Marketing can be done through any medium in this digitized word, you only need to test its potential and the strategy to carry out the marketing activity in reaching your customers. As you cannot follow the digital marketing approach in direct marketing. In that case you can also use your website to market your brand, as it requires to follow its own strategy in reaching the customers.

Approaches involved in driving in the people to your website
Generating informative and awareness message which acts as a marketing tool
A highly pleasing website which makes the customers to get engaged for a long time.

Stage1: Approaching strategic activities

Blog Writing

Blog writing is considered to be the most effective approach involved in website based lead generation. You can write relevant content according to the service and product you provide and also the industry you belong too. This helps in educating your customer as well as generating leads for your business.


Market your product according to the present and develop the same in a futuristic way, creating e-advertisement helps you to reach the targeted customers easily without spending much and also in a effective way.

Digital Resources

You are highly fortunate to have the presence of digital media in this era, this gives you an unimaginable reach to your business and shows the real growth in an exponential way. As a venture, you need to focus on various digital resources like Social media, e-mail marketing and online listings sites like Bing, Yahoo and FourSquare.

Stage2: Generating Marketing Messages

Generating marketing message is also an artistic technique were as a product or service provider you have various responsibilities beyond just selling them. There are four critical steps involved in complete conquering of customer’s intent.

Step1: Create Awareness

Awareness creation is something beyond selling and it is done by companies who aims to earn not only profit, instead customer loyalty. Awareness is all about giving high clarity to your targeted customers about their needs and reason to select you. Once you have created a proper awareness then it will definetley reach your targeted audience, which creates a special bonding between you too.

Step2: Mentation

So you have steered out the customer’s need and its time for them to think and analyze. They will start doing research on their need by finding the right person servicing, with good quality in a more timely and cost minimal way. This will be the right time to present your USP’s one by one.

Step3: Preference

In this stage customers will almost would have picked out their brand, only 20% of them will be hanging out between their choices. This is the area you need to play smart where you must present yourself before the customers in a most likely manner.

Step4: Re-Purchasing

One time purchase doesn’t count much and as an organized firm you need to establish a long-term relationship with your customers. Come out with innovative ideas and initiate from your side, to make your customers get re-engaged. This is the only approach which converts you into a long-term player in the market.

Stage3: Creating Pleasing Website

Creating a pleasing website is more important approach and carries equal weight-age when compared to previous approaches. Here you must include both your message as well as the service which the customers expect. This combi-national approach has always succeeded in acquiring the target customers.



What is Cryptocurrency

Are you still puzzled with the word Cryptocurrency then lets make it clear first, before diving into the term directly lets get to understand about virtual currency and digitized currency first. Being a part of digitized India we all know what digital currency is?

Digital Currency

As a bank account holder you can transact and receive money entirely through digitized format using few details like bank account number, this approach is known as digitized currency. The ultimate aim of implementing digitized currency is that complete usage of prevailing digitized technology.

Virtual Currency

This term may sound similar to that of digital currency but it is quite different based on the place and usage of money. Eventhough the amount is handled in a virtual mode still it is not declared as an official method of monetary usage by government and people involving in it have to approach it totally on their own risk.


The difference between these two financial terminologies is very thin, where digital currency can be used in your day to day transactions like mobile recharge, grocery purchase through online applications like Paytm. Whereas virtual currency is purely based on reward points you earn through installation and utilization of apps like Google Tez .
Therefore cryptocurrency can be determined as the combined format of both virtual and digital currency, where if P2P (Peer to Peer) business happens with day to day and real world products then it is said to be using digital currency, whereas involvement of virtual product is said to be virtual currency.
Basically cryptography concept is implemented here were the transactional code is encrypted using a specific algorithm. This methodology is followed in credit and debit card of banks and also in PayPal.

How Cryptocurrency Works

Cryptocurrency is out and out used for transferring amount in a much secured way using cryptography. It uses multi layered approach in the transaction process where

1. Initiating transactional request from a peer

2.Transactional amount is sent via digitized form from peer A to computer node

3. The computer node validates the received transaction using a series of algorithm to verify whether it is sent from and to be received to respective way.

4. Once the node has verified with the transaction it is then involved with cryptocurrency.

5. Now involves the block chain architecture which even strengthen the multi-layer of Cryptocurrency.

6. Transacted amount is delivered to peer B.

Future of Cryptocurrency

First of all cryptocurrency is not that much of a wide spread term where most of us doesn’t know about its basics. To utilize the cryptocurrency to its fullest we have explained its basics in the above segment, this is more of a decentralized as well as anonymous concept which need to be studied a lot first. Therefore first it requires basic understanding and this concept will be an established real time approach in this year by contributing lot towards a country’s economy.

