How to select SEO Company in India

This is one of the important and major quest rises in you when selecting a feasible and good SEO company in India. I am going to discuss you about few things that will help you to select a best SEO company in India. Make a list some of Top SEO companies in India by Google Search.

Select a company which is having more than 5 year’s experience in SEO ( get this information in about us &

Why I am saying 5 years? Most of the web development & SEOcompanies are start-ups, They run for a while and then vanished. This will be a problem if you need a continuous business from internet or if you a developed company.

Service is a main part of SEO because SEO is completely a process.

See some live output of their work. E.g.: list of keywords which they bring in Google first page for their clients.

As I said SEO is a continuous process it needs more analysis and man power. So, SEO services are not surely a cheap one.

If anyone provides SEO at cheap cost surely there will not be any Google First page rank result.

So, out of the 10 companies in Google first page select any 3 of the SEO Company in India and ask them to provide a quote with analysis with the following questions

For how many keywords you will do SEO?

A complete SEO plan for 3 months and the projected Google ranking for the next 3 months

When will be the keywords will be listed in Google first page?

What is the cost of SEO for 10 keywords?


Selecting a Professional SEO company in India is the next step after selecting 3 SEO companies from a bunch of Top SEO companies in India. You will get an Analysis, Proposal & quote form 3 of the companies. Now you want to select one of the best SEO Company for your requirements.

  • Don’t meet the SEO Company person in straight
  • Don’t let them to meet you
  • Don’t ask any reference number for their prior work

As SEO is completely internet based the SEO company has to qualify & satisfy via internet because the marketing person form the SEO Company may smart but the SEO results may not smart.

Do you know in SEO industry 80 % of the companies are switching their vendors for every six month?

The problem is the clients are impressed by the SEO Companies marketing persons approach. So, select a Top SEO company via on-line conversation itself. This will help you to analyse how the SEO companies are communicating you via on-line.

Eg : Proper Email communication, Skype communication etc.,

Now you got 3 Analysis report from 3 companies. You need to select any one of the professional SEO companies in India with the following techniques.

Check-list for selecting top SEO companies in India by their professional analysis report
  • List of keywords depends on your business eg: car for sales in Mumbai
  • Each keywords with their monthly traffic for past 1 year
  • Location based traffic for your business in internet for the past 1 year
  • If you already have website they have to submit an analysis report that how much your website id compatible to SEO
  • Their past work results with the keywords

If a company provides report with all the above four points, then you are in safe hands. Congrats you selected the Top and Professional SEO Company in India. The next step is to discuss and finalise the cost for SEO. Again I am saying SEO is not a product it’s a continuous process so, surely it is not cheap. But I can promise you one thing if you are in Google first page within first 5 links surely you will get good and more business. I tried and implemented it in our 100+ clients. They are getting very good business from our professional SEO services.


List of keywords: 10 – 15 keywords with low to high traffic

Keyword Competition: eg: Best SEO companies in India has more traffic and competition than best SEO companies in Chennai

The cost differs basically on these above two factors. We allocate resources like SEO analysts & SEO executive according to the keywords and they create a successful and comprehensive SEO plan that will give you good business.


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SEO charges: Rs.25,000/month

  • How long it will take to list your website in Google first page Ranking?
  • How many days it will take to get in Google first page for your keywords?

This is a typical question but it has a valid answer. In my past experience most of the SEO companies in India are not providing any guaranteed SEO results. They simply says Google does everything. That’s not true we understand search engines better than anyone. Visitors are searching Google for their required information’s if you are having the relevant information surely you will get Google first page ranking within 30 – 45 days.

You will get Google first page ranking within 30 – 45 days if your keywords is based on a particular location. eg: SEO companies in Chennai. if your keywords is country based or general keywords surely it will take 90 days. but within these 90 days you will see a good number of visitors for your website.

Guaranteed first page ranking within 30 – 90 days

If the SEO plan is correct and the execution also correct then surely you will get Google first page ranking within 30 – 90 days. A best SEO companies in India surely will provide a solution like this. iStudio Technologies is one of the TOP SEO companies in India provides you Google first page ranking within 30 – 90 days. We integrate Google Analytics, Google Webmaster tool & Alexa ranking to monitor the visitors of your website.

So, this is the way you can select a good professional SEO companies in India for your business.