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Handling a website for redesigning task is a herculean act that needs to be carried out very properly by the designers and developers. Especially, when it comes into the hands of beginners, they must make sure that the previous designers or clients are not blamed at any cost. Apart from design, there are several other factors that need to be considered when it comes to website redesigning where factors like SEO are highly troublesome one that can cause severe damage to the current website.

This is the reason why website redesigning process is given high credit despite the outcome it yields. Since everything needs to be done from the beginning and there is no scope for comparing the current work with the previous one. Under website redesigning, you can actually track the performance of the website through monitoring the performance of the latest process and also able to compare it with the previously accomplished one.

This blog write up will be helpful for those people who are highly fascinated into redesigning projects but, are misguided or do not have a proper idea about redesigning process. Here, you can find a step by step approach in redesigning a website. As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most outstanding designing services to their clients for a decade of time successfully.

Step1: Need To Redesign

When a website is about to get redesigned, there might be several reasons switching around it, and we will be reviewing some of the most frequently happening reason in this phase.


This is the most critical and business-oriented aspect considered while redesigning a website most of the business organizations (especially in this digital era) rediscover themselves as a different brand post the launch of your website. This pushes them towards the recreation of their site. Sometimes brands feel that their value, aim and mission is not conveyed properly in the previous website design and that acts as the pushing factor behind website redesigning. As the leading web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting diversified requirement of clients.

Functionalities Miss Out

The need for functionality is ever changing one and an active website needs to update with its functionality quite often. This will be found proportional to the client requirement which tends towards website redesigning.

Obsolete Design

Clients who are design consciousness will definitely feel that they are lagging behind quite often in terms of website designs. This is due to the change in design trends happening quite often and they tend to adopt every change when it does so.

Lagging Responsiveness

Earlier the design which would have been created for the website might be highly impressive since it is created only for the desktop version. But, things have changed a lot and it is mobile-focused now days. This seems to be the lagging factor for the websites precisely creating for desktop those days which undergoes a setback while viewing it under through a mobile screen; this will certainly tend towards website redesigning.

Low Rate Of Conversion

The Conversion rate of clients is highly based on the design of a website, and it plays a major role here when a website has gone live but cannot able to convert any clients towards the business then the decision has to be reviewed, and there are higher possibilities in recreating the website. We at iStudio Technologies cater the best website design service in Chennai with the help of our experienced designers.

Data Check

Step2: Data Check

The client might be unhappy with the overall site performance but don’t know to mention in specific about the flaw. This is a highly critical factor according to the client perspective as well as the designers’ perspective since; the entire website needs to be redesigned. In this phase, a designer will carry out a complete web audit to find out the exact drawback which includes:

These five are the key aspects under which an audit will be carried out in which a designer can come to a solution where exactly the problem lies in. the problem may lie in any part of the website like:

  • Too many pages
  • Design misrepresentation
  • Font need to be revamped
  • Absence of key features
  • Outdated or unrealistic images

Step3: Create A Plan

As a designer, if you have not stepped into redesigning process earlier, then you need to maintain high caution and strictly follow the workflow of the project and stick firmly with the checklists in order to create standard redesign projects. Analyze each and every step involved in previous website creation process and follow the same through creating a structured framework and setting milestones on your own in the redesign plan. As the top web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies delivers the most outstanding designing service that suits your business.

Hold the process, because the workflow will certainly get changed with the change in the process. Hence, as a designer you need to adopt flexible workflows for every single project.


Redesigning Process Highly Targets Certain Aspects Like:

  • Branding the logo, color palette, typography, imagery, iconography where the design might be considered as artificial
  • Maintaining structured navigation is enabled to give an improved user flow or even to remove unwanted pages
  • Providing proper home page content with a clear message and personalized target
  • Keeping a check over customer flow that actually prevents the happening of higher conversion rate

Step4: Implementation

This is the most critical and important step in the process of redesigning a website unless there is a high demand to recreate it chances are less than you get involved in the complete redesigning process. This means that you will be focusing on some specific aspects that demand to redesign in the website. The criticality further increases here when you are about to redesign only a few parts of the site. As a designer, you need to make sure that the remaining parts or functionalities of a website which doesn’t require any redesigning must be handled carefully as well. Since these parts will be a high contributor towards the organization’s business growth they must not be disturbed at any cost.

Sitemaps storyboards and prototypes are the factors which act as a savior here when it comes to redesigning a website and also to check with the client requirements before moving forward with the process. These factors act as a tool during the process of redesigning. As a designer, you also must count on A/B testing especially when it comes to website redesigning to detect and sort out the critical element before implementation takes place. The impact of SEO must also be counted here as there are high chances of the site getting deviated from its vision. As the leading website design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters complete designing service for diversified client base.

