Tips to secure your mobile payment

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Use Original OS

Frequent OS Update

Don’t Use Pirated Software

Update Browser Frequently

Are you doing payment transaction in mobile?
Do you know 50 – 80 % of Android Mobiles in India are vulnerable?
Tips to secure your mobile payment

A campaign to support Digital India – Digital payments

As a bigger step for the India’s growth and to become one of the most powerful countries in the world, our Honorable Prime minister launched Digital India campaign on 1st July 2015. India is changing into Digital in many verticals both in private & government sectors. One of the most important industry for digitization is banking sector. Still we are following Cheques, Withdraw challans etc., Government & RBI are motivating companies & public to use online payment gateways & mobile payments. Due to the demonetization everyone is pushed to use cashless payment system. As a result of this anyone can swipe the card for a very less amount. Online payment system is growing at an enormous speed in India. Banking, financial, Gold loan, fees payment, online food, ecommerce, bus booking, train booking etc., With next 6 months we all will use online payment systems to spend just 10 Rs. This is a healthy environment for India to become a powerful country in the world. But the major threat is how far the online payment modes are safe? Here we are running a campaign to support digital India, and makes people aware for digital transaction. All the Indian media exploring the risk of the e-haking and how prevent from it ie; Indiatimes

How far the online payment modes are safe in India?

The web applications, mobile apps from banks and other ecommerce applications are having industry standard security protocols for online payments and they are keep on monitoring and creating new security systems for payment transactions. The payment gateway is well secured but the system that you are using for the online payment transaction is not secured. Your desktop, tablets, mobiles are not secured so, the online payment you are doing with that vulnerable device is also not secured and its vulnerable.

Your desktop, tablets, mobiles are not secured so, the online payment that you are doing with that vulnerable device is not secured and it’s vulnerable.


Why the online payment transactions in desktops & Laptops are not secured in India?
Studies revealed that more than 63% of the desktops & laptops are having pirated OS in India. Most of the mandatory software’s like MS office, PDF editor, Photoshop, adobe illustrator etc., are pirated. All the pirated software is having a predefined pathway to the hackers.

How can we do a secure online payment gateway in desktop computers & laptops?

Buy a computer or laptop with a original OS

Never install a pirated software or a free software

Don’t install unwanted software’s & tools

Update your operating system frequently

Update your browser frequently

Change the system password for every 30 days

Don’t use auto save feature in browser

Never use browsing centers for online payment transactions

Create some complex passwords

Don’t open spam mails

Don’t provide any banking details for any emails

Don’t download any files from an unknown or spam emails

How to secure online payment gateway in Mobiles?
Every one of us is having a high-end Smartphone in our pocket. We always think about camera quality, resolution etc., But 90% of us wont thinks about mobile security.

More than 900 million Android mobiles are vulnerable

More than 70% of the Android mobiles are vulnerable in India

Latest attack in Android smart phones

Quadrooter – Android smart phones those who are having Marshmallow and earlier with qualcomm chip is vulnerable and an attacker can have root leve access to any android device which is using qualcomm chip
So, if you are using the attacked smartphone for online payment gateway then your entire transaction details can be traced by a hacker remotely.

How to make the online payment secure in Android Mobile phones?

  • Never use un authorized applications
  • Don’t download applications from a link and install it
  • Don’t use any public and free wifi network
  • Don’t download files from unknown emails
  • Never install a custom keyboard
  • Don’t open a spam mail in mobiles
  • Never use un authorized applications
  • Don’t download applications from a link and install it
  • Don’t use any public and free wifi network
  • Don’t download files from unknown emails
  • Never install a custom keyboard
  • Don’t open a spam mail in mobiles

Most of the local mobile phone service centers are using rooted android OS or Custom ROM for installing a new OS. Most of these firmware’s and applications are having loopholes for attackers. So, if you are using your mobile phone for online payment process then give your phone for service at the authorized service center.

Wait wait wait All the smart phones are vulnerable to attack even your iPhone

Recently a spyware attack for iOS v can grant complete access to the hacker. The hacker can able to access any information. So, even if you are using an iPhone you have to update the OS and need to follow the instructions to have a safe online payment process.

  • 1. Never store the account details and passwords in phone
  • 2. Never store the pin number in phone
  • 3. Don’t use save or remember option in browser
  • 4. Update the iOS regularly
  • 5. Never use public WIFI or free WIFI
Secure your online payments in desktop computers & mobiles from botnets
India is the 6th country having more botnet attacked systems and mobiles
RankCountry# of suspected botnet IPs
3.Viet Nam13324
4.United States12622
5.Russian Federation4432
9.South Korea2238


There is new type of attack is evolving and India will be the next target for hackers because of our move to digital money India. We can sit safe and enjoy the ecommerce facilities if we do the above said security things. We all have a responsibility to create a safe and secure digital India. At our web design company in Chennai, iStudio technologies started this, now it’s your move to make Digital India safe. We are dedicating this secure online payment tips to Digital India campaign.

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