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Edge computing and IoT (Internet of Things) are the two great powers revolutionizing the digital world today, a lot of efforts and approaches were been carried out by leading tech players in combining these two technologies and provide some spectacular experience for the end user irrespective of the industry. This duo will be highly influencing the whole technology-based industry, and it will be mainly focusing on data computation which is a must needed service for any corporates. Implementing edge computing will highly enable the data to pass through between data centers. This helps companies to save time and resources in data computation and improves their turnaround time. As the best IoT development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting your requirement when it comes to Edge computing based development.

Internet of Things (IoT)

A set of physical devices or equipment’s which are powered by sensors clubbed together in order to monitor and track their mutual performance. Apart from sensors, it is also implanted with software and electronics which helps in enhancing the overall performance and to exchange information between devices without interruptions.

Edge Computing

Basically, edge computing is a mesh of networks which consists of a number of data centers and every node in the data center is responsible for receiving as well as transmitting important data from its neighborhood using IoT devices. Data are mined and extracted from the data centers in order to transmit it to the cloud storage facility.

Edge computing implements the optimization process for cloud-computing systems through carrying out data processing works at the edge of a network. As a top IoT development company in India, iStudio Technologies implements the most advanced technology in framing your Edge computing based solutions.

Why IoT requires Edge Computing?

Edge computing provides a completely new and greater scope for IoT to get explored more and register its footprints in various industries especially when it comes to machine learning tasks like object detection, face recognition, language processingand many more. Edge computing is the perfect booster of IoT in these three ways:

  • Edge computing highly helps IoT when it comes to processing of data, where the latency between devices is highly reduced which in turn gives you the faster response in the data processing layer. This leads to cost reduction of data ingestion in the cloud and also free up the storage space in a network.
  • Edge computing is all about data localization, where the data are scattered in the local network. Even if a particular data is been hacked from a single device, it won’t be affecting the flow of data present in other devices hence enabling low-level security threats of data.
  • The data stored in devices are well distributed using edge computing, which makes it much easier to carry out the analysis part for any particular industry. This methodology eliminates unnecessary complexities like extracting and then segregating entire data from a centralized database. So this approach enables data aggregation much simpler and helps to carry out real-time analytics.

As the leading IoT development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting the client requirements and delivers a quality service.

Industrial Applications

Edge computing enabled IoT will be highly helpful for oil& gas industry in detecting the faulty machinery in its initial level in order to rectify the problem and avoid unnecessary chaos. Using edge powered IoT in the chemical industry, smart petroleum refineries were built in order to improve productivity and provide a safer workplace.
When it comes to Energy sector there is a lot to get discussed which in general improves productivity, minimize power loss, transforming the equipment reliability and efficiency. For example, the semiconductor industry is using edge based IoT to avoid the production of defective microchips. Edge-IoT computation highly helps transportation industry in managing real-time parking troubles and also to fix the navigation and traffic based issues.


As a continuous adopter of innovative technologies we at iStudio Technologies always try out these futuristic methods and to bring in for real world application to solve existing problems. We have been quiet successful in these approaches earlier and we wish to carry out this momentum further. As a best IoT development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies incorporates edge computing with IoT in a best possible way to give a highly efficient solution for the existing complexities.

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