateful content for research purposes and the like. Google does not aim to stop people from search content which they specifically want. To ensure that this is the case, the guidelines give detailed examples and instructions on how the affected pages should be rated by the quality raters.

The job of quality raters is to ensure that the work being done by the engineers is reflected in the search results. The quality rates do not have the power or the ability to remove the search results or modify the rankings of the site. They can only rate the search results as per the guidelines provided. This is the data provided to the engineers of Google for implementation into the algorithms.


The fact is that internet behemoths such as Google and Facebook among others have come under increased pressure to take steps against the rising tide of offensive and inaccurate content among others. This has only increased since the recent elections in the US. Certain steps have certainly been taken such as the development of fact-checking schema to be used for news stories. Google has already removed several classes of inaccurate and offensive results. Google is at the forefront of such developments, having working on rectifying the issues for quite some time.

The aim of Google has always been to provide the most relevant and insightful content through their search results. For this, they keep working on their algorithms. That is also the reason why the guidelines were updated. This way, they can test and check if the search results are reflecting the changes made to the algorithms. If Google finds that the changes have not been implemented, the data gathered by the quality raters will be given to the engineers who will then proceed to implement the necessary changes.




It is an experimentally digital currency that is enabled to handle payments instantly. It uses digital coins which are sending through the internet. Along with no central authority, it uses peer to peer technology. Through this network, you may enable to manage the transactions as well as may issue the money.

The main uses of Bitcoin

  • May do many things other than transacting the money from A to B.
  • Since it is open source so may use it freely
  • May enable to convert national currency to bitcoin
  • Any number of transactions you may perform by this.
  • You can do online shopping with this source.


Fast – for several days, the bank holds the money if you pay cheque from another bank to your own account since they cannot trust that the funds are really available or not. Bitcoin is generally faster than the other medium of transactions. It just takes a few seconds in order to get money transact. If a merchant needs the transaction to be confirmed it may take around few minutes.

Cheap – What’s that you say? Your Visa transactions may occur fastly as well? Considered things are valid. For that benefit, your shipper (and perhaps you) pays in any cases. Some traders may cost also for platinum card exchanges and they require paying some swipe charges to make them satisfy. There are negligible expenses for exchange in Bitcoin and now free.

No chargeback – They are no more if bitcoin has been sent. Without the beneficiary assent, it can’t attempt to recover bitcoin which is sent to men. It makes very hard to confer the kind of extortion which we see frequently along MasterCard in which folks may approach the visa firms for chargeback possibly for exchange the switching.

Payment information can’t be stealing – It uses the key to secure the information if someone transfers the money online. All data is secure through the keys.

No Inflationary – The legislatures may print as quite a bit of as they appear which one issue with consistent fiat is. And it is often as possible to do. The Federal Reserve may just print more in the case when there are insufficient UD dollars to pay the national obligation. The economy is sputtering so legislature may take recently made a payment which they may infuse into the economy that is by means of a broadcast process called quantitative facilitating. This may causes to diminish the estimation of money.

Can make it private – In some cases, what we have obtained we don’t need individuals comprehending. One perspective is that it is straightforward since of the blockchain as everybody aware of that in exchanges how much as specific bitcoin location holds. They know exactly from where these exchanges originated and to where they are sent. Dissimilar to customary financial balances who holds the bitcoin address nobody knows.

No need to trust anyone – In a traditional saving money framework, to handle the cash legitimately along the way you require to believe the folks. For example, you require trusting the bank. Also, you may host to trust a third party installment processor. You also regularly require trusting the dealer too. The connected requests are vital which is pertaining to you. You no need to believe anybody while utilizing the bitcoin since it is decentralized. It is secure and digitally marked when you send an exchange.

You own it – Your record may not claim by others as there is no other electronic trade framework. For example – without any reasons, if organization selects that your record has been abused then it has the capacity to consolidate the greater part of the benefits which is kept in the record without communication with you. In order to get assets, all the things are now up to you to go through the motions. Along bitcoin, you may claim the private key and compare open key which makes the address of bitcoin. Nobody may detract that from you.

How it is assisting in creating online business – Bitcoin is a digital currency whose popularity is increasing day by day which is offering a wide range of advantages to the businesses. Now, most of the firms are adopting this owing some reasons which we shall explore below.

