We all love HTML5 but with mobile browsers’ things are a little different. These are still new and people are still trying to figure out the best ways to create apps. But when you talk about the response time of the browsers, one major problem is the 300 millisecond delay, which occurs after each tap from the user. We all want your mobile browser to have a good loading time. You do not want to wait for too long before your website loads. Hence the loading time is very important in the current state of affairs. Lots developers are paying lots of attention on this issue and at any cost they want things to be fast. As if there is a delay, then there are chances that the user may vanish.

Why Is There A Delay?

On touch screen devices, browser gives a 300ms delay in between the user touching the screen and the execution of the browser. This was brought into practice for a reason, that browser can recognize if the user wants a single click or a double. Hence the mobile browser waits for 300ms to see if user is double tapping or not. It may sound a small delay, but user experience will tell you otherwise.

Let Us See The Process, How This Delay Occurs

  • User touches the screen
  • User stops touching
  • There is a delay of 300ms and then the mobile browser runs.

Generally responding to user input is something that is done while creating the UI. This is done generally with the help of keyboard, mouse and pointer. In mobile browsers while doing these actions there is a 300-millisecond delay. It is very important that you keep in mind these issues at the time of development, or you may need to change the entire code again if the results are slow. You want to give the user a good experience and a slow website, will never be able to do it. Hence it is important that you keep this in consideration at the time of development. If you are not sure how to optimize your website for speed and you are waiting for some professional help from good web design company in Chennai. Your “Wait is O will never be able to do it. Hence it is important that you keep this in consideration at the tim ver” at “iStudio Technologies, Chennai“.

How To Overcome This Problem?

Take help of Fastclick.js, It is tested well and works great on many devices. This is a great plug-in, which helps you overcome this problem of the delay.

But all news is not bad, some browsers know zoom double tap feature is not needed at all times. Hence if you look at Chrome 32. Has recently removed the delay when zoom is not active. Also Firefox and chrome on android has got method to remove display. But some other issues can happen due to these changes. Also Microsoft has overcome this problem with help of Use Pointer Events. For more technical details you can take help from us.