What is the thing which separates a great brand from an unsuccessful idea? There is no single or exclusive answer to this question, although skeptics will disagree. However, you can create a successful website design for your industry, goals, business and story. Our website designing company Chennai provides services that are created to bring out what you carry out best and convey it in the most compelling manner.

An effective website design is a blend of proven approaches of usability, interesting visuals and advanced internet technology so that you can connect successfully with your audience. We are one of the most reputed website designing companies in Chennai specializing in creating responsive websites from scratch. We not only create an outstanding website presence for you and your business, but allow your website visitors to experience a user experience that is truly of global standards. We can do this through our proven structural methodologies and an interactive navigation strategy.


We conduct workshops with your team to make sure that our strategy brings alive your brand in the most successful manner. We are proud to state that we build interactive website designs using Kinetic.js and Popcorn.js. our art tracking lab is state of the art and helps in testing the effectiveness of your website architecture and visual appeal before it goes live, thus enhancing the overall success quotient of your launch.


Kinetic.js is a Canvas JavaScript HTML5 framework which promotes high performance animation, transition, layering, node testing, event handlers, catching for mobile apps as well as desktops. Really, Kinetic.js simplifies canvas drawing, allowing you to draw things on stage and add event listeners to them, scale and move them and rotate them individually from other shapes for benefiting high end transitions and animations.

Our website designing company Chennai uses this method to leverage the HTML5 Canvas Application programming interface and offer users with a friendly interface for your drawing. Here are a few aspects that set apart this technology from others:

  • Speed – test for stress
  • User defined layers – like Photoshop layers
  • Event Handling – click, tap, touch start, dblclick etc.
  • Event Oriented Architecture – change and manage events etc.
  • Transitions – 16 types


As one of the most reliable website designing companies in Chennai, we make use of Mozilla’s Popcorn.js which simplifies the user’s interaction with online videos. If you are familiar with jQuery, picking it up is rather simple. This project from Mozilla supplements video and audio with enriched content. It is also pretty easy to set up. This HTML5 media framework is meant for website developers, filmmakers and anyone who wants to create a timely interactive media online. The best thing with Popcorn is that you can let the framework do the major work, and concentrate on writing the code.

We use Popcorn.js to use the properties of HTML Media Element, events and methods and normalize them into an API that is convenient to learn. This also offers a plugin system for community contributed interactions. This structure has a lot of plugins for common APIs and services, from Twitter and Maps to media events and others.

Having more than 1400 unit tests, we put Popcorn through the pace at each release. It has achieved the 1.0 breakthrough, due to the efforts of a community of media makers and world grade developers. With Mozilla backing it up, this library is sure to enjoy continued support in the future.


Our website designing company Chennai does not create websites like brochures. We create them in a way that grabs attention, tells your story and builds trust. Our websites turn traffic into leads, and them to sales so that customers turn followers. Your website can be the first interaction you have with your customer. For this reason, we use an interactive design approach and emotional appeal on your home page to address them, directing their attention to services that they need most.

Our aim is to achieve pixel perfection on every single device. As a responsive website design firm, our websites look as well as feel great on your laptop, desktop, iPhone or tablet. We create a responsive website that helps you reach out to a wide base of customers and drive sales into your business. Send us a quote today!