Bitcoin payments can be done instantly – owing this happening, you may able to get the money in your wallet and available to utilize it. There is no need to wait and via this, you can improve the business’s bookkeeping and cash flow. Bitcoin is very beneficial who handles large cash. Since it is secured by cryptography, so nothing one could get if your computer is stolen.

There is no risk in bitcoin payment – In bitcoin, there is no risk of fraud payment as well as identity theft which is more common in online business. With the help of bitcoin, the users may purchase your services without entering the sensitive information which the thieves may use in accessing their bank details.

May expand international audience – It is well known that nowadays, the internet is playing a major role in expanding their business as they may contact with people very easily. Through the bitcoin, we may easily identify the currency of the country. Since bitcoin has a borderless design so one may accept the money from china with ease as like having a cup of tea.

May reduces the transaction costs – One transfer the money from one account to another account, it directly goes to the receiver account as there is no need for a middleman. It means it reduces the transaction fees. But the other way of transaction charge some fees in order to ensure they are doing a good job and will receive the money.

Now many firms are implementing the bitcoin method as they now realized the benefits. Businesses are using it for instant payment, lower risk of fraud, open the door of the international market, and has reduced the cost associated with them are some of the reasons. These are sufficient reasons for business companies for acceptance of bitcoin.


Google updates Guidelines on moving Website

Pierre Far and Zineb Ait Bahajji, Google Webmaster Trends Analysts had posted on the Google Webmaster blog on June 6th 2014, that they updated the official guidelines documentation for moving website.

They states that, Site moving process have to be done based on the following two ways:
  • Moving the website with no URL changes
  • Moving the website with URL changes


If you want to upgrade your website to the new platform, you have to move the website to the same domain name and same old urls. If you are going to a new hosting provider for your website then keep your old URLs unchanged.


If you are moving site that has fully new URLs then be careful while mapping old URLs to new. Webmasters have implemented the moves correctly and follow the guided steps to done site moving successfully.

Google had updated Guidelines on moving site to help web masters in moving sites and also included the issues that might occur while moving a site.




Many people are thinking that, marketing their small businesses on-line is not possible within their budget. Don’t compare with big brands, they will spend huge money for marketing campaigns. If your small business has right marketing strategy, budget is nothing and no need to survive in business on-line. Any small business has ability and ways to market itself in on-line.

With this post, iStudio Technologies SEO Company will help you to understand, where your on-line marketing efforts are lacking and to know, where to start. Use the following strategies for marketing your small business on-line.

Build a Solid Marketing Strategy with defined goals

In this phase do the little research on market analysis and understand

  • What customers are expecting?
  • Why do they need your product and services?
  • Know about your competitors and analyse what they are doing in on-line for their business.

Note: You have to know all the above information before launching your product.

Brand Consistency

I think you may notice that all the successful businesses will have the professional way of unified branding. Where ever you look, Logo, Colour and fonts are all same.

  • If your business has already LOGO, use it as same in all wherever required. If not, design the professional logo for your business.
  • Use the consistent colours and fonts used for your business in developing in website design, on-line presence and social media profiles.

These are the fundamentals to follow, helps to provide an identity and make people to interact with your business. The easiest way to achieve is going with the best and reputed Web Designing and SEO Company. Why, because that we all know that “First Impression is Best Impression”. In on-line, your first impression is your website. So, give more importance in Website Development.

On-line Presence

I think you may notice that all the successful businesses will have the professional way of unified branding. Where ever you look, Logo, Colour and fonts are all same.

Don’t think that people will find your business on-line after launching a website. Pay attention to the on-line and social media presence of your website. It is important to drive traffic to your website by doing Search Engine Optimization activities to your website. Hire the best and also affordable SEO Company, which is best in providing Google First Page Ranking, On-page and Off-page SEO Services.

Note: Up-to-date with your business social media profiles and share the informative content relative to your product and services.

For more details about SEO Services, Click here




  • I want leads
  • I want Potential leads
  • I want to reach targeted audience
  • How to reach target audience?
  • How to get potential leads?
  • How to increase my sales?
  • How to increase my website traffic?
  • How to brand my products in internet?
  • How to market our products in internet?
  • How to get potential customers from internet?

Every one of us is having the same question how to increase business sales? We are all looking for good business and leads but we are not at all targeting the seekers you are throwing your money somewhere else where you didn’t get proper leads and sales.

