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Five Rules for web designers to build great UI/UX web design

There are numerous products and services in the marketing industry that are bought and sold on online platforms in an everyday basis. Websites act as a medium for these transactions not only provides the platform to feature your product/service but also for the customers it is a platform to get the exact best product/service they want. Hence, a Website’s design UI/UX plays an important role in the decisions a customer makes while he is visiting the website.

User trend

Most of the research for web design goes into the customer expectations. Reading the mind of consumers is the best way to start with when you create a website. Ultimately, it’s the customers who are going use the front end of your website and apart from providing the best products/services it is essential to offer an excellent UX on your website. The graphics, text, design, navigation should be suitable for all the users. Professional web designers know what exactly the UI/UX components and how to implement them to get maximum user satisfaction.

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Website page flexibility

The site functionality depends on the business type and what product/service you offer. The website in general is where user actions take place. For example, when the user lands on a page he is not going to stay there. He is going to explore many buttons and menus. Hence, the website should provide all the necessary features at hand’s reach to easily find out the pages the customer wants to navigate to. The strategically placed call to action buttons and the following loading pages must be easy and smooth. Placing URLs, flashy buttons will make their job easy and keep them engage more on your website.
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Users expectations

Customers visiting a website go through all the pages one by one just to do an over view before purchasing anything. So even if you give a well-designed page link that won’t impress the customer if the rest of the pages are not up to the mark. This is where the professional web designer come into play. When you want to build a website to make sales it will fail. Rather if you build a website to help the customer it will succeed. Not only your business relies on customer but also your website. So it is essential to take honest efforts to give the information needed for the customer through excellent graphics, suitable text and easy to navigate pages.

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If you follow a method to start to build a website the method follows till the end. Once you are satisfied with the design elements on the website while you create the whole website must have the same type of design elements. For example, a website shouldn’t be like one page expressing a mood and another page a different mood. This is mainly because the customer may be going through different websites and it should not give a feeling that it is the same website that he visited before.

Website hierarchy

There should be hierarchy of design elements and other features when you build a website. This means every page design, CMS and other elements should be connected and convey the same purpose. The websites contextual elements and visual elements should mesh well to create the website hierarchy that is flexible and unique to use for the users. The website design must be in such a way that it is well organized for the user to move through effortlessly.


A website designer is capable of giving an amazing user experience with the design and framework he chooses work for a particular website. This may be creating a logo, the type of text and other design aspects to make the website visually pleasant and functionally easy to navigate from one page to another page or one place to another place on the same page. A web designer follows 5 design UX and UI rules to get the desired output.

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