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How to plan the future content for a website


The most crucial phase of building a compelling website is having a solid content strategy. You lay out the necessary language, graphics, and structure there so that your team will know what to create and develop.

However, planning frequently takes place in isolation. A Google Doc is used to write the prose, a Dropbox folder is used to hold the images, and a spreadsheet is used to house the sitemap. Nobody on the team can easily see how everything fits together. All of this can be resolved by using a visual content plan, which enables you to plan everything in one location and provide your team and client with a clear vision for your new website.

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Describe the page's purpose

We’ll work through the content plan page by page. So choose a page from your website and try to explain what it is there for. Why is this page available? What issue is it addressing? What has to be communicated? This easy activity will serve as the basis for the language, tenor, and visuals on this page.

Create your introduction and headline.

Start putting it into words now that you are clear on the page’s objective by contacting content writing companies in Chennai. Make a compelling title and introduction that will entice readers and let them know they are reading the proper material. All of the text and pictures on this page will have this as their background.

Create the body text

Next, start putting ideas for possible written material for this page. It need not be the final version, but it will help everyone understand what you’re trying to say. Consider the main ideas you want to convey, the sub-titles you require, and even the SEO keywords you should use. Get it out of your head now, don’t worry about the structure! using a content marketing company in Chennai.

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Draw a preliminary layout

Grab a pen and draw out the layout of the page if you have an idea of how it would look in your imagination. It’s a terrific approach to determine which messages are more crucial than others, even if it’s simply a few boxes and arrows. For the developers who will be responsible for creating the website, a straightforward sketch is also a helpful resource.

Include pictures and video

Next, consider what pictures would work best for this page. Once more, they don’t have to be the final pictures, but they’ll make it more real

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Include some animation examples

Contact the website content writing company in Chennai for more information on how animation can effectively convey how users might interact with your website. For instance, it’s much simpler to demonstrate something in movement than to attempt to describe it in the text if you intend to include a picture gallery that cycles from left to right. Grab a few animated GIFs from Giphy or a YouTube video to assist illustrate how the interactions may function.

Work together and develop your concepts

It can be beneficial to get other people’s opinions when working on a project for a customer or with a team.

Since you can easily connect and collaborate online with the help of a content marketing agency in Chennai, a collaborative content plan is very useful for this step. You may collaborate on a copy, graphics, and layout by getting everyone on the same page (both figuratively and literally!) in real-time, which will help you construct a website that is both cohesive and interesting.

Continue in this manner for every page

When you’re satisfied with the information on your first page, create a sitemap to look at the overall organization of your website. This enables you to centrally arrange all of your website’s content.


You now have a clear understanding of how your website will work together thanks to the completion of the website content strategy. And keep in mind that as your website gets bigger, you may keep improving your content strategy.

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