Google didn’t say the news about the updating of the Pigeon algorithm. There is no official name for pigeon update. The main benefit of this pigeon update is good search ranking signals, provide accurate results web search and map search.

Now days the ranking for web search is completely erratic. So the seo experts started to study about the new algorithm that results the changing of daily ranking. Google is still reluctantly of new algorithm. So SERPs are still in major gush.

Have you know about latest Pigeon news?

Now days the Pigeon algorithm is dropping because of article a surface which was local listed by the New york city. There is bad impression about Pigeon algorithm among the people because of the outranking business websites in the map pack.

The local seo practitioners are confused and the people dropped everything. So the seo experts started checking ranking for the clients. There is some fluctuation in rankling, but nothing happen outside the normal.

What are the problems after pigeon attack?

There is no standard result for Google ranking. No one knows what happen next? Every day the fluctuation happens in the Google. The main problem started here. So the clients calling the SEO experts for their business. SEO experts study about the SERPs fluctuation and give the solution to the clients.

Ways of optimizing your business ranking

  • Concentrating in your content for your site to be a best.
  • There should be important keyword in your site.
  • Optimizing the content for your local area like city/state in the title tags , heading tag, etc..,
  • No duplication of the content.
  • Optimizing the customer fans through social media.
  • Collecting positive results from the customer review.
  • Listing the Google for your business.

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