Money Making Through E-Commerce


There is no doubt that e-commerce trading earns you high profit when compared to any other source or platform. The amount you earn from your e-commerce trading purely depends on your strategies. But still there are some standard approach through which you can definetley generate profit at any time. This article will pin point each and every strategy which helps you to generate more revenue through e-commerce trading.

Creating Traffic

Generating traffic is the key towards the growth of your e-commerce store, this will not only increase the number of visitors but it will also increases the online sales. Generating traffic is not just about implementing the necessary marketing tools and media instead it also lie beneath the right product and its unit in numbers. Based upon the sales target you need to achieve you must wisely choose the marketing tool.


Amount Of Traffic

There is no necessity that the number of sales you generate is equal to the number of traffic you get towards your e-commerce platform. There is a specific calculator that helps you in analyzing the right amount of traffic needs to be generated for your e-commerce platform.

Some Quick Facts

  • The conversion rate in any e-commerce platform irrespective of its size is 2% I.e. out of 100 people viewing your e-commerce platform only 2 will place the order.
  • The average order value across borders is US$45
  • Facebook helps you to convert a lead at the cost of US$ 0.35 through its ads.

Traffic Generation Techniques

Visitors traffic is generated towards your e-commerce website through conducting different marketing campaigns. The usage of these marketing campaigns highly depends upon the product, industry to which the platform belongs as well as the degree to which it tends the customers to buy.

Pay Per Click (PPC)

It is one among them where you have to pay towards PPC generating tools in order generate traffic towards your site. This tool highly helps in converting the traffic into leads visiting your site. Some of the famous PPC tools are Google, Facebook and Bing, where Google and Bing are the search engines which wont be giving exact information about your targeted audience instead it will show the reach of your website. At the same time Facebook is also an effective PPC tool which give complete information about your targeted audience, but it wont give you exact information regarding the reach.


Cost Optimized Marketing Tools

There are some highly cost cutting marketing tools used for generating high traffic towards the website. These tools have equal capability of Google in generating potential leads to the website, Content marketing and Rediff are the low-cost marketing tools used to brand your e-commerce platform.
Through content marketing you can create blogs and stay updated with recent technologies and at the same time social discussion platforms like Rediff are also helps in generating more number of traffic.