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Dunzo app development features and benefits

Dunzo app is a multi service app that give multiple services to the customers where they can choose the service they need and pay for the particular service. In the Covid times these multi service apps are very profitable as people hesitate to go around and get what they need. Dunzo app seems to have work as a business model and generate abundant revenue.

What is Dunzo clone app?

Dunzo is an on-demand multi service delivery app which hyper-local and it charges only minimal delivery fee and with dunzo the customers can courier anything and everything to the destination they want. For example, if you need a lunch service that is to be served at a particular time in your office from home it will fulfilled by Dunzo app upon the specified payment calculating the distance between your office and home. Likewise, Dunzo can offer grocery delivery, vegetable delivery etc. it comes under the category of online service delivery and customer service. Founded in 2014, Dunzo app headquarters is located in Bangalore. The overall value of the business cost around 245 million US dollars and sofar app download is around more than 5 million. But the Dunzo company doesn’t own any of the restaurants, shops, vegetable or grocery store. It only acts as middle man between these suppliers and customers.

How Dunzo clone app works?

The app is built and it offers parcel pickup and delivery options to the customers. If you keep the item parcelled the Dunzo executive will come at the time that you have mentioned in your order for pick and they will deliver it on time to the person you want to drop the item.

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Features of Dunzo app

payment options

The customers can pay through various modes of payments and the app owner will receives the payments vice versa. This option helps the customers to use the payment gateway they want and available in their device. Dunzo app development offer many such advantages starting form payment to delivery options there are a wide range of Dunzo app features keep things steady and competitive and customer satisfaction.
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Integrates social media

Social media integration helps Dunzo app to get more visibility among the larger group of audience as well the customers find it easy to share the features, images, videos through the social media. Not only that as most of the user are tied into social media these days, they get instant notification about service, new features and other offers coupons delivery news on social media and the customers give feedback about the service on social media enhancing the brand visibility.

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Rate and Review

Customers can rate and review the service using the Dunzo app both about the service and the delivery personnel. This helps the service provider to improve their performance based on the customer rates and review features. This also helps the app to get popularity through direct rate and reviews which in turn, increase the app download and usage among the existing customers. Rate and review feature is a great scale in measuring the customers satisfaction in a larger level as it comes directly from the customer who used the service.

Place orders

Customers can place the orders quickly and easily with the customer panel and dash board which are very easy to use and customer navigation inside the app is excellent with new app development technologies. Placing orders can be filling information in the relevant boxes after registering with the Dunzo account it becomes further easy as the information is getting filled automatically through auto fill that the customers only have to fill in the date and time of pick up and item details and delivery time and destination. After that they can choose payment option to pay the fee for delivery.
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GPS tracking

Customers can monitor the package movement and delivery Peron’s progression once the order is picked up through notifications and instant gps tracking using google maps. The delivery executive also can find out pickup and delivery locations using the tracking system and pick up and deliver on time. The tracking helps the customers to change their schedules accordingly to be there during the parcel pickup and delivery and it reduces the work of delivery personnel.

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Deals and discounts

Any special deals and festival discounts can be sent as notifications for the customers and announced on social media so that it attracts existing and potential customers to use the Dunzo app service frequently and increase your revenue. Deals and discount can be sent through localised notifications so that the right discount goes to the right customers whoever available in the location appropriate to avail the particular deal or discount. Dunzo app deals and discounts are a great way to fetch large number of customers to your app service.

OTP assessment

Whether it is to register with the app or for pick up and delivery every time OTP is generated automatically for the customers to verify their account details and correct address details. The delivery agent will get OTP before pick up and delivery so that the item is picked from the right person likewise delivered to the exact person who are intended to. This reduces lot of conflicts and time waste as everything is done with proper processes there wont be any mistakes with the OTP assessment, pick up, delivery and customer registration.

Dunzo app benefits

There are numerous benefits for the Dunzo app. Online multi service delivery app provide many services including grocery, vegetable, medicines, pick and drop of packages and basically everything that can be moved from one place to another. This increases customer reliability on the app with unique and extravagant services.

On-demand delivery

One the biggest benefits of Dunzo app it that it offers the customers on demand delivery service of various items with order placed in their mobile phone. The customers can choose the items and place order and get it delivered in less than an hour as it is for local customers.

Anytime and anywhere

The Dunzo app offers anytime service which means the customers can trust the app service providers for pick up and delivery service no matter the time and emergency services; medicines are brought this way to help the customers on time.

Instant tracking

The customers and delivery executives can use the instant tracking feature that they can see each other’s location and progressions and will exactly know the time for pickup and delivery with the estimated time delivery feature.

Any product/item

Any kind of product/item is picked up this includes forgotten laptops, gadgets, food from food delivery app, travel tickets, and anything can be picked from one detitanation to another location with in a particular time period for minimal fee.
Dunzo app is very easy to use for the customers. The user can place order fill in the specifications and the task is immediately assigned to a delivery agent to work on it. The chat interface helps to find out the real needs of the customers and help to deliver exactly what they need. Dunzo app development helps the business owners to raise huge revenue with this type of on-demand service. The delivery partner fulfils the customer needs by picking up or delivery the product without any delays. Dunzo app is definitely a must need app for the customers as well as the business partners to give and receive the best online service.
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