Codete Workshops on Tensorflow and Keras

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The core aim of this workshop is to focus on two established machine learning libraries Tensorlow and Keras.
This workshop will create an application based on AI right from the scratch and it will be a great tutorial for the budding aspirants who wish to achieve big in AI. This workshop will be a step-by-step explanatory on the best usage of ML in a project of developing a new application.

Basic Eligibility

Peers who wish to attend this conference must have an intermediate level of knowledge in pyhton and machine learning.

Expected Gain

Participant will acquire complete knowledge over Tensorflow and Keras libraries which would help them in creating their own customized machine learning project for different applications.

Workshop Module

  • Complete overview on tenasorflow and keras architecture
  • Creating AI architecture
  • Converting to ML model
  • Shifting from research to production phase


1-day workshop


27th April, 2019


9.00- 17.00- CEST

Venue : Codete, 7 Olszanska, 31-513, Karkov, Poland.

For further enquiries contact to:

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