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Almost everyone is a part of the smartphone revolution that is on the boom these days. A smartphone, essentially, is just about as powerful as a computer and helps us manage all sorts of activities that are required in day to day life. Owing to the growing trend in smartphone users, mobile applications have literally become a very concentrated area for developers and businesses alike.

If you have a business that has a decently large presence, it is only natural that you would want to be in the competition. Losing out to rival businesses in this era is a big compromise if you choose to do so. A mobile app is definitely a great way to reach out to consumers and place your business offerings right into their pockets.

Android phones have the highest number of users and developing an app for it is a good move that you can make. Also, considering that HTML5 is the language for the future of the Internet, developing mobile applications on it can give you the extra edge.

HTML5 Android App Development by iStudio Technologies Chennai

iStudio Tech Chennai is a pioneer in all types of web development work. Keeping in sync with all Internet trends that are happening these days, we are a company with a knack for quality and unique innovation in our work. With us, you can surely expect and settle on nothing but the best!

Since our inception in 2008, we have developed a huge number of Android applications for a huge number of clients. For all our developmental work, we have always stuck to the very best frameworks that help implement unique features. At present, we carry out all our work on the Ionic framework, which offers amazing design, and speedy, hassle-free development. This is why we have been right up there with the very best of mobile app development companies in Chennai.

Ever since its release in 2014, HTML5 has been dubbed as the future and also fascinated plenty of coders. Keeping that in mind, at iStudio Tech Chennai, we took it upon ourselves to master the art of HTML5 Android app development at the earliest. A number of months into it, we have developed a huge number of apps on the new platform for numerous clients. Our team of skilful and talented developers has perfected the language features and knows how to deliver the best suitable app to meet your business requirements.

Some of the advantages that you get with HTML5 Android apps are –

  • Offline cache storage facility allows better loading in slow connections.
  • GeoLocation API enabling apps to determine a location when visiting trusted sites.
  • CSS3 allows for better styling and designing implementations
  • The Canvas drawing feature allows space on a site where pictures, charts and graphical components can be created directly by code, without the need for any other plug-ins.
  • There will also be support for audio and video streaming in the near future. Tailor-made Android apps that will suit your business are just what we are very good at creating, at iStudio Tech Chennai. Get in touch with us for an instant quote and get your HTML5 Android app development underway.

Mobile Angular UI – HTML5 Mobile App framework built with Angular JS and Twitter Bootstrap

Hybrid Mobile components

Bootstrap is one of the best responsive frameworks but, some of the main components required for HTML5 mobile app development is missing. The mobile components like switches, overlays, sidebars, scrollable areas, absolute positioned top and navigation bars.

Do you know the click event in mobile browser delays by 300ms between a physical tap and firing the click event?

We at iStudio tech implement awesome technologies in HTML5 mobile app development to give you amazing fast UI.

Fastclisk.js – Why we use fastclick js for HTML5 mobile app development?

According to Google all the mobile browsers will wait approximately 300ms between tapping the physical screen and firing the event in browser. We will enhance your existing UI in your html5 app if you are using any commons JS style module system like browserify. As Fastclick has Asynchronous Module Definition – AMD support. This AMD functionality allows loazy load with an AMD loader like RequireJS.

We think about each and every aspect of HTML5 Mobile app development to give you a highly sophisticated and Hybrid UI

Overthrow.js – Awesome framework to implement overflow in HTML5 Mobile App

In many browsers overflow works well and exactly it works well in desktop but in mobile it is highly impossible to support overflow. We develop your HTMl5 app with 100% overflow support by implementing overthrow JS. Overthrow is a typical system fills the gaps in overflow in touch browsers. Overthrow provides a minimal polyfill in browsers where there is no native support is available.

“We are implementing tons of functionality to give you a better user experience for your app users.”

Angular JS – The most matured & successful enhanced HTML framework

Building HTML5 Mobile app in Angular JS will give more efficient for HTML 5 app like data binding, Call backs, code reuse etc., Angular JS supports deep linking so, you can monitor your HTML5 Apps inner links without any problem. It has complete client side validation for great user experience. Angular JS has created with built in services on top third party libraries so, AMD is completely supported. Angular JS is having a unique functionality Directives which helps you to create new HTML codes specifically for your application. Angular JS is embedded with other technologies so, you can enhance your HTML5 app user experience by implementing Angular JS in your existing architecture.

HTML 5 iOS App Development

At present, there is a huge rush for the development of mobile-based applications for a large number of platforms. While there is a huge craze for the development of Android applications, Apple’s iOS platform is another place where apps generally target iPhone users. Since iOS is largely popular, businesses look to have apps that help them connect to another user base.

However, app development is no mean feat. This is particularly where a well reputed application development firm, like iStudio Tech Chennai, can help.

HTML 5 iOS App Development by iStudio Technologies Chennai

iStudio Tech Chennai has been in the app development industry for as many as 6 years. Over time, we have developed and implemented many projects for some of the best firms around the globe. Through this process, we have not only learnt newer implementation methods but gained experience as well. It is this factor that gives us a major edge over other development firms in the business.

Our HTML 5 iOS app development capabilities are second to none. We have some of the best experts in the field of iOS app development. Our development team is highly knowledgeable and knows exactly what clients seek in their applications. This is mainly why we have always managed to serve our clients well.

iStudio Tech Chennai has the right resources to carry out HTML 5 iOS app development. As such, we make use of AngularJS and the Ionic framework to create iOS applications. This combo allows us to build feature-rich applications, and at the same time, maintain a great look and feel. It helps for building applications that are very dynamic and works well with interfaces and back-end services.

Why do we use Ionic framework for iOS app development?

The Ionic framework offers several advantages when it comes to developing HTML 5 iOS apps.

  • Allows for rapid development of work to take place.
  • Offers an intuitive user interface, which is just very important in terms of mobile applications.
  • Offers native support for a wide range of functions. This means less dependency on external plug-ins.
  • Supported on all major platforms and devices.
  • Allows for the development of a large number of features. This means AngularJS with Ionic framework offers scalability.
  • Updating of applications become easier, mainly because it follows an efficient implement of coding structure.
  • Applications developed with the Ionic platform offer superb performance. Since speed plays a very important role in the success of any mobile application, it is something that needs to be taken care of. Ionic framework lives up to this feature and does not disappoint.

Why pay too much more HTML 5 iOS app development?

There are a number of app development companies out there that’ll offer you shabby work and yet, ask for exorbitant prices. With us, however, that is never the case. We set reasonable and fair costs for all our work. Also, with iStudio Tech Chennai, satisfaction is always guaranteed.

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