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Best framework for developing Hybrid Mobile Apps

As we are a 7 years old web development company in Chennai, India our app developers developed very high end application that you may not able to believe. We tried with different frameworks for mobile app development like UI frameworks and Package Frameworks. In our travel of hybrid app development one day we find out ionic framework. We are quite impressed with the features because we spend more time for developing the same features in our hybrid app. This makes our life easy and makes the development fast. We developed a hybrid mobile app with ionic framework for a fortune 500 company. Another important factor for ionic framework is continuous improvements in features. We are the only experienced company in India for ionic Framework development.

Our experiences:

1. Connected car technology

We developed hybrid app for connected car technology. It’s really a big application with all features like unique UI, Real time services calls using RESTful API, JSON and other top technologies. This application is currently deployed in infotainment system in cars.

2. Kiosk Application

We took ionic framework to the next level. We are currently developing a hybrid application for Kiosk. It’s a replacement for receptionist and appointment booking. We are developing this entire application with ionic framework.

Why choose us for your ionic framework based App development?

  • Developed 2 big applications with all major functionalities that will meet your requirements
  • 1.5 year of continuous app development in ionic framework
  • Good development skills in Angular JS, Saas and other frameworks
  • Affordable cost
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