Facebook is loved by one and all. Facebook has actually done something very new, it has open-sourced its React Native framework and this is for the purpose of development of mobile apps. React Native technology helps the users to write the code in java script and produce real native interface. This is something very unique and JavaScript is used widely by many. This technology with time is set to affect lots of smart phone users and the mobile app development industry. If you want to make use of this technology for your website get in touch with some web design company in Chennai.

But in the market still lots of people prefer native tools for getting good user experience as they produce stuff which is faster than the cross platform solutions. Also native tools apps run faster and neater. But learning each native tool as there are few of them, becomes difficult and could be quite time consuming for most. Also if you want to develop apps for various platforms, you need to write code in each native tool. Hence development time goes up considerably. This is a major cost factor and will go against this. If you want to know more about these tools get in touch with Web designing company in Chennai, for some cost effective solutions with this technology.

But when you talk about React Native technology it will allow user to use JavaScript which is very simple to learn and can run on most mobile devices. The interface created is very good and that is the best part about it. People do not need to learn java, swift and other languages, if you are into app development. Although still lots of enhancements are required by this, it is still in the initial phase and will need to be seen how the development community responds to this.

Advantages of React Native technology

  • Uses JavaScript, HTML and CSS, which already know to most.
  • Works on various platforms.
  • A Facebook Technology Tool.

Very Good User Interface For Development.

Comparative if you look at cross platform tools like JavaScript, html and CSS, platforms can display these which mean you only create one app and that is why it is liked by many. And hence face book and though of creating something which will make life easy for mobile developers. But it is important, that you consider performance and compatibility as this could go against cross platform technologies in some cases.

This technology follows a reactive approach, this majorly works on a concepts of separation of logic and UI and that is the main basis of it. This is a boon for JavaScript developer as they can use their existing knowledge and create something that is new and internet based in no time. Something that facebook has though deep about and is promoting it on a large scale and is really good. This technology is powerful and can produce some good quality products.

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