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Looking for PHP-based web application development work in an astounding framework?

While plenty of web development work is generally based on PHP, which is a very powerful scripting language, the framework one chooses for the progress of developmental work plays a large role. Therefore, it is always good to hire web developers that are known to offer development work over a wide number of frameworks. At iStudio Technologies Chennai, we completely fit into that category, offering great web application development work across major PHP frameworks. As such, one of the strongest areas of our work happens in the Yii development framework for Web 2.0 applications.

What advantages does Yii development offer?


Performance is a major factor why people choose to have web development work done on the Yii platform. Owing to statistics observed from a graph for processed requests per second, Yii occupies the highest place in the graph, meaning a better rate.


The security for any website is always a major factor and thus requires proper implementation. The Yii development framework offers various security measures against XSS (cross-site scripting), CSRF (cross site request forgery) and Cookie Attacks.

Caching feature is the best

The caching features offered by Yii development are easily the best in its category. Cached components are easily able to store such data in different forms of media. As such, it supports APC, XCache, memcache, DB based page and also segment caching techniques.

Support for third-party code

Yii development largely supports and is totally comfortable with third-party code. You can import code, very easily, from other frameworks, which is a very useful feature to have.

Easy customization

Owing to the open source software background, and also because it has a very simple coding structure, Yii development permits usage of many different extensions and widgets. It is purely based on OOP (object oriented principles) and is largely simple.


Yii follows the MVC (Model-view-controller) pattern of implementation, which helps in developing cleaner and simple user interfaces.

why istudio

The iStudio Technologies Chennai team for Yii development is inarguably the best you will come across in the capital. We have an excellent team of Yii development coders, who are skilful and passionate about any kind of work. Our strong development team is basically the reason why many clients have always preferred to work with us. As such, our Yii development team produces great results even in short deadlines and have a wealth of experience when it comes to previously developed web applications.

We also use the latest versions for both, PHP and Yii framework, for the development of web applications. Therefore, all development is largely compatible and provides extensive solutions to meet the requirements that you might need. Besides, we are always ready to update and maintain all your applications, as per your demands.

Also, at iStudio Technologies Chennai, we believe that all our services should largely be affordable. Therefore, we are all for providing prospective clients with quotes and transparent pricing options, which can be easily availed by contacting us.









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