This will be the 5th CSS conference in China, which would take place on 30th March, 2019. This conference was conducted by W3C and W3C tech accompanied by front-end circle. Industrial experts, technocrats and thought leaders of CSS are warmly welcomed to this renowned conference to educate and distribute their knowledge regarding CSS development. Conference Road-map

8.30 am- Check-in 9.30 am- Introducing to the new era of CSS and decoding its functionalities
10.30 am- Analyzing the new-version of CSS tricks to be used
12.00 pm- Lunch
1.00 pm- Focusing on CSS creativity and visual performance
2.00 pm- CSS generation art
2.50 pm- Sharing 5 unknown features of CSS
3.10 pm- Coffee Time
4.30 pm- Discussion on CSS animations
5.00 pm- CSS complete overview
5.30 pm- End note