Winding up

Similar to other designing and developing activities, website redesigning is also an interesting job in its own nature. This enhances the problem-solving nature from a developer perspective and even equips you in a better way of analyzing a website from different angles. Even though it doesn’t feed much to your creativity still, it is highly recommended for those who would like to implicate strategic approaches and testing into practical web designing approach. As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is well known for delivering the most innovative and outstanding designs for your website.




Considering local business as a separate concern the role of mobile website and the traffic generated through it is highly important to succeed in business for any organization. As the market scenario keep changing, website developers and designers were given more responsibility towards lead generation as their contribution towards involving the clients has got expanded now days.

Since the number of mobile users is exponentially increasing day by day getting a lead in the local search result is also important here. Of course, maintaining creativity is important but at the same time, you also need to maintain the ranking of your website in local search through your designing strategy. This write-up will be revealing the 7 best strategies to be considered for your mobile web designs.

As the discussion in this write-up revolves around the creation of web designs for mobile devices greater focus is given towards it. Still, there are few kinds of websites that don’t depend on mobile to generate traffic but, we are to focus on the bigger part here. Google has played a predominant role in pushing the mobile-based viewers upwards and so the designing team of any concern need to follow the Google way (whether like it or not). As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is well known for delivering the most innovative and outstanding designs for your website.

As Google explains it in its own way about how mobile based websites generate higher traffic it further reveals that the major reason lies with the location-based search. It actually sounds logical because if a user goes on for a search to order their food or any other necessities obviously they get tracked down by the search they do with the local host. Mobile devices are the handy one here as they are highly portable unlike other devices and that’s the reason behind this discussion here. So basically this article is written for those who give preference to develop their local business and attain the lead position in the local market as well.

Mobile Web Design Strategies For Your Local Search

According to a recent global survey, it reveals that 97% of the consumers (irrespective of the product) have surfed on the internet about local business at some point in time. Around 12% of the responders have done a frequent number of searches, and 29% of the responders have involved in once a week search. Further getting deep into it most of the online search terms were done in mobile with Food and Beverages category ranking top of the list.

Initially, a user or end customer approaches a mobile website with the research intent and it is all in the hands of designers and developers to keep them highly engaged and try converting them to adopt the product or service they deliver. Providing a splendid mobile access experience to the user or visitor is essential to develop an initial good name among them. As an advanced web designer or developer who got deeply committed to creating a user-centric website for local client base then you must have already known about these strategies. And of course, some of your highly committed approaches may get un-utilized since it is implemented in a wrong timing say for instance Google My business page that gives a high level of response to the user reviews. As the leading website design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies caters complete designing service for diversified client base.


Strategy 1: Focus On Your Mobile Metadata Designing

Copywriters and website developers must know about the importance of metadata and the role played by it in promoting the website online through search marketing. By providing the concise information you can actually tell the search engine and the target customers as well about your services and the web pages present in the site. The efficiency of metadata gets further increased when it comes to local search when the users actually look out for a service stating “near me” in the search bar.

Still, this is not the core strategy on which we need to focus but this term needs to be mentioned at the same time. The core strategy however based on analyzing and following the right approach in creating a perfect design for your metadata in order to project it highly attractive for the mobile users once it is all set to take the big stage of search results. There are two useful approaches through which you can actually create an impressive metadata design for your website.

One is through creating an effective metadata string for every single web page. This includes the creation of Meta title, Meta tag and Meta description as well for all the web pages of a site. Looking from a bird’s eye perspective this may look good and a useful one. But going deep down you find the Meta description appears to be an incomplete sentence which is actually a big drawback in attaining new customers. As the top web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies delivers the most outstanding designing service that suits your business.


Holding a website visitor in case of mobile is highly challenging one, and this approach may cost in losing a pool of potential customers from your site (as these customers will leave the site within 2 seconds if it is not impressive), so we need some better strategy to further improvise the effectiveness of promoting your website through online. Including some specific structured data codes into the programming of Metadata will definitely help in improvising your overall effort in promoting your website through online. Schcema.org is one such code creator that stimulates the decision-making process of the website visitor through its approach.

