Digital Marketing Helping Businesses to Survive and Succeed Even in this Pandemic Situation

Digital Marketing Helping Businesses to Survive and Succeed Even in this Pandemic Situation?

Since the day Wuhan got hit with the dangerous virus the economy of the entire world standard to shrink in various ways, irrespective of their industries, businesses lost their revenue generating module and finding ways to just survive in the market due to the horrific hit of this virus.
Especially the production industry got into real shutdown since the virus gets easily spread in social gathering which is an unavoidable circumstance for the production and manufacturing sectors. Still there is scope for businesses to outshine even in this tough situation by smartly adopting the best strategic marketing moves by going digital.

Being a renowned digital marketing company in Chennai, India, we possess the required proactivity by adopting the situations and executing our flexible digital marketing strategies that could yield desired benefit to our clients.

Knowing the present pandemic situations and the way enterprises are reacting to it, we have framed a perfect digital marketing strategy that would surely hit the masses and help you with attaining a minimal level of decent success.

Briefing the current scenario?

Your webpage might sometime wont be loading the image properly or shows some error in the D-spot where the image needs to be projected, seeing this would bring in a disgusting feel to the user and they might even leave your webpage, a constant abandoning act of your web users might lead to high bounce rate and ranking deprovement that eventually leads to reduced sales.

current scenario

This critical scenario has made B2B space to realize the importance of online marketing approach and the sheer advantage it could deliver, provided by having a well-made digital marketing strategy a B2B player can still find scope in rejuvenating their business and do the basic ground work that could help them to upstream their growth once the pandemic related issues get sorted out.

We are the best digital marketing agency in Chennai, India, who provides niche based digital marketing service that helps the adopters irrespective of their industry to attain proper success.
Be it an early adapter to digital marketing stuffs or the one who already keep practicing it we blend to their conditions and frame perfect strategy that works.
Here in this blog, we will be depicting the top 5 digital marketing approach that any B2B concern must adopt in this critical situation.

Go for an online event or Webinar

A lot of B2B organizations would have planned for conducting marketing and ad promotional events that would have cancelled due to the current unexpected virus attack, you might be one amongst them and you now have two options in your hand.
One is to wait for things to get normal, and the other one is to be super-efficient by transforming yourself to online. So how going online will be helpful in keeping your business live and get generating with clients?

It is simple, the campaign or any other marketing activity you perform is the same to that of Webinar. A webinar is the perfect replacement of traditional promoting campaigns that helps you to collaborate with your clients, investors and even stakeholders that make your business keep running and reach out to the people you need to despite the conditions. Companies are successfully running webinars these days and the educational sectors are earning the maximum profit in it, by knowing its benefits we adapt it to the fullest in our digital marketing campaign for our clients that help them to reach people easily.

Content Revamping

This is the perfect time for any business that holds a website to revamp their content, the pandemic situation has given us a hefty amount of time to breathe, plan and execute the content strategy by recreating the content and come up with flying colors to improvise ourselves and impress the target audience. Content is still the key driving factor when it comes to online business but the way it got projected has changed a lot.

Sit down and do an in-depth content analysis of your website, filter down the pages that need improvement, and finally come up with exclusive strategy for each web page to improvise and get converted into a better upgraded version of yourselves that certainly impress the target users and make them adapt your service.
Apart from the web page content, you can also think about the marketing related ones like article, blog, and social media stuffs where you can make some bold and happening moves that could definitely bring in a positive change. Are you the one who doesn’t have proper clarity with content strategy? Or doesn’t possess enough time to execute it?

No worries, we are here to help you. We at iStudio Technologies offers splendid content marketing service in Chennai, where it is the lucrative integral part of our digital marketing approach in enhancing our clients;’ online presence.

Add timely content

In times like this a smart website holder, will not just find space to improve their online presence instead they also focus on discussing about the current happenings in their website.
Apart from news break downs one can provide normal healthcare advice and tips to their followers in their website that gives personnel touch their clients and make them feel special.
Adding timely content is not just social awareness move but it is also an indirect marketing approach that highly works well in this time.
Being an expertise digital marketing service provider in Chennai, India, we deliver high level of profoundness in helping our clients to come up with timely indirect marketing content that not just promotes their service/product online but also delivers a catchy and reachable message that provides personalized touch to their client base.
Providing this kind of content shows the state of empathy in your mindset, that helps in creating a long lasting relationship with clients.

To get framed the perfect digital marketing strategy for your business

Be active in Social Media

It doesn’t matter whether you are active or inactive in social media platforms all these days, but now it is highly mandatory to be active in social media to reach out maximum people and popularize your brand.
Social media has evolved a lot since its inception and they are no more just a platform that is been used to connect and chat with friends. Ranging from Facebook to TikTok majority of the social media platforms has upgraded themselves into a business centric tool.

Every social media platform is unique and hence they require to be treated in a different way when compared with its peers, we understand the simple logic behind it and hence follow the specific kind of treatment in framing marketing strategy for a social media platform.
Being an innovative social media platform, we at iStudio Technologies in Chennai, India undergo a careful and deep-rooted analysis of your business and select the perfect suit social media platform to market your business, adding up to it we also frame the exclusive strategy that differs with respect to the platform.


To get framed your customized social media marketing strategy

Shift to videos

Globally 55% of people watch B2B related promotional videos online per day
The above stats shows us the exponential disruption of the video formatted content and the way it conquers the online space. Create interesting and useful videos that can educate and convert your targeted online clients and make them become repetitive users. Apart from product/service related videos it is essential for an responsible online firm to post awareness related videos about the wide spreading virus and the impact it could cause, the videos can give you 10X more reach than the image or text based content at any cost. Being the lucrative digital marketing company in Chennai, India, we can help you create useful and result-driven marketing videos for your business.


Digital presence and the evolution of online space have taught the business world a big lesson of creating business and leads anytime irrespective of the conditions. Currently the entire world is facing some tough situations and by practicing and implementing the right set of strategies now any business can operate normal and even find a high revenue generation, provided they need to adapt the help of a perfect digital marketing company who can be a part and parcel of their online client/customer reaching activities that takes the user to success.

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