Unit Testing

It is an essential step in the software development process. It ensures that every unit of code in all parts of the application is tested in a successful way.
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It is basically end to end testing framework for applications of angular.js. This framework assists in running tests against the application running in a real browser. It is a Node.js program. It uses Jasmine for its test syntax.


It is a javascript command line tool. It uses the web server to load the application code as well as to test it. It runs on Node.js as well as available as an NPM package.

  • First describe the type of object. E.g. – factory, Filters, Controller etc
  • Load or inject module of app
  • Describe your specific name of the object
  • Load modules of mock as needed
  • Instantiate the object
  • Describe specific method for services & controllers
  • Write your expectation as well as tests

Testing Controllers

It is quite distinct the setup process for testing a controller. The main reason for this is controllers are not injecting able. They are instantiated automatically when a ng-controller or a route loads directive is compiled. There is a need to instantiate manually the controller under test as we do not have the views loading in tests. The behavior of methods in the controllers relies on the views as the controllers are generally tied to a view. Also, after compilation of view, certain additional objects can get added to the scope. Form object is one of the most common examples of this. These objects have to be manually added or created to the controller in order to make the tests work as expected.


Unit test is important for your application as it makes you confident about your source code. Later it speeds up the debugging as well as development process. Here we have learned few things about Karma or jasmine for angular.js applications as well.