Strategy 2: Precised Website

Tolerance rate towards long scrolling website is kept reducing among the users, and it is high time to develop a more précised form of a mobile website for your service. If you are the one who has more than five scrolls in your mobile website’s home page then you need to rethink about it. Where Google, on the other hand, is completely monitoring all these happenings on how the mobile website creation works and performs in client conversion? As a development team, you need to highly focus on the bounce rate and low engagement ratio of your targeted customers. The header part of your website must hold all the important information which needs to be projected to a customer which can steer their interest in calling you for a service. On the other hand, you need to focus on the click through action (CTA) and Pay per click (PPC) parts as well. Some of the important aspects on which you need to focus are:

  • Location search
  • Operating hours
  • Generate appointments
  • Menu view

All you need to do is to restrict the scroll rate with or under three scrolls for any kind of website when it comes to mobile view. Instead of creating an overlay it is fine to elaborate the home page with a nice summary at the end of every page that tempts the users to scroll down. User-friendliness must be maintained in both the layout and structure in order to create the best impression right from the beginning. It is pretty easy to keep the website as simple as possible through unloading the images which are not necessarily followed by animations, and scripts as well, this helps to load a mobile site quickly. We at iStudio Technologies cater the best website design service in Chennai with the help of our experienced designers.

Strategy 3: Indigenous Visual Content

A website especially framed for mobile need to have limited edition of photos and videos with high relevance. Tailor-made photos and videos play a major role in displaying the visual content in a most presentable way. This eventually helps in uplifting your position and gives you a better rank in the local search engine. Including photos or images that resembles the local landmarks or centers will definitely create a strong bonding with the users and make them stay in the site.

This has not yet got over where you need to incorporate the relevant search terms as per the image which you have used in. viewing the right set of keywords included with every images is the right way of approach here. Make sure that you carry out these alterations without affecting your current position in local SEO

Strategy 4: Post Reviews And Ratings For Betterment

So now you have created a highly mobile responsive website and have designed well your products and services and depicted them in a most astonishing way. But in the end, it is in the hands of the customer to validate your product. They obviously need a platform to share their thoughts and experiences they faced towards your products.

So, it is better to create a space where they can review and rate your product instead of getting split up into a different form of social media like Facebook, Yelp and Google as well. Adding upto the flame creating a comment section shows the new users that you are maintaining a high level of transparency and providing quality service in a confident manner.


Strategy 5: Location Based Web Pages

If you are concern who got involved in providing dedicated services for different locations exclusively then, this strategy will be highly useful for you. Websites with multiple locations must have dedicated ones for each one of them. Moreover, you also need to consider about search-related terms and on-site benefits as well. Framing location based pages will help the site visitors to reduce their burden of the total amount of time they need to spend on the entire site.
Moreover, the users don’t want to reduce their chances of readability or focus on accessing the site. By incorporating these options users can actually set the location where they are actually placed and it helps to find the required stores and outlets in that particular location through mapping. As the leading web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies is highly capable of meeting diversified requirement of clients.

Strategy 6: Proper Placement Of CTA

Talking about themes we have been using some of the most common and generic ones so far in these strategies, this tells us one thing that the approach is quite straight and simple, where the higher the time you take to make the customers understand your concept the lesser will be your conversion rate. As a designer you need to know where to place the CTA button exactly in case of mobile so that they would appear big, good color, highly clickable and comfortable in thumb zone.

Most of the designer group argues that the CTA button needs to be placed exactly after the descriptive text section. Putting the CTA in the middle or front is highly dependent on the time a user spends on the website while looking out for a specific service. For some visitors who are not yet ready to acquire the services immediately can still go with this CTA for the rest of their journey in the site. The visitors won’t find any difficulties as the site frequently designed and texted.


Placing a navigation menu as per the CTA of the site is the most striking one and placing it properly is highly necessary and yields a lot of benefits. You can even witness it on the website where the user will be guided properly through the navigation menu. Highest utilization of CTA will yield you better conversion rates of your clients. As the best mobile website design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies takes very good care of the responsive part of a website design in order to project it in a better way

Strategy 7: Geo-Targeting Features

This strategy depicts about including less mount of designs and more amount of features in a web page in order to give a customized feel to the users. Geotargeting and geolocation based search are the most sensational happening search terms for quite some time since now. Beacon is one among them which operates under this concept. Today’s mobile users are willingly using this particular feature under their app in cab booking and food service delivery. As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides expertise solutions to their clients.

Winding up

Designing a mobile-friendly website is no more a magic instead, it is highly possible and accomplishable within the stipulated timeframe provided the strategies were followed properly. Creating a mobile web design by incorporating local search is entirely a different ball game here. The intention of the business organizations and the purchase behavior of the customers are the high varying factors here and these need to be incorporated well to bring out an effective mobile web design for your website altogether.  As the best web design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies provides the most outstanding designing services to their clients for a decade of time successfully.



Starting Note

We design various ecommerce website and apply different tools and analytic methods to raise it to the topmost position of Google Ranking. Creating a responsive website design is also not an alien term for the developers and designers who have got involved into it for years as of now. You take any kind of research on the website trends and it states that creating a responsive website design is highly mandatory but, still there are few industries which won’t require it right now and they were exempted.

