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Chatbots will soon shift the traditional hospitality industry into a conversational industry. Like with other industries, customers in hospitality today are happy when given options for interacting with brands. Digitization has transformed the means of getting information and has solved the past dilemma of guests receiving conflicting information by customer service providers.
Digitization has become a major means of customer service and communication in the hospitality industry. Chatbots will transform the mode of communication in this sector.Chatbots are computer programs that will be able to give a more seamless, personal and consistent information for customers.It is predicted that hotels and restaurants that are will implement bots in their current digital strategy will experience a stronger culture of loyalty from their customers and increased customer engagement. Our chat bot gives you better customer engagement as we are one of the best hospitality chatbot development company in chennai.

Chatbots Tap into the
Market with Mobile Users

Today, a lot of consumers of the hospitality services use their mobile phones to perform actions like searching for places to visit and booking their trips. This group of users hasin fact significantly increased from a few years ago since smart phones have become cheaper. Chatbots therefore present an opportunity for hospitality providers to give customized two way interaction that customers can easily access through their mobile gadgets. Human conversation can be slow, frustrating and humans can sometimes give insufficient or conflicting information. Bots that are presented through mobile apps and other channels give consumers the freedom to choose when to communicate and how. Chatbots for Hospitality are also able to aid guest interaction and the tech savvy personnel will only step in when necessary. Our chatbot developers team provide powerful Hospitality chatbot development for clients. Hospitality chatbots will help to hospital elevate the guest experience to a whole new level.


Hospitality Providers
Can Personalize Bots


Bots make it easy for hospitality providers to personalize customer experience. The chatbots use information such as a guest preference and behaviors to give suggestions on the best hotels and also to send offers. For example, a bot can use a customersprevious hotel preferences to make recommendations on nearby hotels and also give reviews on each of the hotels. If the guest decides to book the hotel, the bot can further inquire their check in times, if they need a car rental service, among other things. This high level of personalization is what is going to soon be a major distinguishing factor between different brands in the hospitality industry.
Hospitality has for a number of years now used automation as a solution for a lot of challenges including; streamlining production processes, labor costs, productivity issues among others. Hospitality chatbots have gotten a lot of attention for hospitality providers because of their ability to deliver immediate and accurate information which is an important factor in successfully operating a hospitality business.

Benefits the Implementation of Chatbots
in the Hospitality Sector

Bots are faster and more effective than humans and as a result can profit hospitality businesses in a lot of ways. And because it is predicted that by the end of 2018 3.6 billion users plus will be having messaging apps on their phones, bots could become the new way of ensuring customer satisfaction for businesses in the hospitality industry.

There are a lot of hotels and restaurants that are already using messaging options for their customers. Some of these messaging channels include SMS, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp. However, like already seen in travel brands like, Skyscanner and Kayak, Hospitality chatbots will be a complete transformation when more travel brands start using them. Here are some benefits that will come with the use of bots.

Guest Profiling

A chatbot is capable of interacting with guest through all the stages. This means it can be used to gather useful information which can then be used to offer more personalized services and experience during the current or future visits by the guest. Unlike conventional human customer service, interaction with chatbots and all communication can be stored in a memory for retrieval and use in the future.

Build Loyalty

Chatbots can be used to enrich a customer’s experience from pre-arrival, stay to post-trip. Currently most hotels are using email service to recommend amenities like dinner reservations, airport transfers and spa treatment that will make the customers trip more fulfilling. Chatbots are able to engage a guest in a useful conversation and because of this it will be able suggest more personal services.

Build Loyalty

Businesses in the travel industry like Expedia are already using bots, leveraged from Facebook chatbot development, to help customers in making reservations. Hotels are now looking into the same in order to reduce over dependency on Online Travel Agencies and consequently reduce the costs spent on commissions. A more direct and natural communication channel like messaging apps can increase the efficiency in hotel booking.

Supporting and Supplementing stuff

The introduction of chatbots that will be capable of answering straightforward questions will mean that the customer care stuff are either delegated other duties or are laid off. The personnel that will be work with the chatbots should be capable of blending with the voice of the brand & also be tech savvy to spontaneity.

Chatbots present more avenues for sourcing revenues

Hotels that implementbots will be able to use guest profiling from the past visits to send attractive offers like dinner reservations, spa massage, travel package offers and others to get return customers. Even better, the customers will be able to book the services directly from their messaging apps.

Advantages of Chatbot Implementation
in the Hospitality Industry

Will increase the efficiency of customer service. For instance when customers wants information on current offers and promotions they can chat with a bot through their mobile phone.

Since chatbots work round the clock, it will give guestinstant and valuable answers to their questions in all the stages of their stay and in so doing reduce workloads.

On-resort interaction with guests willenhance the experience of the guest. For example the bot can alert a customer of restaurant availability and real-time spa.

On-resort interaction with guests willenhance the experience of the guest. For example the bot can alert a customer of restaurant availability and real-time spa.


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