Cryptocurrency holds an important position when it comes to India as the whole nation is moving towards the digitized era in every single aspect. Moreover the consumer market is also huge cryptocurrency will be developing in a huge fashion especially in India. Investing in Cryptocurrency is same as investing in stock, people investing in the right product at the right time will definetley get benefited.

Apart from peer-peer cryptocurrency approach there are two other approaches available, peer-peer is used for business transactions same as “ In-person” purchase involves buying products or services from retail stores and finally Remote purchase is all about buying through e-commerce site.

Notable Characteristics

Highly Irreversible

Once the amount gets transacted from one peer to another peer then it is transacted. There is no retrieving back of the transactional amount at any cost at any time. This is one superm example of its Cryptocurrency’s uncompromising great brutal

Purely Imitative

Nothing in this transaction is related to real world and it cannot be connected at any point of time. Even the address you receive is generated in random numbers at the maximum you can calculate the transactional flow, but you cannot connect to the real world at any cost.

Global Swift

Reach of cryptocurrency is global in a much faster rate, business organizations can transact even huge amount within couple of minutes. Cryptocurrency has no compromise with speed, therefore transactional quantity really doesn’t matters.


Authenticity is high when it comes to amount transaction through cryptocurrency, where it is designed in a more secured way in its initial in any format. Breaking the generated code using cryptography is highly impossible.

Some Of Well Established Cryptocurrencies







Bit Coin











Do you want to know role of e-commerce in improving customer satisfaction?

Do you want to attract new customs?

Do you customer close the website within 1 min?

Do you Know Customer delight is the best marketing technique?

Creative Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Customer?

Customer Delight

If your service is pleasant and beyond a customer expectation then you can conclude as a service provider that customer is highly satisfied and delighted. For this you need to do some basic research regarding your targeted customers, study their likes and dislikes and then offer the required needs to them.
As a service provider you must know how to differentiate between customer’s need and wants? If you have done this analysis properly, then remaining things can be carried out very easily. If you notice your customer properly then you can say that their expectation towards a service is highly reasonable.

Factors On Which Customers Expects

  • Proper guidance to the customer regarding the product in a proactive way.
  • Highly consistent in providing better service
  • Studying about customers preferences and continuously updating about the product.
  • Taking initiative to build a strong bonding with customers
  • Friendly approach towards every single customer
  • Pleasing and pleasant surprises
  • Always meeting above customer expectations

As a service provider take your own time to find out that particular X factor which brings in delight to the customer. Delighting factor may vary according to individual customer preference and taste. For example few customers may expect discounts, whereas some other customers may expect freebies kind of stuffs. iStudio provides you the best eCommerce web development company in Chennai.


Customers can be broadly classified into three categories based upon their purchase decision making. Initial 30% (CLASS A) will be the primary target, while the next 40% (CLASS B) needs a little bit convincing force from the seller side and at-last the remaining 30% (CLASS C) customers will be the challenging lot to any kind of sellers or business.
As a e-commerce service provider you need to use your strategies to the core with these 30% of customers. Providing repetitive delighting offers may or may not satisfy your customer depends on the class the belong too, so as a e-commerce service provider you need to classify your customers into three classes and offer them their expected delighting features.We are the top eCommerce web development company in Chennai and provides you the best customer interface in web designing.

One of the most effective and coolest strategy is to focus your delighting technique on more customers instead of repeatedly delighting a specific group. This will be helpful in focusing on every customer as well as retaining them in a better way. A survey result shows that majority of the customers were pulled back using this delighting strategy.

Another important factor that e-commerce service providers need to understand is your error handling method. Most of the companies were seemed to be lethargic in this issue, believing that bugs are sorted in first attempt.



Do you want to Boos your sales on your eCommerce Site.

Do you have enough sites traffic but don’t have sales on your eCommerce site

We have answer of all your eCommerce sales and products related questions.

Kick start your e-commerce sales right from the beginning of this year by knowing the right product to sell. This blog will provide you enough information about the upcoming products which will be highly trendy in this year. This nostrodamic analysis will be highly helpful for your e-commerce business in generating higher revenue.



