Mandatory E-Commerce Checklist 2018


E-commerce is no more an alien term and it has witnessed exponential growth over the years, this industry has given shadow for lot of start-ups and has adopted different innovative ideas by turning India into an technology based hub. Post the penetration of high speed internet e-commerce industry has become the most favourite and demanded industry in this nation. Like other industry even e-commerce industry keeps updating itself from time to time in order to improve their user base and witness continuous improvement.
Starting and maintaining a e-commerce store/platform is no more an easy job, it is definitely an herculean task as the competition out there is unimaginable. Therefore it is highly mandatory for existing and budding e-commerce platforms to stay focused and keep updated with trends. There are certain strategies need to be followed in order to be successful in e-commerce industry, these checklist will be highly helpful for new e-commerce companies and existing companies as well to be successful.


Similar to retail layout even e-commerce has its own layout to make their visitors stay highly engaged in the site. Certain strategies need to be followed in order to make the e-store layout highly presentable and give high clarity to the customer. This method of layout positioning involves lot of in-built approach in it to present it as a complete package for the end customer’s view. E-commerce stores need to apply all possible approaches in order to keep their customers stay focused in their website. This checklist gives you the complete details regarding e-commerce layout to keep customers engaged.

  • A well designed and perfectly suitable logo for your e-commerce website
  • onstruct a site which functions in every browser and works well in all the devices
  • Highly promoting links and graphics suitable for your homepage
  • Separate links for the special category products
  • Placing call to action button directing towards important sales page
  • Designing and placing exclusive search field over the top of the site
  • Displaying information about special offers, promotions and free shipping without fail
  • Directing link towards trending and frequently purchased products
  • Placing language and store finder as an option

Look And Feel Of E-Commerce Website

Look and feel of an e-commerce website is highly important to stand unique among the huge lot of competition. Designing the look of a specific e-commerce site must match with its industry and the type of product it provides. Apart from this there are lot of other options available to improvise the look of an e-commerce site.

  • High security to carry out safer money transaction while purchasing a product through online payment
  • Good navigating website with high speed
  • Include necessary product categories and filtering options at the right place
  • Including SIGN UP and LOGIN FORM by mentioning e-mail id at necessary spot
  • Separate link page for Career, Legal information, Privacy policy, contact and FAQ page
  • Separate tabs for categories and products in the main page of your e-commerce website
  • Shopping cart to store the saved items separately for every user

Creating Product Page

Product page is the core and most important page in the e-commerce website, e-commerce is all about selling a product to customer through online. Therefore this page act as a deciding factor over the success of the entire business. A product page need to be well structured and highly organized in order to keep the site visitors completely engaged. There several features include in the recent past to make the product page of the e-commerce website more presentable.

  • Ratings and reviews for every single product
  • Including related links to up-sell few products
  • Mentioning about freebies and discounts etc..
  • Provide all the required product functionalities like zoom in and zoom out option, 360 degree product view, providing product info and specifications
  • Separate field for mentioning product quantities, unique product title, cart button for every product, rate information with discounts if any, product availability and tax details
  • Sorting the product according to various dimensions like size, shape, colour and weight if needed
  • Separate comment section for customers to post their experience over the specific product
  • Video description of product functionalities and currency converter as optional features
  • Linking social media share button with every product listed in the website
  • Providing detailed and precised information over the product to be unique and reach huge masses
  • Including enough number of keywords in every page of e-commerce website

Shopping Cart And Customer Wish List

A good e-commerce site make sure that it will tempt its visitors to buy any product and hold them as its customer forever, here comes some of the wish list to be highly considered and the shopping cart features as well.

  • Bring in all possible payment methods
  • Charge minimum or null shipping cost
  • It’s fine to add some funny images like in the checkout section
  • Top and bottom places are the right area to fix the checkout buttons in any page
  • Provide users with separate cart to save their product list
  • Suggest the up-selling products to customers during checkout
  • Provide end to end shipping details like free shipping, multiple shipping methods and information regarding delivery date and time
  • Offer payment installments for products with higher price
  • Test the dispatching process before delivering the product

Customer Follow-Up

Customer follow-up is highly necessary in selling any product irrespective of the medium and this even exist in e-commerce site. Customer follow-up will create a strong bonding with them and helps to increase the customer base as well.

  • Send notifications regarding discounts, freebies and gift cards
  • Make them informed about loyalty programs
  • Ask for reviews if not given
  • Send thanking e-mail
  • Send promotional e-mail and notifications regarding cart
  • Include the option of canceling a product
  • Create social media links for every product category
  • Include a survey link if necessary
  • Continuous update over product tracking and shipping methods
  • Include a survey link if necessary

Supportive Pages

Supportive pages always acts as pillar for an e-commerce website and gives a completeness to the platform.

