A Guide to Using 360-Degree Content in Social Media Marketing

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Facebook has already begun to support 360-degree content. As such, you are sure to have come across videos and images which make you feel that you were actually present in the situation. Due to the high level of interest and curiosity commanded by this kind of content, it would be a good idea to consider using them for marketing your brand. As for costs, you will need to spend less than $500 or even free.

How does 360-Degree Content Work?

If you want to make an absolutely basic 360-degree photo on Facebook, you simply need to upload a panoramic image into the app. These days, nearly all smartphone cameras allow you to take panorama images. Once uploaded, the app should detect that it is a panorama automatically and display a globe icon after uploading. However, taking a true 360-degree image is more difficult. Such images can be scrolled in all directions. To take such images, you need a 360-degree camera. Use the camera to take the picture and upload it to Facebook just like any other image. There are several such cameras in the market in different prices

Taking 360-Degree Content For Free

Of course, you might not be interested in investing in a 360-degree camera. There is an alternative solution called Google Street Video. Although time-consuming, it is free. You will have to take each photo and stitch them to create a 360-degree photo. The images can then be shared on Facebook and other platforms.

360-Degree Content Platforms

So far, it is only Facebook that provides support for 360-degree content. However, this is certain to change with time. Currently, if you upload such images to other networks like Instagram and Snapchat, the photo will be flattened, resulting in a distorted image.On the other hand, you can easily stay ahead of the curve by creating 360-degree content now. You can start creating such content and posting on Facebook. Once this feature rolls out on other social networks, your existing experience with the content will prove to be invaluable. You will be able to leverage this media much before the competition. Apart from Facebook, you can always embed the images on your site.

How to Use 360-Degree Content in Social Media Marketing

The benefits of 360-degree content will be obvious in certain industries. Real estate businesses can use them to showcase properties. The tourism industry can also use them for showcasing spots and interiors. Cruise lines have already started using them. For other industries such as ecommerce businesses, creativity can help leveraging 360-degree content for marketing success. Such businesses can use 360-degree images and videos of the events that are hosted or attended by them. Even conferences and team-building exercises can make the perfect subject for such content. Businesses can use them for showcasing their stores and offices. It will be a like a tour for the customers. Product demonstrations are another excellent idea.360-degree content is inherently interesting. Moreover, marketing with them presents a wide range of opportunities. As a result, they are worth the consideration in your social media marketing campaign.

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