Classifying The Pros And Cons Of Using Reactive Native For Native App Development


React Native the most established framework in the web and mobile application development environment which is completely framed by Facebook. This particular application framework is highly flexible and acts as an effective tool to create any kind of cross-platform native applications for iOS and Android devices.It states that there is no necessity of creating dedicated mobile apps for iOS and android system since this framework brings in the concept of responsiveness. All you need to possess is codebase for development. Before analyze its pros and cons it is highly essential to brush up some basics of react native and in this blog page, we will analyzing the basics as well as their pros and cons while developing a mobile app. iStudio Technologies as a best web development company in Chennai is well known for delivering better websites for their clients. We keep updating ourselves with the plug-ins and other technological solutions to deliver a better result to our clients.

What is React Native?

As discussed before React Native is a framework which is developed by Facebook in order to bring in the efficiency of application development (mobile apps in particular) and make the work easy for the developers. Using this technology you can actually develop a mobile app similar to that of Swift or Java. The uniqueness of react native lies in delivering the resulted mobile app for both iOS and Android just by using a single set of codes.

Functioning of React Native

React Native works in a similar way to that of React framework and the only difference exist in React Native is that it runs based on Core JavaScript. While brushing the basics of react, it has a virtual DOM feature in it which is been rendered by the UI in an editable way. Now getting back to react native it again works in a similar way where it uses Objective-C APIs (for iOS) and Java APIs (for Android) instead of DOM. Let’s assume that react is having a connector that makes its eligible to utilize an interface in the platform were native elements do persist. The components markup act as the deciding authority for the look and functioning of the component.


Getting to know React Native

Getting well versed with the concepts and components for building mobile apps is the initial step towards building it. At the same time, you also need to know about the methods in properly creating a mobile app. The next step is all about learning the official docs and understanding every single component. Adopting the help of some books like React native such as Learning React Native, Building Native Mobile Apps with JavaScript will deliver you quite effective learning.

Types of applications

Native application is something which is been used quite often everyday by all of us without knowing its true color. By secretly maintaining its identity native application gets downloaded in the form of mobile applications in our devices. It has the in-born flexible nature of adopting itself according to the operating system in which it has been deployed. The native application is adopted by everyone since it has some really splendid striking features like functionality speed, UI completeness, and positive feedback given from the user side. As a website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has always catered the best service to their clients in different industries using React.js.

Analyzing the pros and cons of React native apps


  • High-speed development-The feedback loop used here by the developer will be faster when the developer uses the platforms like Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C. Even the widest and in-depth changes made in the codes are handled easily here and the final application is displayed perfectly in the devices or emulators.
  • As discussed previously, it reduces the overall development time and makes it possible to run the application on any platform using the single code format.
  • Similar to code the architectural format is also used in a similar way where if there is a pre-existing web version then the logic used behind developing the mobile version is almost the same. But as a developer, you need to consider spending more time in editing the coding part if you are working in platforms like Java, Kotlin, Swift or Objective-C.
  • Developerswho possess good knowledge and experience in handling JavaScript can easily work with React.js.
  • This framework has a lot of additional packages in it with expanding standard library functionalities well supported by the open source code.

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  • If you have the idea of including high resolution and complex animations in your mobile application then you are requested to drop the idea of using react native and go with the native application itself. Native application could carry out this process in a much faster and better way.
  • Even though this application development platform goes with same code formula, still you need to do some double work of testing in android and iOS when it comes to implementing the rendered native elements.Because Apple and Google have the nature of using varied guidelines when it comes to interface design.
  • It is a highly sensitive one when it comes to developing the framework and changing it for every version or during the process of update where it can entirely spoil your application’s concept. This can be sorted out by adopting two different methods:
  • By blocking the particular version of application dependencies.
  • Follow the updates regularly and carry out the necessary changes in the specific version.
  • Another major setback is that the react native application does not support all the functionalities while developing the mobile app.

Winding up

Before initiating the development it is mandatory for a developer to plan well with the application’s functionality and then analyze that whether it can be used for implementing react native. iStudio Technologies is the top web design and development  company in Chennai, having a decade of experience and known as the best client servicing company in the industry.

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