  • Including social media address
  • Including e-mail and contact form
  • Include Forums and FAQ section



Cryptocurrency is popularly known as the future currency model, which is available out and out in digitized format. Using cryptocurrency one can make the transaction entirely in digitized format without involving any physical activities. The USP of cryptocurrency is it is highly organized yet it is also decentralized system which means it is not controlled by any government or public body and it is highly accessible by any individual for transaction.

Cryptography Algorithms

To make you understand the concept in a much simpler way the currency which is need to be transacted is shielded with cryptography algorithms. Cryptography is all about sending a message in a highly secured way from one user to another user using encryption and decryption process.


Public key

For example a message is converted into codes using public key and it is transacted to the node as a cipher text, the node sends the cipher text with respective private key. The proper user will receive the cipher text and read the message by using the uniquely generated private key.

It has been almost 10 years since the concept got evolved and lot of Cryptocurrencies have been evolved and one such established and successful cryptocurrency is bitcoin. Apart from bitcoin there are lot of other Cryptocurrencies have evolved and functions of each cryptocurrency type varies.Say if two individuals undergo cryptocurrency transaction in a peer to peer model first the currency value and total amount to be transacted is recorded, then according to the type of cryptocurrency used the total amount value will be changed.For example the value of US$12,400 is equal to 1 bitcoin so an American need to transact US$ 25000 then it is considered as 2 bit-coins, these 2 bit-coins will be transacted to the node from the sender first in a highly secured way.These bit-coins are not normally transacted instead they are transacted through encryption process. This transaction of bit-coins is made possible only through block-chain.

Block chain

Block-chain is the technology involved in cryptocurrency monetary transaction which helps to deliver the amount in a highly secured manner. The role of data miners is determined here were they add each block to make an entire block-chain.

  • For this data miners need to crack the cryptography puzzle within the stipulated time, the hardness level keep on increasing with increase in amount.
  • Once the required amount of blocks were created in framing the block-chain the amount in the form of bit-coin is transferred from Peer A to node hub.
  • Another important aspect to be noted in cryptocurrency is the maintenance of ledger where the transactional details happening between two peers will be recorded in every node as a result of transparency.
  • Hackers cannot get into these nodes as it is protected by highly encrypted public key, after the node.
  • HUB receives the transactional amount it verifies the receiver and send it to the Peer B.
  • where Peer B gets the transacted amount by using authenticated private key.​


  • En-composed of high level security
  • Highly digitized which involves zero physical documentation
  • Has a great future ahead
  • Global reach
  • Not controlled by single government or public institute
  • Very less transactional fee
  • 10 times faster transaction
  • Gives an earning option for data miners

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ICO Digital Marketing Experience


Eventhough reddit is the most effective method to market ICO concepts, still there are some better alternatives which are approachable to market ICO in a better way. Various other concepts like Telegram, Inn Mind, Facebook and LinkedIn. It is always said to be wise that we should look for alternatives when it comes to marketing, since ICO is still an emerging concept it needs to be marketed in various methods to reach maximum number of users.


Telegram is a cloud based application accessible both in web as well as mobile as an free open source platform. Its functioning is similar to that of Whats App through which people can communicate and share information regarding technical subjects. This is how ICO also been shared and experienced under the shadow of telegram. Admin of a specific group or community will post relevant topics and contents regarding ICO in order to create awareness and generate traffic. We provides you the best ICO service in Chennai. Some of the important sub-sections are:


Smart Contracts

Smart contract is all about carrying out trade-off done by two individuals or two business units. This may include any kind of transactions or business.

The Coin Telegraph

Coin telegraph is a news channel which gives detailed analytical report on Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin.


Pre- ICO

Pre- ICO is all about involving in various pre-sales activities of ICO services



Smart contract is all about carrying out trade-off done by two individuals or two business units. This may include any kind of transactions or business.


Micro Money ICO

Coin telegraph is a news channel which gives detailed analytical report on Fintech, Blockchain and Bitcoin.


Pre- ICO is all about involving in various pre-sales activities of ICO services


Innmind is a one stop global platform which acts as a hub for various angel investors, start-up founders, venture- capitals, accelerators, mentors, service providers and experts. Innmind helps as a meeting point for both the investors and recipients who uses funding through cryptocurrency for their business. Both the parties need to register their complete profile in order to give proper information regarding their presence. Additionally news and other announcements where also shared frequently in order to make the recipients more updated. The more you get engaged and communicate with community members the higher its beneficiary.