Facial Analysis Tool

The role of AI technology highly used in analyzing the facial and iris
activities of the concerned candidate

Facial Analysis Tools

Facial Detection

Initially, the process of facial detection takes place, where the candidate needs to present themselves in front of the camera. The AI-tool integrated with the camera will report suspecting if the person presents themselves with others/report absence if their face is not properly visible. If in case the camera gets fed with multiple people then it is considered to be an act against the examination rules and if the person’s face is not visible our AI tool built within the online proctoring software automatically denies the processing of next step.

Facial Verification

The AI-powered tool lends a great supporting hand to our online proctoring software, where it verifies the participating candidate by studying their face using in-built sensor and matches it with the image it holds in its database using the roll.no relevance. It expects 100% match and if the student fails facial verification process, then the concerned person gets terminated right away from the exam. Our online proctoring software service powered by AI is capable enough to sense the facial difference happened over time period for a single student and hence it carries an algorithm pattern to detect the difference between two individuals.

Facial Landmark

The facial landmark is an extensive step in facial analysis and recognition using AI in the online proctoring software, the facial landmark tool sets the essential green dots over the face of the participant that paves way to smoother iris verification that takes place as the succeeding process. We deploy the concept here to bring in the required level of accuracy in detecting the face as well as the iris part of the participating human, where the iris part is found hard to analyze due to its movability rate and hence we have deployed a unique algorithm pattern in the upcoming procedure to detect and report the iris movement of the student that scrutinizes the online proctoring process.

Iris Verification

The second step will be the iris verification, post conducting the entire three facial analysis test the concerned candidate gets permitted to take the online test and this particular iris verification process takes place when the candidate is giving the test. It is to invigilate whether the candidate is concentrating on the screen or their eyes moves somewhere else which is considered to be an act of malpractice; hence we deploy a high-level of stringent practice in assessing the candidate using our online proctoring software.

Deploying Browser Security

Secure browser is another striking feature of the online proctoring software service we cater, students find smart ways to cheat even when they get exposed to online exam by viewing answers in different window or tab in the browser screen. Moreover they are not even restricted to use any other tools in copying the answers, our advanced online proctoring software provides enhanced security access for the browser that disables the usage of multi-screen access or multi-window access while taking the test and also denies the usage of external tools that helps students to cheat and give the exams.

Reviewing Proctoring Process

Once the recording process gets over by the accomplishment of the test, the complete file in audio and video format gets transferred to the supervisor database for verification. Our proactive online proctoring software would have already denoted the red-flagged activities if committed by the student in the due course of taking the exam and the final verification will be done by the concerned supervisor or admin by reviewing it according to their academic institute norms and conditions. If the concerned candidate is found to have conducted a guilty act then they are certainly get sorted under the punishable stream.

Recording Proctoring Process

Being an AI-enabled online proctoring software service provider, we at iStudio Technologies records every second of the test taken by the candidate. The record used to monitor their activities that include the suspicious ones and then finally sends a detailed report to the concerned supervisor or admin. The AI-driven online proctor software service we cater to has the sheer capacity of withholding the entire database of the students and their test attending a performance in both audio and video format. Activities like getting away from the screen, looking aside while taking the test, or handling the mobile phone are subject to malpractices, and they get considered to be the serious note of action against the student(s). The entire students' activities get recorded both in audio as well as video format to provide better clarity to the supervisor or admin.