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Best 2D Animation Company in India

If you’re looking for a reputable animation studio that can offer high-quality 2D animation services in Chennai, we’d like to let you know that you’re in the right spot. iStudio Technology hires a dedicated team of dynamic experts who are eager to pursue the revolutionary field of animation and can bring state-of-the-art digital graphics to customers.

We are well proficient in the latest developments in the animation industry. You may require our assistance in producing animated graphics, from the conceptualization phase to the development of storyboards through character design as well as other graphic related resources. If you are trying to find the best balance between the consistency of 2D outputs and prices, we can honestly say that we will be the ideal service provider for you. Being the best 2D animation company in Chennai, India, we can accommodate varied and dynamic specifications for conventional animations, flash animations, PowerPoint animations, including animations for comics and advertisements.

Different Types Of Best 2D Animation Services We Offer

Game Animation

We use specialized tools and 2D animations to create immersive props, actors, monsters, scripted activities, lighting effects, and much more which can be used in video games.

Cartoon Animation

With the right combination of imagination and 2D animation, we create effective cartoon characters and environments for a range of educational, industry and entertainment uses.

Interactive e-book 2D

We add enticing and special 2D animations to expand the range of cookbooks, user manuals, e-Learning materials, travel guides, poetry books, children’s books, and so on.

Explainer Videos

We make captivating 2D animated explainer video to communicate the desired message to clients about goods or services for various marketing, training, and promotional events.

Motion Graphics

We blend 2D animation with various graphical components such as images, text, art & video to create attractive motion graphics to highlight the company’s products or services.

Logo Animation

As a leading 2D animation company in India, We design custom 2D logo animations for the consumer business that connects with the audience, draw the interest of prospective buyers, and raise their brand recognition.

Whiteboard Animation

Our interactive 2D animation breaks down abstract ideas in the most exciting manner to get the viewer’s attention and make them appreciate the idea.


We are specialized in producing rich and responsive 2D animated banner ads which can allow businesses to target a broader audience when improving click-through rates and visibility.

Animated GIFs

Our 2D GIF animations will be used successfully for product placement, social media ads, and promotional promotions, and website UIs to improve the reception and interaction of audiences.

Flash Animation

We have a solid background in flash production and can produce creative flash animation which can continue to be one of the best marketing assets. Get best 2D animation services in Chennai by sharing your specifications with us and we will create a rough outline in a really short time.

Typography Animation

We construct 2D typography animations by integrating text and motion to help clients successfully storytelling, express concepts or thoughts, and evoke the emotion of the viewer.


Our range helps you to influence cost benefits without compromising on consistency and standards. With an incredibly effective and ingenious team of experts, we have built the attribute of providing world-class goods and services. As the top 2D animation service in Chennai, we offer you professional 2D graphic content for blogs and other media.

Our 2D Animation Creation Process

At iStudio Technologies, we have the right system that includes upgraded 2D graphics tools, hardware, and skilled staff. Here are the steps that we take when creating a two-dimensional animation:

1. Conceptualization and Scripting

It takes time to consider the client’s specifications and create a concept. This definition dictates the character sketching, series, and scripting outcomes.

2. Storyboard Creation

With the idea in mind, our animators are creating a storyboard. This provides a good picture of the flow of the plot, the design of the character, and the structure of the production.

3. Visual Presentation

We will make extensive use of the storyboard to build a graphic-rich style that can encourage creativity. We specifically describe the outlook and the action of each scene.

4. Animatics

In this step, being an expert 2D animation company in India, we introduce pre-planned visual elements that are implemented into the animation output when maintaining compatibility with the story.

5. Clean-up and Coloring

We make the final sketches to create the finished video. After the cleaning process is done, we apply color to the animation.

6. Building a Keyframe

First, our professional animators are focused on developing keyframes to establish the timing of gestures and the unique movements that are noticeable.

7. Content

Our animation specialists build skeletons by operating on a hierarchical collection of interconnected bones. They animate and change individual character pieces.

8. Compositing and Editing

Our experts write various scenes according to the plot and perform detailed editing to assure the production of high-quality animation output.

