How unique content plays a major role in SEO?

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The success of any Business in this competitive world will purely depend upon its presence on the web. It is possible only, the presence of your business website on the web with quality and valuable content. Google’s Panda algorithm was developed to check, how well the content of the webpage is unique and quality. If your content is not unique and doesn’t meet the needs of users, your website is ranked down and gets affected by Google’s Panda algorithm. Unique and user-friendly content will helps in improving site visits and also easily reached to the users.

SEO friendly Content is vital element for any website to rank well in the search engines. Offering SEO friendly Content is one of the major SEO Services providing by the SEO Companies in India.

Note: If your web content is unique, fresh, search engine friendly and user friendly, then you will get more natural traffic that can be easily converted into sales.

Many websites are not ranked high in search engine due to the two main reasons.
  • Duplicate content from different pages within the website
  • Copied Content from other sources

So, it is very essential to write content that is related to the topic instead of focusing only on SEO optimization and unwanted information. iStudio Technologies SEO Company providing SEO friendly content by taking important factors into consideration while writing SEO friendly unique content.

iStudio Technologies Guidelines on writing SEO Friendly Unique Content

  • Before writing content, consider the keywords which are going to use in the content. The keywords must be related to the topic and keep in mind that, “what visitors will type to search your product or service” while choosing keywords. List out the possible keyword phrases with targeted keyword and use them carefully while writing the content.
  • Content should be unique and don’t duplicate the content or copy from other websites.
  • Provide the valuable content and write something new, Google will notice easily by your uniqueness. Write content in simple English to understand easily by the customers and meets their needs in detail, i.e. they want to engage with your content.
  • Customers visit your website from Google to fulfil their needs and requirements. If you provide quality content in the webpage with full check of grammar and spellings, Google will index your page easily and make it available to users in SERP.
  • Write Content that attracts both Visitors and Search Engines

    • Content with Eye-catching Titles and Subtitles and make sure that Title will not exceed 65-70 characters.
    • Use Heading and paragraphs to well structure your content.
    • Don’t do keyword stuffing

Note: Use lists than paragraphs; it captures the user attention more easily. Provide proper Titles and subheadings, helps in increasing the page ranking.

  • Use Heading Tags (H1, H2, H3…) properly where ever required. It helps Google to identify easily.
  • Keyword Density is important in writing content. Preferable to use 3-5% per 200 words. Provide the targeted keyword in Title, Meta Description, 1st paragraph of content, and in the URL of the page.
  • Internal links and external links are very important elements in optimizing the content of the page. Link the webpages which are related to the topic either it is internal or external.

Note: Don’t think that your work is finished after posting the content; update the content of webpage regularly to get better ranking in SERP.

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