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12 ways Digital Marketing can ensure business continuity after COVID 19


Digital marketing is a growing medium with the latest trend in technology and the usage is increasing day by day and still more people do not know the power of digital marketing. It has a huge power which makes business successful even in unpredictable situation like now.
Right Digital marketing can increase your business continuity, but needs professional hands and needs patience, apart from effort for getting results from digital marketing. Apply marketing techniques, hardworking for implementation of digital marketing ways, get network of customers all of these requires time.

Increase business continuity by choosing right digital marketing?

Digital marketing increases the chances of business continuity if one tunes in changing the latest trend frequently and by applying the techniques involved in it. The techniques involved in digital marketing which are solid makes one earn more money than expected.
Increase business continuity by choosing right digital marketing-IStudio Technologies
Digital marketing is a business because it is a vast area in concept-wise, and earning money at the initial stage will be in a slow manner but after some 2 to 4 years one can find the successful trend in staying sustainable.

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Can you make your business continue through digital marketing?

Digital marketing helps the businesses to achieve continuity through different ways which are in the online platform. Each person who knows digital marketing can adopt all methods or implement only some methods simultaneously and it will not be difficult for them to get the results.

What are the 12 different methods used in digital marketing make your business successful?

Digital marketing methods make your business successful through the following ways
The 12 different methods to be followed in digital marketing to make your business successful

1. Website design

Website design one the easiest way to earn money by developing web pages whether it may be a website for a company or e-commerce websites. Website design is done either by web site designer or by web development agencies.
But nowadays the trend is changing and every person who completes digital marketing develops website design because it a part of the course of digital marketing.
The charge for a website design depends on the customer point of view and additionally added website design will lead to an increase in the charge and the maintenance cost of the website will also be considered.
So, a website design amounts to greater than 10,000 but the amount may vary. This leads to earning money after deducting the expenses.

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2. Content marketing and email marketing

Content Marketing

Content marketing one of the most important ones in digital marketing which follows the content funnel concept. Content marketing also helps to push the content on the network and it should be unique to attract the audience.
Content funnel deals with top, middle and bottom. At the top of the content funnel, one can write an e-book and makes sales where money can be earned and the same way in the middle of the content funnel blogs are written, where blogging helps to earn huge amount of money and in the bottom of the funnel a call-to-action method can be done which lead to sales and so on.

Email marketing

Email marketing is the most frequently marketing tool to create brand awareness to the audience and help to get lead generation by nurturing the contact list. The amount of money that can be earned is based on the email leads, and so on.

3. Content writer

Content writer is the primary one in digital marketing and demand is picking up. One can be a full-time content writer in a company or a freelance content writer. As one gets more experience in content writing, the amount to earning money will also be more than any other.
Content marketing-IStudio Techniques

4. SEO, SEM and SMM techniques

SEO – Search engine optimization is also in huge demand and helps one to earn more. The earning amount is remarkable high because of the demand for SEO Specialist and all clients require these specialists.
SEM – Search Engine Marketing specialist demand also increasing and these specialists know how to put ads in different ways like organic and inorganic, and so on.
SMM – Social Media Management specialist earning amount is huge and it is the responsibility for these specialists to take control of all the social media platform related works like posting, maintaining, running ads, and so on. The social media platform may be like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, and many more.

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5. YouTube marketing

YouTube marketing in one of the easiest ways by creating videos, uploading channel and once the subscription reaches more than 1000, watch hours is above 4000, money can be earned through the YouTube partner program. this one can also promote other channel videos as advertisement where one can also earn money.

6. Google AdSense

Google AdSense is a free and simple way for website publishers, you tube creators of all sizes to earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on the websites and videos.

7. Blogging and podcasting

Blogging and podcasting are also easy to earn money, using promotion and selling products, making lead generation, promote advertisement in the podcast of another podcast channel and so on.

8. Selling ads

Selling ads on the way to earn money by allowing others advertisement to be placed on the websites. This is becoming most familiar nowadays and acts as a promotion for lead generation.
consulting service-IStudio Technologies

9. consulting services

consulting service also plays a part to earn money in digital marketing by giving ideas to individuals or companies if they are not able to get the desired output. Charges can be applied as per the services of the call. The consulting services can in for you tube marketing, social media marketing, lead generation and so on.

10. Webinars

Webinars are becoming more familiar nowadays on a particular topic. To attend a webinar, an amount is collected and this is also considered as an earning, but many do not charge an amount and they offer a free webinar for the promotion of the products.

11. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a way to earn commission and most people started doing this method. There are many ways to earn money in affiliate marketing like having a training program affiliate link that acts as a promotion, blocking domain name by using code-based affiliate links, and so on.

12. Digital marketing agency

The digital marketing agency is also one way to earn money, which acts as a start-up with 1 or more person and doing digital marketing projects.


The 12 ways digital marketing can make your business continue after Covid 19 and it will be useful for all who are looking earn through their websites.

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