How Google Mobile friendly website update will affect your business and how you can save yourself from it

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How Google Mobile friendly website update will affect your business and how you can save yourself from it

Google is the king of search engines, as a webmaster you never want to upset Google. Google has just launched its Mobile Friendly Algorithm; this will reward the websites which are mobile friendly. It is a big change and will affect lots of results worldwide. This will only impact mobile searchers. But the desktop/laptop users will not feel any change. This is a real-time algorithm. There is a rapid shift of consumers towards mobile from computer. Hence it is also having an impact of the search result. If you are not sure about how to do it for your website, you can take help of some web design companies in Chennai.

Important features of this algorithm Mobilegeddon

  • To check if your website is mobile friendly, check mobile search of Google, which will show results in real time.
  • The Smaller website may require 72 hours for all pages to be indexed and larger website up to a month.
  • A web page has to be 100% mobile friendly, you cannot have half baked stuff on your page.
  • Brands will still get priority for related terms.
  • High-quality content will be still given a priority even if not mobile friendly.
  • A separate sitemap is not required for making the website mobile friendly.
  • Has no effect on Adwords results.

So if your website is mobile friendly then surely it will rocket up to better ranks and hence you should take care and prepare your website for the same and if you do not have the time then you can take help of some Web designing company in Chennai.

How you can save yourself from it from this effect?

  • Text size is very important and hence has an effect, no tapping or zooming should be required.
  • How much space do you have between two hyperlinks is another important criteria. It should be easy for the use to click on and not confuse them.
  • Whether content fits on across small screen. Since mobile users have much smaller screen then a desktop or a laptop.
  • Information about the page topic is important for mobile-friendliness. Hence use should come to know immediately what the page is all about.
  • Also content should be spaced out properly without the need for scrolling. This is a very important thing as it will result in a good user experience and hence you will get rewarded for it. Hence, if you optimize your website in the right way then, more traffic will surely flow to your website.

You can take help of professionals, there are lots of good Website Design Company in Chennai, which can help you make your website mobile friendly if you do not have the time to do so. So if you do not make your website more mobile friendly, you are sure to get buried in the search results. This will help Google to retain mobile market share and also, give users a better experience and hence it is a win- win situation for both.

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