Mobile-based site conversions are not up to the mark as expected, and that is the hard fact but still, this is a highly solvable issue, and designers need to follow few smart tactics to make it more effective. iStudio Technologies is the best website design servicing company in Chennai, which provides highly efficient responsive web designs to their clients. Today majority of the website visitors and followers are using their smartphones to check out the required websites. So the websites need to be designed in more adaptable, flexible, and mobile comforting one.

Few Facts And Stats

Here in this section, we will be going through the recent facts and statistics on the contribution of mobile towards your website and the user’s smartphone accessibility. According to a recent survey 5000 people, belong to various demographic and geographic basis involved in digital media access through a smartphone of acquiring information about various concepts and spends 51% of the daily time in it. Where these numbers are totally different when it comes to desktop usage where the sample involves 42% of their time in accessing a website through the desktop.

At the same time when it comes to conversion rate in this responsive web designing era around 49.3% of website visitors get converted through desktop access, where 36.46% of conversions take place through smartphones followed by 13.62% through tablets and 0.62% uses other devices. These data were collected from Monetate’s ecommerce quarterly report.

Even though smartphones are highly accessed to view the website details, still they are lagging behind the desktop when it comes to order for a purchase or initiate the service request. Research reports from the mobile hierarchy of needs have analyzed and found out five major reasons behind lower conversion rate for smartphones.

  • Around 2% of the users feel that security norms are not up to the mark when it comes to smartphone usage
  • Around 6% of the users feel that Product details given in smartphones are not as clear as it is given in the desktop
  • “Using multiple tabs and comparing various product category is highly difficult”,says 6% of users
  • Around 3% of the users feel that navigation is highly complicated in smartphones while accessing a site
  • Finally,6% of the users feel that giving and extracting information is difficult

Apart from these reasons, there are various practical difficulties faced by users, when they intend to purchase or get the service through smartphone access. These issues can be easily fixed, and moreover, it is crystal clear that users’ needs smartphone-friendly websites to access and order to purchase and hence it is our turn to provide them barrier-free m-commerce website and web designs.

As a top mobile website design company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies helps its clients in meeting their requirements and stay ahead of the competition.

10 Thumb Rules To Follow In Order To Increase Your Mobile Checkout

You may get to the top of the Google search engine through your mobile device and can stay up in the ranking for a longer period, but by doing this can you assure with the conversion rate of your mobile site visitors? No, you cannot you can convert 5% of the inflowing visitors and what about the remaining 95%? So the lagging part will be even when the website ranks top, it fails to convert its inflow visitors.

Even your site may end up in paying penalty to Google if your conversion rate is very poor or your visitor’s bounce rate is sky high. But this scenario happens in the rarest of the rare case when the constructed website design goes very poorly. So to avoid the push-back ranking and to increase your mobile website conversion rate you need to approach a two-fold strategy. So once you have achieved the goal of attaining visitors and converting them without any distractions or frictions then you have highly succeeded. So you need to follow two points very strictly and seriously to convert your visitor’s inflow for your mobile website.

iStudio Technologies are considered as the best mobile ecommerce designing company in Chennai, which is highly capable of meeting all their requirements.

1. Smartphone Usage

The conversion rate of your mobile site visitor’s highly depended upon their smartphone usage and further getting in detailed it depends upon the finger they use. Majority of the smartphone users use their middle finger to access the information, where only 28% of the users use their index finger. The viewers may face issue while viewing the input fields and during the checkout phase if they are thumb finger user, so this issue needs to be addressed to minimize the outflow of website visitors skipping your site.

2. Reduce The Content Part To Boost Up Your Speed

Whether it is a textual content or design content you need to be very much precise when including it into your mobile website. Avoiding unnecessary content will increase the performance speed of your mobile site and keeps your visitors stay alive. Never ever involve in distracting activities like:

  • Just add the essential details and try to avoid unnecessary information as best as possible.
  • Avoid as much as images you can and display only the important and potential images to be viewed by the customers.
  • Only include instructional and descriptive texts and remove the remaining ones.
  • Any kind of stylized fonts needs to be removed at any cost which will help the user to carry out the process in a hassle freeway.

3. Ensure Security

As we have discussed above, a majority of the mobile website visitor’s feel that they are not secured while using the site or involving in a transaction process. To make your site visitors much more comfortable ensure that you provide a secured platform for them to access. Having an SSL certificate will heal up the prevailing issue and confirms the visitors that the domain is extra encrypted and highly safe.

Using the name of branded security provider’s like Norton Security or PCI compliance as a shield will sow the seed of confidence in the mind of your mobile site visitor’s and helps in increasing the checkout ratio. Moreover, you can also use the name of big giants who use the similar security facilities in order to drive in a common trust among the visitors.

