web design


1.Build your website around the content

Create and design the website according to your content. For eg: if you are having very less content to then you can go for one page parallelx or if you are having more content then go for a long page template with planned placement of web elements. Build your website efficiently, searchable, accessible & multiplatform.

2.Create a simple website don’t design website in a complex way

Visitors always look for easy access of information in a short duration. Design your website with simple user interface that attracts more customers and drive more traffic to your website. Build your website with bold and clear layout, present your content in an easy way to read, make your website navigation system in an easy and structural way. Place the web elements with more white space.

3.Create a unique UX design for your website

Unique user interface for presenting content in website is very important in web designing. Creative and simple interface attracts most of the visitors. Create a story telling pattern for your content. Built a scalable UX So, that you can update the interfaces as per the latest trend. Create the UI with speed in mind and make it more institutive.

4.Metro and App styled interface

Latest trend in web designing and UX is metro styled design and app styled design. This will attract more people as most of the smart devices what we are using are using app styled design or metro styled design. Most importantly it increases user experience. We are one of the leading web designing companies in Chennai for metro styled and app styled interface for your website.

5.Maintain consistency for both your website and app

Maintain consistency for your website and your mobile app. This will help your visitors to recognise you more easily. Most of the website are adapting flat styled design and metro styled website design because the flat styled website design and metro styled website design are having same look as mobile app.

6.Responsive website design

85% of the smart phone users are using their smart devices for browsing. Most of us are using different mobile devices for browsing and other activities. Designing and developing responsive website becomes mainstream in web designing in now days. Create the image, fonts and typography for responsiveness. If your website is not responsive redesign your website into responsive immediately. Responsive website will give you a new face for your business.

7.Good flat colours for your website

Colour selection is one of the high priority task in web designing. Don’t use more than 3 colours. If you use more bright colours use some grey shade too. That will give you a good appearance. Use 25% of white space in your website which gives you a clear look for your website. Use flat colours don’t use 3d styled interfaces. Flat colour based interfaces will take less time to load and will give you better user experience.

8.Implement latest web designing Technologies

Try to implement new technologies in web designing like CSS3, HTML5, Jquery, ParallelX, D3Js, Bootstrap etc., There are lots of open source frameworks even most of them is not known to all but all these frameworks are having a special functions. Analyse some framework and use it wisely wherever you need it. This will attract the attention of potential customers.

8.Implement latest web designing Technologies

Implement some fixed web elements like fixed header, offer banner and some other important information. This will give a unique appearance for your website which really enhances user experience.