For the all above questions we have 100% result oriented solutions. We are having 6 years of industrial experience in driving traffic to start-up websites, revamping seo, increasing sales by seo, reaching target customers by seo and build branding for your product by seo. We are the only SEO company in Chennai provides you solutions based seo and business driven seo. Just give us 90 day’s time we will increase your business and visitors for your website.



How to generate leads, potential leads and sales by seo and seo statistics?


How to search engine optimization to target students & parents?

A complete SEO strategy for Educational institutions.


  • How to promote my brand in internet using SEO?
  • How to make awareness of my product and company in internet using SEO?

How to select SEO Company in India

This is one of the important and major quest rises in you when selecting a feasible and good SEO company in India. I am going to discuss you about few things that will help you to select a best SEO company in India. Make a list some of Top SEO companies in India by Google Search.

Select a company which is having more than 5 year’s experience in SEO ( get this information in about us & who.is)

Why I am saying 5 years? Most of the web development & SEOcompanies are start-ups, They run for a while and then vanished. This will be a problem if you need a continuous business from internet or if you a developed company.

Service is a main part of SEO because SEO is completely a process.

See some live output of their work. E.g.: list of keywords which they bring in Google first page for their clients.

As I said SEO is a continuous process it needs more analysis and man power. So, SEO services are not surely a cheap one.

If anyone provides SEO at cheap cost surely there will not be any Google First page rank result.

So, out of the 10 companies in Google first page select any 3 of the SEO Company in India and ask them to provide a quote with analysis with the following questions

For how many keywords you will do SEO?

A complete SEO plan for 3 months and the projected Google ranking for the next 3 months

When will be the keywords will be listed in Google first page?

What is the cost of SEO for 10 keywords?


Selecting a Professional SEO company in India is the next step after selecting 3 SEO companies from a bunch of Top SEO companies in India. You will get an Analysis, Proposal & quote form 3 of the companies. Now you want to select one of the best SEO Company for your requirements.

  • Don’t meet the SEO Company person in straight
  • Don’t let them to meet you
  • Don’t ask any reference number for their prior work

As SEO is completely internet based the SEO company has to qualify & satisfy via internet because the marketing person form the SEO Company may smart but the SEO results may not smart.

Do you know in SEO industry 80 % of the companies are switching their vendors for every six month?

The problem is the clients are impressed by the SEO Companies marketing persons approach. So, select a Top SEO company via on-line conversation itself. This will help you to analyse how the SEO companies are communicating you via on-line.

Eg : Proper Email communication, Skype communication etc.,

Now you got 3 Analysis report from 3 companies. You need to select any one of the professional SEO companies in India with the following techniques.

Check-list for selecting top SEO companies in India by their professional analysis report
  • List of keywords depends on your business eg: car for sales in Mumbai
  • Each keywords with their monthly traffic for past 1 year
  • Location based traffic for your business in internet for the past 1 year
  • If you already have website they have to submit an analysis report that how much your website id compatible to SEO
  • Their past work results with the keywords

If a company provides report with all the above four points, then you are in safe hands. Congrats you selected the Top and Professional SEO Company in India. The next step is to discuss and finalise the cost for SEO. Again I am saying SEO is not a product it’s a continuous process so, surely it is not cheap. But I can promise you one thing if you are in Google first page within first 5 links surely you will get good and more business. I tried and implemented it in our 100+ clients. They are getting very good business from our professional SEO services.


List of keywords: 10 – 15 keywords with low to high traffic

Keyword Competition: eg: Best SEO companies in India has more traffic and competition than best SEO companies in Chennai

The cost differs basically on these above two factors. We allocate resources like SEO analysts & SEO executive according to the keywords and they create a successful and comprehensive SEO plan that will give you good business.


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SEO charges: Rs.25,000/month

  • How long it will take to list your website in Google first page Ranking?
  • How many days it will take to get in Google first page for your keywords?

This is a typical question but it has a valid answer. In my past experience most of the SEO companies in India are not providing any guaranteed SEO results. They simply says Google does everything. That’s not true we understand search engines better than anyone. Visitors are searching Google for their required information’s if you are having the relevant information surely you will get Google first page ranking within 30 – 45 days.