As a leading M-commerce website development company in Chennai, iStudio technologies always delivers innovative and responsive mobile website to their clients.

4. Make Easier Editing

One of the main reason for the website visitor’s leaving your site in the mid is due to the complexity of editing their order. The visitor may change their mind and order for extra two numbers or even change the color if required. But to accomplish this activity they need to get back which may slow down the process, it is considered as an annoying option and makes the visitor leave the page. This particular issue must be addressed and you need to bring in an in-built checkout button to avoid customer distraction and increase your mobile site checkout.

5. Updated Checkout Options

Logging in and logging out into your ecommerce website through desktop is not a difficult process as compared with the one carried out in mobile. Mobile check in and check out is really tedious and tests the patience of a customer hence it is highly necessary for any service provider to keep updated with these check-ins and check-outs. Following the below-given steps will simplify the user experience and gives you a productive result.

  • Create a guest check-out option Create a one-click expedited checkout Enable the option of one click sign-in through social media sites like Facebook Bring in trustworthy payment service provider’s like PayPal
  • Create a one-click expedited checkout
  • Enable the option of one click sign-in through social media sites like Facebook
  • Bring in trustworthy payment service provider’s like PayPal

Instead of giving the checkout option to the customer at the very end you can try out by giving them this option immediately after their purchase or end visit.

6. Adding Breadcrumbs

Bringing in the breadcrumbs gives a feel to your customers that you are involved in an organized work where they will get a confidence that they won’t get lost or distracted unnecessarily which highly helps in improving the mobile checkout of your website.
iStudio technologies is well known for providing some top quality mobile commerce service in Chennai for their clients who belong to different industries.

7. Formatting The Checkout Form

Formatted checkout form is one of the highly expected features in the mobile website from any kind of user. Following the below given simple rules will help you to build a proper format for your checkout page.

  • Make sure you design every single field of the checkout form to stretch the full width of the website.
  • Restrict to an essential field.
  • Labeling every single field is highly mandatory.
  • Maintain a 16-point pixel font to bring in clarity.
  • Formatting every single field separately will help to view it without zooming.
  • Mark any field with a recognizable sign
  • Call to action has to be placed in the bottom of the form only.

8. Make The Input Form As Simple

  • When it comes to customers filling in their contact details make sure you provide the simplest service to them.
  • Providing browser’s autocompleted functionality to be accessed by the customer in filling up the forms makes the job get done easier.
  • Inserting an HTML directive helps the thumb users to access the site comfortably and scroll across the website.
  • Place a supportive checkbox which copies the billing address and transfer it to the shipping fields.
  • Change the keyboard format as per the nature of the field given.

9. Don’t Leave CTA All Alone

Doing CTA (Click to Action) for a desktop is different and doing CTA for a mobile website is different. In case of desktops placing command buttons and other buttons with impressive design colors are highly essential where in case of mobile websites you need to concentrate on the size and the space occupied by them. Keep in mind of different users and generate a flexible and usable mobile website.

10. Give Them A Secondary Option

Having plan B is always a smart and safer move in any business to retain your customers and avoid unnecessary bounce out of the visitors. Even though you have done everything properly still, the customer may feel uncomfortable with you and hesitate to pay for the product. In this situation, all you need to do is hold them back. Make sure they have selected that specific product category and will purchase it in the future. Keep reminding them through ending emails and messages by doing a regular follow up, this shows your concern towards the customer and pushes them to buy your product.


iStudio Technologies provides the best M-commerce solutions in Chennai; we are highly experienced in developing a responsive web design which will completely take care of your requirements.

End Note

As the entire world is heading towards mobile usage it is high time to adapt the situation and frame a mobile-friendly website at any cost. A mobile based website needs to be highly optimized in every single phase like convenience, speed, and security. If not now then you need to sit and watch your competitors snatching away all your customers from you.

As the best mobile website development company in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has always catered world-class mobile websites which are highly responsive through surpassing their needs every time.



Since its inception, web design trends has evolved frequently (9 times) till date to keep the ever changing mindset of customers fulfilled and satisfied in every single aspect. The global growth rate of websites and designs are immense and unimaginable and it has become part and parcel of any business now days. The number of startups kept increasing proportionally to the emergence of new technologies and other applications.

At the same time the web design industry also upgraded itself according to the demand of new start-ups and incorporated changes within it to bring out the required design. According to today’s scenario, 97% of startups across the globe are highly dependent on website design to promote their business and compete with their rivals. In this digitized world, website is highly mandatory and an effective web design plays a huge role here. A startup adopting the right approach towards presenting its website will be the lead player of industry.

