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Extensive Features of Online Examination App

Question Bank

Assist teachers and other educators, to get involved seamlessly in the question bank preparation activity. Our AI-enabled online exam software makes it easy to filter out questions from different chapters according to the subject and also sort them according to the difficulty level. Hence the job of a teaching professional is made easy that they need to monitor the questions got sorted properly in an appropriate way.

Candidate Management

Dedicated online exam software that helps in the efficient management of hundreds of enrolled candidates where the implemented AI technology assists in categorizing them according to their role, department, and year of study. Now the teaching professionals can monitor the exam activities of the enrolled candidates in a more relaxed way and easily control students' online accounts.

Create Test

Creating a test in the stereotypical format is a lengthy and tiresome process that involves filtering out questions from different subjects and allocating marks to them. Our AI-enabled online exam software narrows down these complexities and derives out appropriate questions that cover all the subjects and allocate marks to them as well.

Purchase and Sell

Being a reputed tech-driven company we at iStudio Technologies creates impeccable online exam software that can be purchased and resold to the individual student who wishes to take more practice tests to get prepared in a better way for their competitive exams. Post analyzing the different examination patterns we have created several templates that would highly useful for the academic institutes to create their formats by customizing our templates.

Take the Test

Futuristic online proctoring software, encouraging the students/candidates to take the test in the bounded feasible time and also completely nullifies the chances of them getting involved in any malpractices. The online proctoring software we embedded stringently monitors the students' activities and immediately deters their test processing if they found to get involved in activities against the rules.

Analytical Report

Now the academic center or the educational institute can attain a detailed insight on things happening around their approach to conducting online examinations and its allied factors. Our AI-driven online exam software provides an accurate in-depth analytical report with crystal clarity on question paper generation to calculating results and announcing the ranking.

Security Integration

High-end security assured in our online examination software that implements the multi-factor authentication model and impend the same to be practiced by the key users and administrators to ensure authenticity. Data related to question or answer paper keys and student details got maintained with high confidentiality, which paves the way to extended usage of the software.

Cloud Integration

The worry regards to storage of online exam database is now eradicated with our cloud integration facility, no more running out of space for storing question papers, student details, keys, answers, and results since the cloud-integrated online proctoring app we deliver come up with enormous storage and enhanced security.


Dedicated mobile app to conduct exams online that focus on the student to take active participation and give their test in a highly authenticated way. The online exam mobile app holds a complete set of functionalities ranging from conducting the test to maintaining their database and the analytical report that provides a new and engaging face to the online examination system.

Exam Settings

Plan and execute the exams with utmost perfection using our online proctoring software powered by an artificial intelligence system. The online software we deliver navigates academic institutions in the right direction and promptly adopts digitization. Ranging from exam date announcing to conducting the exam for multiple departments at the same time, our online exam app does an all-round performance that enhances overall operability.

Result and Ranking

Announce the results and rank your students flawlessly using our Ai-enabled online exam software, it provides sheer assistance by calculating the marks right and ranking the students according to their result achievement. The software we provide will deliver a supreme supporting hand to get relieved from the stressful and complicated stereotypical result publishing process.