Inventory Management Software

Maintain a perfect equilibrium of your on stock inventories

Inventory Management Software

Handling inventories requires special dedication in terms of time and effort, with the stereotypical approach, companies, industries and manufacturing units will keep facing issues in handling their SKUs. The solution here is to adapt to the evolving conditions of software advent and go with the best one.

We at iStudio Technologies offer highly customized inventory management software that helps manufacturers to improve their productivity and effortlessly handle parts usage.


Benefits of Inventory management software

Increase in Sales

Improved Information Transparency

Reduced lead time

Lower Costs

Enhanced Delivery Performance

Employee Efficiency

Seamless Planning

Reduced Stock-outs

Loyal Customers

Better Inventory Turnover

A complete set of Inventory Management Features

Spare Part Management

Spare parts play a pivotal role in the production, and improper handling of spare parts would lead to misery, by continuously following traditional spare part management approach manufacturers will suffer further loss for sure. Placing our inventory management software into your operations will fix the routine issues in handling your spare parts and paves the way for smooth production.

What you can avoid with our software?

Extended time in locating the parts

Imposed shipping costs

Unleash the hidden process of part issuing

Eliminate data entry imperfection & Duplication

Eradicate disequilibrium of inventory

Supplier Management

Either you are an SME or a huge manufacturer who produce tons of products; you desperately need to maintain a perfect record of your suppliers to carry out friction-free production. Our effectual inventory management system maintains a neat book of records on your suppliers that will be a supportive backbone in uplifting your production. Our unique touch reflects in bringing supplier management in the mobile app, where you can view all the inflow and outflow details of suppliers in your palm.

Benefits of Supplier Management System

Maintain separate and detailed list of all your suppliers

Automated supplier information

Maintain stock order details

Maintain payment details with respect to supplier

Predict and alert right supplier on inventory demand

Inventory Purchase

Purchase of spare parts and inventories needs to get handled in an exclusive way to bring in high clarity for any manufacturer in terms of spending and quality of the purchase. Dedicated inventory management software for your plant’s purchase team, to keep updated and to have 360 views on inventory purchased.

Benefits Catered

Keep track on your purchase order

Predict inbound stock and frame proper purchase order

Know in-detail about in-hand parts/inventory

Predict your purchase requirement

Maintain separate purchase order log


We take the purchase habit of manufacturers a step ahead by enabling their purchase team to go online and adopt e-procurement process that helps them to choose the required tool/spare part/ set of inventories for production. Our advanced inventory management software makes things happen to carry out a modified purchase using the smartphone implemented application.

Striking Benefits

Online ordering of required inventory

Zero error in order placing

Wide options to choose

Schedule purchase anytime

Acquire better knowledge on new parts

How do we operate?

Ensuring the complete set of details was brought in onboard to carry out the inventory management system
seamlessly using the mobile app.

About the Inventory

Complete information about a specific inventory that includes identification name, technician handling the inventory, and its entire description ranging from do and don’ts of handling.

Open Preventive Maintenance

If a particular inventory gets scheduled for preventive maintenance, then it gets instantly fed into the system and displays as a notification in the supervisor's mobile app. The details include the kind of task assigned, assigned date, deadline and the technician handling the process.

Completed Preventive Maintenance

Similarly, our inventory management software holds a separate log for completed preventive maintenance activities that holds a clear record on scheduled maintenance and the setback faced by the technician while handling an inventory.

Adding a new Preventive Maintenance

  • The exact name, kind and identification number of the inventory
  • Do the maintenance needed to be repeated?
  • Schedule to be maintained for the inventory (daily, weekly, monthly or yearly)
  • Start date of maintenance
  • Task assigned to the concerned technician according to the availability
  • End date of maintenance

Advanced Features

Preventive Maintenance task will retrieve further more details about the inventory to carry out
the maintenance process in a flawless way.
  • Cost incurred in purchasing the inventory
  • Availability of backup stock & Detailed description of the inventory
  • Exact location of the inventory (within the plant)
  • Barcode access to carry out right maintenance schedule
  • Workers and team involved in handling the inventory
  • Supplier of the particular spare part/inventory