This write-up will be depicting about some of the useful practices that a startup needs to be followed to present a high impactful web design according to their targeted users.
We at iStudio Technologies, have helped tons and tons of startups through providing exceptional and custom web design services which has made a tremendous impact on their business by bringing in prospective clients.

No Compromise With Design Quality

According to a recent research done by Adobe 94% of website visitor’s used to leave a page if the design is not attractive and convincing, all this happens within 5 seconds of time. So these 94% of the users are important for you as a startup and you need to impress them within 5 seconds.

This clearly states that exceptional web design is not a contributing element for a website’s success, but it is a mandatory aspect which determines the position of a website in Google’s heart (obviously customer’s mind).

Wow factors always do wonders, no matter what kind of business you do? And who is your targeted customers? Pin point their exact need and hit hard on it by portraying that you can get rid of it.
If you fail to do so, you are knowingly contributing towards your competitor’s growth by letting out your leads. As a best web design company, iStudio Technologies helps you by providing high-quality design which improves the rate of prospective client flow into your site.

best-webs-design-company-in chennai

Target Customers

A study states that startups creating customer-centric website design tend to possess 400% conversion rate when compared to their competitors.

The second important aspect and the most basic one, which needs to be considered is about target customers and their need. Keep your target customers in mind and then start designing your site. Remember, always a greater UX design with high target customer engagement will definitely generate greater revenue and this factor is very much important when it comes to startups.
We at iStudio Technologies, provide affordable web design servicesthat enhance the growth rate of startups among their competitors.

Follow Unique Design Strategy

A well framed web design strategy sorts out half your burden. Before approaching a web design service provider, as startup organizations try ask yourself where you stand as a startup in the entire industry and compare yourself with your competitors and bring out the perks you have.

In order to frame a proper web design strategy you need to find answer for these three important questions:

  • What is the exact message or information that you would like to convey with your design?
  • The design incorporated in your website represents your brand, value, and your scope of service?
  • What kind of impact would you like to leave on your target client when they visit your site?

Yes, you will be definitely using some awful and innovative designs in your website, but before that you need to make sure that you get proper answer to the above mentioned questions in order to frame the right strategy.


Instinctual Navigation

According to a survey done on navigability of startups’ website, it is found that 50% of targeted visitors who approaches a new website via referral links used to check with the navigation menus first before exploring the website completely.

Being a startup people would have lot of queries about you in their mind and the only thing that could feed them in a positive way is your navigation rate. The better your website navigability the higher will be your client engagement which would create a brighter scope for conversion.

A newly designed website with proper navigation buttons helps your customers to move on quickly and explore your website completely. On the other hand, a website with poor user experience will destroy your visitors’ mood and paves way towards high bounce rate.
As a professional web design company, iStudio Technologies brings in high-range of navigability your website by breaking the startup feel immediately and showcase you as a promising player in the industry.

Responsive Web Design Is The Key

Around 73% of website visitors say that they get deeply engaged when it is found to be responsive friendly. The chance of a mobile-user abandoning a website is 5 times higher when compared with a desktop user. This data shows the importance of designing a responsive website especially for mobiles.

Display only the key elements when it comes to mobile screen and try to provide it in an attractive way. Mobile based target customers are highly exceptional as they look out for some unique and innovative information with better UX to stay focused till the end.

As a top website design company, iStudio Technologies are the lead players in providing responsive web design to your startup business in order to expand your client base.


Highly Engaging Content

Content plays a crucial part in representing a website, and when it comes to startup its role becomes highly important. Remember if the content is too long 30% of the visitors will switch to next section immediately, and 38% of them will abandon the entire site.
Try to add at least one engaging video in your site, which has the potential of driving in 73% of targeted clients to your site. Adding upto the flame, speed of the site is very much important here so concentrate on getting a good hosting provider.

As a best web design company, iStudio Technologies provides complete assistance with the content for your entire website to convey your services in a better way to your targeted audience.

Highly Engaging Content

As per recent study almost 70% of the startups do not place a proper CTA (Call to Action) button in their web page, which is found to be great drawback for their business.
Clients find it highly complicated to convey their needs in the absence of a CTA button. Positioning a proper CTA button like Buy now, Submit or Download will help clients to acquire your service and also the brand to hold their clients.

As a corporate website design company, iStudio Technologies offers a lead convertible website design with proper CTA button.


Creating Unique Brand Identity

Having a unique brand identity through possessing exclusive logo for your business always boosts your competitive niche in the industry. It is estimated that brand identity contribute 23% of total conversion rate in the digital world.

As the best web design company, iStudio Technologies helps you through providing unique logo that brings in real brand value for your product and services.

End Note

Through following the above mentioned practices a startup can come out with a high competing and promising design for your website to have a kick start business. As the best website design company, iStudio Technologies provide highly engaging and extraordinary designs that would make the real difference in your online presence and helps to earn potential clients.