This will be a new term or product for those who are not following e-commerce trends properly. Right now this product is set within the lingerie industry, but this product will definetley create a great demand among women who need to be in a perfect shape. Uniqueness of this product is its versatility, where women can wear it as a inner or as a jacket, moreover as a e-seller you can categorize this product under any section like general apparels or lingerie or fashion products. E-retailers have started to collect the stocks for this product as it has huge demand in future. E-commerce experts predicts that this product will reach up-to US$ 

Phone accessories

Number of accessories used for a smartphone keep on increasing every year say every half-yearly. This laid to the foundation of creating a separate industry for the same, even though these products were considered to be the secondary one still they give you a huge contribution based on its e-moving. Just making a casual comparison you will get to know that accessories are sold more when compared to smartphones. Even selling or posting ads via social media for accessories are highly effective when compared with smartphones. Even if you do up-selling with your accessories as a service provider you can earn profit. 

Minimalist watches

Minimalist watches are the most updated products in its category by creating a revolution in the industry. Sales of minimalist watches crosses US$1.2 billion every year and it is expected to get increase in future. These watches come up with innovative design and royal finished look.

Flame lamps

This product may not be witnessed in general if you browse any e-commerce store, but it is gaining popularity among e-sellers and buyers as well. Demand for LED lightening is the key driving factor for selling flash lamps through online stores. Eventhough this product cannot be sold in separate store, still it holds separate category under home decor or lighting products. Lot of companies are getting involved into the production of this flash lamp.



As per the name this athletic suit is fabricated as a comforting cloth especially for the Eva group. Same as Shapewear this is also one of the most versatile product which can be listed under any category, talking about marketing it demands a gentle push in moving towards customer. With the help of social media this product can be marketed very easily. We are the top eCommerce web developer in Chennai.


These products always used to generate a decent amount of revenue towards your e-commerce site. As a promising product type this one can fit in to the most diversified class of product category under travel, fashion and even for kids section. This product has the capability of generating a solid amount of US$ 151 billion per year. iStudio provides you the best ecommerce web development service in Chennai.

Portable LED projectors

This projector type has a great demand among the industrial people and also among some academic institutions. Like other products these LED projectors are about to reach a mammoth level, by generating US$ 3.44 billion by 2022 by building a separate industry for them. This product is highly portable were you can connect the mobile and give presentations. There are various sub categories under this product like mini projectors, hand-held projectors, LASER projectors and much more. This product is available between the range of Rs 1800- 3000 through e-commerce. This product fits well under home appliances, outdoor products and electronic.

Night masks

These are silent but intensely moving products when it comes to e-commerce selling. The most important and interesting fact about this product is it can be sold as a primary one or also as a combined product during cross selling. As a e-commerce service provider you can categorize this product under Health care products, Travel accessories and clothing accessories. Night masks are broadly classified into three categorizes as sensitive masks, travel masks and beauty masks. Sensitive mask is purely used by deep sleepers, while travel masks is used during journey and beauty mask has some extra features in it which is worn to avoid wrinkles in the face.



About The Event

More of a conference this is considered to be a trade fair of technology, this fair will carry out marketing trends and showcases strategies on e-commerce. This trade fair will be a good exposure for people involved in e-commerce. Only selective group of e-commerce experts where brought in to this trade fair. This is a one day trade fair to happen on 30th January in Prague of Czech Republic.



The angular conference is back in Europe this time in Paris, this will bring in the entire community of Angular together. Assembling talents from various corners is the main initiative of this conference. Experts are brought into this conference for workshops, interactive session etc. This conference will be held from February 1-2nd in Paris city.



Date :-February 5-7, 2018
Venue :-Stockholm, Sweden
Hosting partners :-Microsoft, Oracle, redhat, IBM, Capgemini

This is a two day open summit for language coders and UX developers. This summit is conducted more of a interactive session, where designers, coders and developers will be giving presentation on their area of expertise. Registered presenters need to give their presentation for 45 min inclusive of 5 minutes for question.



About Event

Get ready for this year first code mash to be conducted in Sandusky. Passionate coders are welcomed for this conference to exchange their ideas. This is a nice opportunity for techies to explore a lot regarding various coding platforms and programming languages like Java, .NET, Ruby, Python and PHP. This conference will happen between 9th- 12th of this month. – first topic



About The Event

NDC is a group of software developers existing since 2008, these people have conducted various conferences across the globe. This unit is about to conduct a mega conference in London coming 15th of this month. This 4 day conference is based upon trending technologies on .NET, AGILE, DEVOPS, IoT, GADGETS and much more, this conference will be held in Queen Elizabeth-2 centre at Westminster