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Developing An App For Android

More and more companies have begun to invest in making apps for their business. You can get an app developed as well. It can prove to be a sensible investment for your company. After all, mobile apps have become extremely popular among all users of a smartphone.

It is possible that you or anybody else in your company has no idea about developing an app. You can always hire a mobile app development company or developer in case you have no knowledge of the various technicalities and facets of app development.

However, you just cannot select any company or developer for the work and ask them to develop an app for you. Instead, you should find out more about app development. Only then, you will be able to understand what kind of an app you need for your business.

The Platform

There are a few platforms that you can develop your app for. You can choose from iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry OS. The iOS platform is present in iPhones and iPads from Apple while Android is a platform developed by Google. Windows has been developed by Microsoft.

The choice you make for the platform will influence the way your app will be developed and deployed. You can make your app successful and popular by choosing the right platform. On the other hand, the app can become a complete failure if you choose the wrong platform to develop and deploy it on.

Why Android?

Although there are other platforms available, most people develop their apps for Android. This platform is often the first choice for developers. There are some good reasons for this trend.

The Android platform developed by Google, is used in more than 50% of the smartphones and tablets in the world currently. This huge share of the mobile market means that you will have a larger section of the audience who can use your apps. You can gain larger number of customers. This in turn can help you get a good and sizeable return on your investment. In the long run, your brand awareness can grow and capture customers from across the globe.

Developers love Android for another reason. The Android platform is an open source one. Open source platforms are perfect for developers as they can create and develop a variety of different smartphone and tablet apps. Another feature of Android is that it is based and developed on the Linux operating system. Linux itself is a license free operation system.

App Development Outsourcing Is A Better Option

Outsourcing your android app development can be a sensible decision for your company. It can be quite beneficial for your business and a sound financial decision as well. After all, you will be outsourcing to a professional who will have more knowledge in the field of app development.

App Development Outsourcing Is A Better Option

  • An Android app development company can be more useful than a single of a group of freelancing developers. A company is more likely to have more app development projects at hand. This allows the app developers to practice their skills and increase their knowledge. This means that a company will be staffed by professional app developers that have considerable experience and knowledge which can help make your own app a better one.
  • You want your apps to be of a high quality so that your customers have an enjoyable experience using the app. Your app can only be of a high quality if an experienced developer has created it. You can search around and look for experienced mobile app development companies that can render a quality service for your app development needs.
  • Any Android app development company will have adept professional developers who have extensive knowledge of their field. They will also understand the intricacies of technology as well as its limitations. They can provide you with tips to enhance the workings of your app. Moreover, a company will have the ability to replace a developer without letting your project become affected. They may even add other developers if necessary.
  • The mobile app market is booming and if you want to make your company successful, you should try to get an app developed for you. Get a good mobile app development company to help you create the best app for your business.



ASP.NET 5 is the web framework for building modern website that can be develop in different platform such as Windows, Linux, Mac. ASP.NET 5 made by customer requests and feedback. These changes are simplify development, maintenance, hosting and focus to modern web apps.

Application run on the new version of the ASP.NET without any modifications. ASP.NET 5 has lot of new features, you will need to port your existing code to the new framework. It has many similarities between ASP.NET 5 and lower versions of ASP.NET, so porting code involves particular issues rather than re-writing the application. iStudio Technologies provide .NET programmers, web developer and web designer to reduce the risks in .NET application development.


  • It is flexible to run your application and cross platform run time.
  • It has new moduler HTTP request pipeline.It can be host on the server of your choice.
  • You can host your application on Internet Information Service(IIS).
  • Session,cache and configuration are designed to work in the cloud.
  • The application can install on machine without affecting other application on machine.
  • It runs on different platform such as Windows,Mac and Linux.
  • MVC,web pages,web API are merged together for simplifying concepts. .NET core


You can establish the .NET Core runtime with your application which means your application run with this latest version of the runtime than the version of the runtime that is installed on the host operating system. Your version of the runtime runs side-by-side with versions for other application. You can get the latest version of runtime, if you need , without affecting other apps, or you can continue with the same version even though other application on the system can be update. It makes updation of aplication or framework is much easier and less force to other application running on a system.

Your application can run on cross-platform. It provide a cross-platform version of .NET Core for Windows, Linux and Mac OS.The operating system which you use for development or which operating system you target for deployment,you can be use.


The API(Application Program Interface) for .NET Core is more limited than the full .NET Framework, so you may need to develop existing application to .NET Core. If you don’t want to update your application you can run ASP.NET 5 applications on the full .NET Framework . When doing this you have involve the complete set of .NET Framework APIs. Your existing applications and libraries will work without developing on this runtime.


MVC, Web API and Web Pages share many concepts and duplicate abstractions, but share very little concepts. These three framework merged into a single unified Web stack and giving fresh look. ASP.NET MVC 6 takes the best of MVC, Web API and Web Pages and combines it into a single framework for building Web UI and Web APIs. This means from a single controller you can just as easily provide a view as return formatted data based on content agreements.


  • You can create controllers from any class and base class no need.
  • Using tag helpers you can build any content you want inside of that element.
  • A simple replacement for child action.
  • Asynchronous views with flush points.

iStudio Technologies successfully completed scores of .NET solutions and enhancement of existing .NET applications.We have a expertise in ASP.NET development along with application development in ASP.NET.