Most Popular Web Development Framework Introduction

As the web technology gets improved day by day the frequency of updating its frameworks are also getting increased. There is no room for simplified approach and the need regarding a solid web application framework is tend to get increased every day. This leaves a great challenge in the front of developers to create the most promising framework in the arena of web app development. Web app development is not only about the look and feel of a website, but it also includes giving high focus in areas like:

  • Security
  • Database access
  • Database mapping
  • Database configuration
  • Web services
  • Web APIs
  • Caching
  • Web templates
  • Web resources

As the best website development service provider in Chennai, iStudio Technologies has the sheer responsibility of ranking the updated web app frameworks based on certain criteria’s like its features, usage, updates, and functionalities that plays a huge role. These frameworks are implemented based on its flexibilities to the core which it helps to build diversified set of applications. Hence, this blog post will be helpful to decide the right framework to develop your application as we have ranked in a proper order.

Factors Influencing Framework Adoption


Best Web Development Framework 2018

Django is preferred to be the best web framework 2018, as it satisfies the need of every stack player in the industry.As the best Django development company in India, we provide enhanced web application services.


The adaptability rate of a framework is based on its usage in top application that is prevalently used among the end users. Hence it is been used by applications like Instagram, YouTube, Shopify, Dropbox and Mozilla.


Django is the leading framework when it comes to tutorial servicing, it has enormous amount of tutorials in its kitty and also provides 11 diversified set of useful videos.

Frequent update

The adaptability rate of a framework is based on its usage in top application that is prevalently used among the end users. Hence it is been used by applications like Instagram, YouTube, Shopify, Dropbox and Mozilla.

Bug fixing

Django is the leading framework when it comes to tutorial servicing, it has enormous amount of tutorials in its kitty and also provides 11 diversified set of useful videos.

Pay scale

The higher the market value of a framework the more will be its adaptability and eventually there will be more demand for its developers. Hence the averages pay scale of a Django developer with a three year experience shoots upto 15 LPA in India.

Project Value

After carrying out a pilot survey among developing companies and freelance developers it is found that they used to charge USD 68/hr for a project.

Community (till date)

In order to sense the community base of a framework, Github is the most promising source which helps us to analyze the community strength of a framework. The community strength is based on Repositories it holds, Commits possessed, Topics covered, and total number of users. Django holds a strong community with:

  • Repositories- 172K
  • Commits- 2M
  • Topics- 518
  • Users- 4K


  • Django as a framework travels with an additional create, read, update and delete (CRUD) admin interface, with this it is easy to manage any websites without editing its code.
  • Lightweight web server that has various features and functionalities in it that paves way towards creating new frameworks by taking inspiration from Django.
  • It also handles well with other website oriented tasks like content administration, sitemap submission, RSS feeds, and user authentication.


Most Popular Web Framework For PHP 2018

Ruby on Rails is the most popular web framework 2018, which is gaining high establishment among developers and lead industrial players too. As the best Ruby on Rails Development Company in India,we provide quality web application services.


companies using ruby on rails framework are Airbnb, Basecamp, Bloomberg, GitHub, Pixlr, and Scribd.


Has released 7 different videos

Frequent update

yearly once updates

Bug fixing

This framework can fix any tiny issues through running the code completely.

Pay scale

Average pay scale is 4, 40,200

Project Value

As of today’s market trend the project value for ruby on rails from work is USD 38/hr

Community (till date)

In order to sense the community base of a framework, Github is the most promising source which helps us to analyze the community strength of a framework. The community strength is based on Repositories it holds, Commits possessed, Topics covered, and total number of users. Django holds a strong community with:

  • Repositories- 77K
  • Commits- 37K
  • Topics- 12
  • Users- 3K


  • This framework avoids the extra time spent over documentation process, as it involves creating self-documenting process which is completely automated and easily readable too.
  • It is also very easy to understand its coding procedure and it doesn’t require any single specific developer to carry out the entire process at a single stretch.
  • This framework also has the facility of adding extra functionality whenever required. This helps your application to be developed in a faster way and also makes it eligible for testing.

Ruby on Rails

Best Framework For Large Web Application

YII is one of the most popular web development frameworks which gaining its base and spreading its scope of adaptability towards various functionality. As the top YII framework development company in India , we provide high-end web application services.


Poker tube, U-trip, Fresh mail, Survicate, and Lifely


Holds specific tutorial from installation to localization

Frequent update

yearly once updates

Bug fixing

The fastest PHP framework that fixes the errors based on analyzing the feedbacks from user community.

