Google Tango – A complete review about tango

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Do You too have some Questions about Tango Project in your mind as bellow, then here is answer for that

  • What is Tango Project?
  • What is Tango technology?
  • What is tango on cell phone?
  • What is Tango Mobile?

Tango is a milestone project from Google which will use sensors with advanced computer vision to provide motion tracking, area learning & depth sensing. The possibilities of tango are huge and still evolving a lot. Tango will create great impact in Augmented reality & Virtual reality industries. Without an GPS Tango will track precise position around the user. So, with Tango 3D scanning of spaces, scanning a 3d object can be possible with high degree of accuracy. Tango is a major leap in Context Awareness systems.

Technical specifications of Tango Project

The Tango is an array of devices like 4 MP camera, 2X computer vision processors, motion tracking camera and Integrated depth sensing camera. In the near future The Tango can be helpful for the vision less people to see the real world. It’s typically close to our human eyes & bates biological vision.

Motion Tracking

Area Learning

Depth Perception
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