The Dart is an open-source Web programming language developed by Google on October 2011 at a GOTO conference in Aarhus. DART is an object oriented programming language useful to the developers who are working in JavaScript, Java and C#.The goal of Google Dart is,“to replace JavaScript”on web development in an open web platform.

Google released Dart SDK version 1.3 with 2x performance improvement in asynchronous Dart code joined with server-side I/O operations on April 9th 2014. The Latest release Dart SDK version 1.3 is available at dartlang.org to download.

Google explains that the JavaScript competitor Dart results come from evaluating request-per-second improvements using three simple HTTP targets Hello, File, and JSON. The improvements are 130, 30 and 100 percent respectively.

  • Hello is responsible for a measure that, how many basic connections an HTTP server can handle?
  • File pretends the server accessing and serving static content.
  • JSON benchmark deals a proxy for performance of REST Apps.