What is the working of mobile and responsive website?

The focus of web designers as well as marketers for years has been mobile and responsive designs. In April 2015, to promote websites to use mobile or responsive design, Google made mobile-friendliness an official ranking factor in its search algorithm.

Even though it may sound identical with mobile and responsive design, they’re very different. The distinction between mobile web design and responsive web design and usability is explained in this blog. It also provides some guidelines on how to select the best choice for your company.

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How does mobile website works? What are its PROS and CONS?

One of the very first examples of mobile web design is mobile websites. They continue extremely good at their work, particularly when it comes to mobility. It is possible for mobile sites to tailor their content to mobile users.
This enables site developers to proceed with messages including features which are suitable for people on the go, or even just to work on a tiny screen.

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  • On smart phones , mobile sites could run more easily.
  • Mobile websites could be configured even more relentlessly than regular websites.
  • They seem to be more flexible, quicker, and more effective as a whole.
  • Normally, mobile websites boost the user experience.
  • Each of these variables combine to imply that user experience for web devices can usually be improved by a mobile site.
However, it’s not just entirely perfect. Mobile sites do come with some disadvantages.


  • Dual maintenance is necessary for mobile sites.
  • They typically need a comparable level of maintenance like their desktop version to continue running, with mobile sites effectively self-contained websites in their own right.
  • Content will become old rapidly.
  • For mobile websites, content is worth mentioning in specific.
  • The issue is that every website that changes its content frequently, would need to update its web page content also.

How does responsive website works? What are its PROS and CONS?

When responsive web design first took off and is retaining its success amid an ever-changing mobile environment, responsive web design took the world by storm.
If you’d like to find if your website or any website that is of your concern is responsive, simply resize the browser window. If the site shrinks, that is, ‘responds’, to fit any new size of your browser, then it’s a responsive site. Simple!
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There really is a reason why most people are fond of responsive design.
  • Almost for any computer your clients can use, it's a good system to display your website in a user-friendly way. This, in itself, is a major advantage.
  • On a desktop computer, a TV screen, a smartphone, and even a 4-inch smartphone, a sensitive platform will look extremely great in an ideal scenario.
  • The versatility provides some essential sense of comfort for website owners.
  • The next major advantage, particularly over mobile sites, would be that all of this is stored in one body of information.
  • You will not have to re-build that page for a mobile platform, for your large - screen desktop, or for any such screen you might want to optimise for if you create a great webpage.
  • You build that once and container you place it in will move the objects automatically to match the screen on which it displays.
  • And it therefore signifies is that it would be easier to manage, update, and edit any content you create, because you only have to do this once.


  • First, although responsive sites are working on mobile devices, a stronger mobile experience can usually be provided by certain device-specific resources.
  • Furthermore, it’s very high responsiveness is greatly restricted in responsive design.
  • As you only hold a single body of content, you could only generate a website experience which fits one group 's requirements.
Consider a restaurant, for example. First and foremost, somebody browsing on a personal computer would need to see a menu, rates, and an online reservation form. Mobile users might also need to see the restaurant phone number and address, via a bottom navigation bar to switch to the menu, food pictures, including the reservation system online.
You can satisfy those numerous needs through mobile sites; you need to be a bit more cautious with responsive design.

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Who should use mobile website?

There are several websites that, mainly because of
  • Advances in user experience (UX), could benefit from just a mobile site.
  • For mobile pages, websites with proven processes, where users would like to perform the exact few tasks over and over again, are perfect.
  • These channels have low content loads and appear to be far more hands-off items once the approach is in place than the other website types.
  • Pages which need to be constantly updated with loads of content, such as a blog or an e-commerce website, seem not to be just as well fitted to mobile sites, even if there are back-end systems in place to enable successful multi-site management.
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Who should use responsive website?

  • Organizations that are predominantly dependent on mobile traffic will do well to be receptive.
  • If the bulk of your traffic comes from desktops, it's much less essential to trade off unique features.
  • Active design should also be considered by organisations that update content on a regular basis.
  • When you update weekly or every day, the task of managing two sets of content easily overwhelms content team members-it is just too time-consuming.
Thus blogs, online markets with daily updates of items, or news organisations are all probably much better off responsive.
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Which is the better, mobile webiste or responsive website?

The winner is whatever platform fits best for your company in the competition between responsive versus mobile sites.

A mobile site is better if

  • Your clients use smart phones for the most part.
  • Tablets and smartphones are common communication tools at this stage.
  • If your customers display a clear preference for mobile devices, a mobile website is pretty much safe to use.
  • Your budget is relatively limited.
  • Although mobile sites is not inexpensive, they don't need that much money or monitoring as responsive sites.
  • But if your investment is a little small so you don't think that in the future you're going to really need responsive design, then develop your company site with a mobile website.
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On the other hand, a responsive site is better if

  • You update the website regularly.
  • Responsive design is your option if you don't have a way to rapidly upgrade your desktop and mobile pages at same time.
  • Regular updates are only simpler if you have a responsive website, if you are bringing in new pages or writing blog posts.
  • You're redesigning your website.
  • It may be better to build from scratch as the site grows older and difficult to maintain.
  • So if you're going back to the design board, you can just make one website that will operate on almost any computer in the world!
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