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Kick start your e-commerce sales right from the beginning of this year by knowing the right product to sell. This blog will provide you enough information about the upcoming products which will be highly trendy in this year. This nostrodamic analysis will be highly helpful for your e-commerce business in generating higher revenue.



This will be a new term or product for those who are not following e-commerce trends properly. Right now this product is set within the lingerie industry, but this product will definetley create a great demand among women who need to be in a perfect shape. Uniqueness of this product is its versatility, where women can wear it as a inner or as a jacket, moreover as a e-seller you can categorize this product under any section like general apparels or lingerie or fashion products. E-retailers have started to collect the stocks for this product as it has huge demand in future. E-commerce experts predicts that this product will reach up-to US$ 

Phone accessories

Number of accessories used for a smartphone keep on increasing every year say every half-yearly. This laid to the foundation of creating a separate industry for the same, even though these products were considered to be the secondary one still they give you a huge contribution based on its e-moving. Just making a casual comparison you will get to know that accessories are sold more when compared to smartphones. Even selling or posting ads via social media for accessories are highly effective when compared with smartphones. Even if you do up-selling with your accessories as a service provider you can earn profit. 

Minimalist watches

Minimalist watches are the most updated products in its category by creating a revolution in the industry. Sales of minimalist watches crosses US$1.2 billion every year and it is expected to get increase in future. These watches come up with innovative design and royal finished look.

Flame lamps

This product may not be witnessed in general if you browse any e-commerce store, but it is gaining popularity among e-sellers and buyers as well. Demand for LED lightening is the key driving factor for selling flash lamps through online stores. Eventhough this product cannot be sold in separate store, still it holds separate category under home decor or lighting products. Lot of companies are getting involved into the production of this flash lamp.



As per the name this athletic suit is fabricated as a comforting cloth especially for the Eva group. Same as Shapewear this is also one of the most versatile product which can be listed under any category, talking about marketing it demands a gentle push in moving towards customer. With the help of social media this product can be marketed very easily. We are the top eCommerce web developer in Chennai.


These products always used to generate a decent amount of revenue towards your e-commerce site. As a promising product type this one can fit in to the most diversified class of product category under travel, fashion and even for kids section. This product has the capability of generating a solid amount of US$ 151 billion per year. iStudio provides you the best ecommerce web development service in Chennai.

Portable LED projectors

This projector type has a great demand among the industrial people and also among some academic institutions. Like other products these LED projectors are about to reach a mammoth level, by generating US$ 3.44 billion by 2022 by building a separate industry for them. This product is highly portable were you can connect the mobile and give presentations. There are various sub categories under this product like mini projectors, hand-held projectors, LASER projectors and much more. This product is available between the range of Rs 1800- 3000 through e-commerce. This product fits well under home appliances, outdoor products and electronic.

Night masks

These are silent but intensely moving products when it comes to e-commerce selling. The most important and interesting fact about this product is it can be sold as a primary one or also as a combined product during cross selling. As a e-commerce service provider you can categorize this product under Health care products, Travel accessories and clothing accessories. Night masks are broadly classified into three categorizes as sensitive masks, travel masks and beauty masks. Sensitive mask is purely used by deep sleepers, while travel masks is used during journey and beauty mask has some extra features in it which is worn to avoid wrinkles in the face.