Pay scale

Average pay scale is 3,90,000

Project Value

The current market value for YII framework based development project is USD 35/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 2K
  • Commits- 6K
  • Topics- 12
  • Users- 3K


  • Capable of creating multi-diversified web applications like forums, CMS (Content Management System), RESTful services, ecommerce website developed with the help of WII
  • This framework delivers exactly what you want? And nothing much, this framework provides a strong cache support that helps your web application to work faster using WII
  • YII ensures the security of the web application through bringing in input validation, output filtration, SQL injection and cross-site scripting.

YII framework

Best Web Framework 2018

As the leading Meteorjs development company in India, we provide better web application services to our clients.


Databazel.com, Astronomer.io, Workpop.com, Pintask.me, and Mathfigths.com


Holds complete set of tutor resources in a diversified way to for all class of developers to guide them in the right path.

Frequent update

8 months once updates

Bug fixing

Meteor.js works well as an independent package and capable of fixing the bugs in several cross platforms

Pay scale

Average pay scale is RS. 3, 68,614

Project Value

In today’s scenario the project value of Meteorjs in market is USD 21/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 2K
  • Commits- 745
  • Topics- 4
  • Users- 78


  • Compared to other frameworks, Meteorjs provides numerous resources to develop a web application.
  • It creates a warm platform for developers to build a web-application in real-time using Java script and the same can also be implemented in iOS and android app development as well. Further it requires only a few lines of code to be typed instead of framing codes in pages for other frameworks.
  • This framework will be highly helpful spread any kind of data changes automatically into the website through integrating MongoDB with the use of distributed data protocol and publish-subscribe pattern. Meteorjs carries out Blaze template engine that makes use of Angular framework or react library.


Best Full Stack Framework 2018


Addis InfoTech, Namesco limited, Corra, TRW Automotive Holdings and Coalition Technologies


Since this framework is not active in the development community it holds only 4% of the total number of tutorials when compared with Django framework.

Frequent update

Last version got released on Sep 8th 2016

Bug fixing

This framework is not considered to be a solid one to fix critical issues.


Pay scale

Average pay scale is RS. 2, 72,909

Project Value

Current project value is USD 20/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 2K
  • Commits- 745
  • Topics- 4
  • Users- 78


  • It makes good use of OOPS concepts to extend several components which in turn help to frame different functionalities that can also be used in other projects as well.
  • As discussed before it contains several components with it that has the capability to develop a complete functionality-based project. Still, the developers are left with choice that they can go with the components which are highly necessary. This helps in performing several tasks like ORM implementation, code-generation, user authentication and many more.
  • It practices some of the useful activities like encryption, AES-256 and password storage using Bcrypt to ensure website security.

Zend Framework

Most Used PHP Framework

As the best Expressjs development company in India,we provide high-end web application services to our clients.


Accenture, IBM, Myntra, Uber, and Yandex


This particular framework has a vast account of online tutorials present in the web development arena.

Frequent update

4 months once updates

Bug fixing

Fixes the bugs through retrieving the dynamic coding of an application


Pay scale

Average pay scale is Rs 2, 45, 870

Project Value

Current project value of Expressjs is USD 30/hr

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 27K
  • Commits- 49k
  • Topics- 5
  • Users- 555


  • Minimalistic and highly flexible framework that becomes very much handy in developing a proper mobile application.
  • It doesn’t require any complicated knowledge base and it is well-enough to create an application based on Expressjs possessing knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • It doesn’t require any complicated knowledge base and it is well-enough to create an application based on Expressjs possessing knowledge in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Express js

Best Full Stack Application Development Framework


Companies using Laravel framework is Toyota hall of fame, RV.CAMPINGWORLD.COM, GLOBALDIETARYDATABSE.ORG, EXPLOREGEORGIA.ORG, and CEENTA.COM


Holds second highest set of tutorials next to Django with 8 diversified set of videos

Frequent update

Continuously updated every 6 months

Bug fixing

Ensures high level of security and addresses all the issues related to security concern in order to make sure the application runs without any obstacles.

Pay scale

Average pay scale for Laravel developer is Rs. 4, 80,703 as annual package.

Project Value

Industry charges USD 45/HR to develop Laravel based application

Community (till date)

  • Repositories- 172K
  • Commits- 2M
  • Topics- 518
  • Users- 4K


  • Implementation of authentication logic and control access is highly possible using this framework for creating web application and mobile application.
  • Laravel is highly capable of creating several web features through embracing the help of specific object-oriented libraries.These features include encryption, CSRF and hashing.These specific features are not present in other PHP frameworks.
  • Laravel framework provides great support to MVC architecture which contributes towards better performance of websites. To dwell in much deeper MVC also provides various other facilities like simultaneous development, high cohesion, low coupling, ease of modification, and multiple model views