You will get Google first page ranking within 30 – 45 days if your keywords is based on a particular location. eg: SEO companies in Chennai. if your keywords is country based or general keywords surely it will take 90 days. but within these 90 days you will see a good number of visitors for your website.

Guaranteed first page ranking within 30 – 90 days

If the SEO plan is correct and the execution also correct then surely you will get Google first page ranking within 30 – 90 days. A best SEO companies in India surely will provide a solution like this. iStudio Technologies is one of the TOP SEO companies in India provides you Google first page ranking within 30 – 90 days. We integrate Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool & Alexa ranking to monitor the visitors of your website.

So, this is the way you can select a good professional SEO companies in India for your business.



Link Building is one of the best ways used to drive traffic for websites. Here the worry is that, which link building strategy is good for SEO. If your link building strategy builds an unnatural way of links to your website, Google penalizes and degrade your rankings. In Google’s Penguin update, many websites which have paid and unnatural backlinks are badly affected. Google’s main focus is quality content on websites than quantity. Only quality content is not sufficient to acquire the top position in search engine ranking, you need to build the quality links from related niche to obtain a stable position in Search Engine Results.


Provide splendid and attractive content in website to draw more number of natural backlinks. It is the first step in SEO friendly quality link building techniques. After Google hummingbird, the in-depth articles are ranking high in search engines. If your webpage has good quality & informative content, surely the users will engage with content and share it on social media, and also provide references to those who are searching for the same. A recent study by MOZ has proved that, webpage with huge amount of quality content getting more incoming links.


nfo-graphics, the content rich images are the best way to spread information and to engage users. Insert your website in High quality info-graphics with valid information and make people to share your Info-graphics. It will surely provide quality backlinks to your website. Find the target audience in your business and make available your info-graphic to them by sharing it on all social media websites. If you want quality backlinks, you need to promote your info-graphic properly.Share your info-graphic to the info-graphic sharing websites like Visual.lyAmazingInfoGraphics.com and DailyInfoGraphic.com.

Note: In creating info-graphics, choosing topic related to your niche is important. In info-graphic, attractive images are not crucial than topic.


Make a search and list out the high page ranking free web directories. Submit your website URL with proper title, description and major keywords in your niche. Links from high page ranking related directories are considered as natural backlinks by Google.


Note: Don’t go for paid directory submissions and don’t provide reciprocal links to web directories to link. It is not an effective way of link building practice, Google consider as spam and penalized your website badly.


Create unique content and share the content in top social media websites such as Facebook, Google+TwitterPinterest, Delicious, and Stumbleupon, etc. Provides quality backlinks to your website and also drive more traffic.


Off-page SEO is also the key element in link building strategies. It helps to build the natural way of links to your website. The Off-page SEO activities such as Social Bookmarking, Blog Commenting, Forum Commenting, Posting Stories in relevant blog websites, Submitting Articles in relevant article websites, Press Releases in relevant press releases website, RSS feed generation and submissions, Q & A Submissions, Image Sharing and Video Submissions.



If you have a website and not concentrating on SEO, well to shut down your website. Without utilizing SEO features, there is no way to improve the online presence of your website and it doesn’t do any good for you. If yours is a web designing company, someone search for “web designing company in Chennai ”. But your company will not display in the Google search results, i.e. your company website is not available for the people looking for “Web Design Company ”. Here, clearly understanding that by having a website, you have no use. “Search Engine Optimization is the way to improve your website presence in Major Search Engines like Google , Yahoo and BingSEO not only improve the position in Search Engine Result Pages, also drives huge organic web traffic to your website.



Content is the crucial element for SEO success of any website. Now, Google was proceeding with few content factors and ranking the websites, which have built webpages with highly sophisticated, fresh, and original content that will provide value to visitors. Unique and SEO Friendly content helps you to improve the organic search rankings. While doing Content optimization, first decide the keywords and optimize the targeted keywords by providing internal and external links to it. This is the first and best way to drive search traffic to your website. The factors in optimizing Content of a web page that Google looks is good-engaging content with eye-catching titles, content related original images, grammar & spellings, and text format. To know more about On-page SEO factors,Click here…


It’s not sufficient to have good content in your website. After Hummingbird Algorithm, Social Media presence will also become a part in success of your website ranking. If you want better search engine results for your business, know how Social Media impacts SEO. Few Factors to follow to drive web traffic to your website using Social Media.