9. Voice Over

Throughout the post-production process, various graphic components, background music, sound including voices are mixed into the performance to create a holistic feel.

10. The Final Step

With decades of experience we offer 2D animation services in Chennai, and our experts build high-quality 2D models, make the animation look vibrant, and give it a final, fuller form that has the potential to impress the viewer.

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Industries We Support

We have multi-industry experience, we can create tailored explanatory videos for businesses functioning in a range of industries. With 13+ years of experience and 900+ successful projects, we recognize that every sector is different and each business has unique requirements to satisfy. So below are the business sectors we serve:


We support technology firms in the production of comprehensive technology tutorials and promotional consumer presentations.


We also create amazing corporate content development and product presentation services. Products, activities, and training material can be created. We can even create innovative advertising and banners for your company.


We create infographic animations, allowing finance firms to effectively present nuanced financial details, encouraging lay audiences to achieve practical clarification.

Real Estate

The use of 3D architectural renderings of animation formats can be useful in producing immersive environments that can wow prospective buyers.


Our experience in creating a range of video tutorials have made us the most trusted partners for global e-learning service providers.

Publishing & Academic Domains

We will focus on making fantastic animated comics, digital magazines, and books. A fresh start can also be given to tutorials and promotional events and activities in schools and colleges.


We produce animated videos that enable healthcare companies to illustrate new technologies and strategies with greater transparency and enthusiasm.


We can produce extraordinary 3D graphics to help students grasp complex technical topics with a high degree of precision.


Our skills can be utilized for logo animation, storyboard advancements, short films, and many more.

Why You Should Choose iStudio Technologies For Your 2D Animation Design Services Needs?

We remain ahead of other 2D animation service providers, since we have built a distinct brand on the market and are still able to succeed with our outstanding experience and a firm dedication to quality and punctuality. And here is why we reach out and why you need to feel good about doing business with us:
  • We build plain, detailed characters or cartoon designs after only proper study so that they perfectly reflect your idea.
  • Our specialists take charge of full manufacturing and post-production operations.
  • Motion sequences that we build are seamless, especially in the case of non-realistic including realistic motion styling.
  • Complex animations, like section zooms, explosive animations, extended perspectives, etc., are impeccably delivered.
  • Offering the best 2D animation services in Chennai, We cover any aspect and pay attention to the smallest information to ensure perfect quality management.
  • The animations we make are engaging and interesting; they have the potential to engage audiences.
  • Until completion of the product, the project will be delivered in the style you want.
  • Over the years, we have represented a variety of clients and are known for our innovative approach.
  • During project management and distribution, we conform to global norms.
  • We have a dedicated quality assurance team that takes care of the deliverable quality and ensuring that the team achieves the required performance as per the project requirements.
  • Our experts respect your time and will finish your project within a defined timeline.
  • We're used to working under tight timelines, and you can trust us for project activities that need a fast turnaround.
  • Flexible 2D animation pricing packages will be sold based on per-minute and per-second prices.
  • Get a discussion with our project experts. We partner for numerous organizations regardless of their financial standing to give them the right support bundles to keep their financial plan and goals in mind.
  • As a leading 2D animation company in Chennai, At iStudio Technologies, we take the appropriate security steps to ensure that only approved employees have access to the files.
  • We use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or File Transfer Protocol (FTP) when transferring data.
  • In addition, we have advanced cyber defence systems in order to ensure full commitment to our data protection policies.
  • We take a thorough approach in order to obtain the desired effects.
  • We take the smallest specifics into account and ensure that we meet all requirements given by the client, which allows us to surpass the standards of the client. With this strategy, we have become one of the top 2D animation company in this industrial sector.
Only express the specifications to us and our animators will do their best. If any, you should define instructions. We strictly follow the guidelines given by our clients and honestly carry out the 2D animation creation process, beginning from typography and professional drawing to sketching to storyboarding. We may also produce 2D medical animations, animated science images, architectural animation, character animation, etc. to fulfill the diverse needs of the growing variety of business clients. Hire us as your Animation Production Partner, and we guarantee that you will never be dissatisfied.

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