Devify – server A set of light weight application server for IoT devices

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Devify is a 100% javascript light weight framework designed to help developers to create IoT device servers in a faster way.

What is Devify-Server?

All IoT devices need to consume and transmit some data and need to process some data. In many situations the IoT devices needs to communicate between them, they need to communicate the centralized server etc., So, we need a light weight application server for IoT devices. Devify helps you to create and deploy IoT application servers. Devify provides some boilerplates that can be used in your project instantly. Devify supports a lot of web technologies.

Technology of Devify

Devify is a broker server which implements REST-style RPC (Remote Procedure Call). Devify provides a light weight server which can run on laptops, mobile devices, wearable devices and resource constrained IoT devices.

Boilerplates of Devify – server

Devify-server provides you 5 boilerplates.
By using them we can start any IoT project Instantly

  • Air Quality sensor console print – Connected to an air sensor to Node MCU and send data to an IoT device locally.
  • Air Quality sensor sends message via twillio – IoT device sends alert message by sms when air quality is not good.
  • Air quality sensor and dropbox integration.
  • Air quality sensor with email integration.
  • Real time dashboard for IoT devices using WebSockets, CoAP and Web of Things

Devify – Server deployment

Devify server supports Azure. Deploying devify in an Azure server is very easy and faster.

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