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It is undeniable fact that we got stuck in an unexpected pandemic situation, where we need to pull things off our side and hence people from different industries are striving their hard and best to create a normal scenario which they lost due to Corona pandemic. Particularly industries like tourism, hospitality, and event management are struggling a lot than their other counterpart industries, since they highly rely on mass crowd gathering.

But there are few smart players in the event management industry have started to adapt the digitization to resume their business and hence we being an innovative tech-driven player have already created remote event management software, that helps the event planners and organizers to carry out their event successfully in the virtual space. This blog will be detailing about the 25 important features that online event management software must possess.

Listing and smart listing

Efficacious event management software will hold the basic and primary functionality of listing and smart listing where it directly classifies the important prospect and the normal ones based on their ticket purchase which helps the event planner to schedule them with top priority and categorise them in a structured way.

Hot leads

Hot leads symbolize the client who wish to conduct the event and can afford you a good profitable amount that worth your dedication and commitment, despite the fact that the concerned engagement happens using remote event management software, the scope of the event do vary depending on the involved players like corporate, personal events or political events, where these three are different kinds but holds weightage on their own.

Registration analytics

It becomes highly important to gauge your efforts that you implement in creating virtual event management software, deploying it in the market, and conducting events based on it, so it must yield some profit to all the stakeholders. Hence there becomes necessary to implement an analytical tool that helps the event organizer specifically, who handles the software where they can view the analytical report of:
Registration analytics

Total number of registered participant

Total no of tickets generated

Total number of tickets sold

Total amount of revenue generated

Session registration

You need to know what kind of meetings or events you organize and hence segregate them according to sessions that helps with maximum beneficiary. Hence our remote event handling software will create separate online sessions for a single event to participate.

Ticket types

Similar to the traditional or offline mode of ticket selling, the online mode also holds the process of categorizing tickets based several types depending on their price imposed. Hence the online event management software we deliver also categorizes the ticket on various classes based on the type of event conducted and the potentiality of the event as well.

Event Promotion

Earlier, event promotions can be expected by conducting pre promotional activities, where the concerned event organizer used to conduct shows and mini concepts in large gathering like malls and other public places to inform about the main event, and now this online event management software would help to carry out the exact level of promotion in the digital space by marketing in social media platforms.
Event Promotion
Building website

Building website

Building an exclusive website for this event organization would certainly be a great idea, where the involved player can handle enquires, resolve queries and promote it in a more profound way. Having a website would help the event organizer to execute their marketing and other related promotional activities in a measured way, so that they can easily obtain the expected results and improvise over them, hence it can be delivered only by a complete virtual event organizing software.

Social media integration

Social media integration does play a major role in promoting any product or service in the digital space, and hence they also contribute high in promoting your events. The integration of social media applications in your event related website operates in a synchronized way with the online event handling software that acts as a platform in projecting the event, and helps the event management team to reach out maximum target audience.
Social media integration
Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the best fit for any kind of business promotion and it does the same for remote event management software, where it helps the concerned organization to promote the event, where they can send customized emails to their sponsors who can fund in and contribute to a combined success of the virtual effort.

Incentive plan

Incentive plan introduction and their execution is not new with the event management business and right now it has taken a new form called digitization, where the event planners need to adapt new methods and approaches to incentives their program attendees as a part of boosting their participation and encouraging them to involve in word-of-mouth marketing, where the incentive plan is been a part of the virtual event conducting software.

White labeling

White labelling is the part and parcel of event promotions and it does get carried away even in the digitized form of event management, where the online event management software ensures the perfect embedding of white label takes place where both the concerned event, and the software service provider gets promoted with their brand.

Promo codes

Achieving a high sales amount will be the primary goal of any event organizer and implementing promo code concept is one of the well versed and successful marketing tactics even in traditional approach. The remote event conducting software allied with the social media integrations performs the task seamlessly by creating promo codes which gives discount to the lucky participants.

Engaging the attenders

The role of the best virtual event management app doesn’t just hold on with bringing in the required digital transformation, instead, it make itself feasible to carry out the required promotional activities and attendee engagement and one such approach is making the attenders to get involved into the event, where the software allows the accessing person or the organizer to make customized approach to deploy the required online engaging elements.

Event app

One of the most wide spread aspect of the current technology world is the prevailing smartphone which makes the users to keep engaged in its usability either for personal or professional purpose. Holding a dedicated event management app would be a boon for your business, where it helps to reach out to massive user base undoubtedly.
Event app
Event Community

Event community

Building a community would always strengthen a happening, conducting an event in the digital platform will attain its success feet provided it gets the support of a valid and progressive community who could contribute to the great success of the event. It includes the speaker, the host, the sponsor, and other key players; hence the remote event management software creates more scope to keep the community engaged.

Real-time announcements

Real-time announcements do happen in the traditional form of events, and it can still be carried out with the online format with the help of speculative virtual event handling software, where an extra functionality can be added, so that the concerned organizer can make any important or buzzy announcements real-time when the event is happening the creates enough thrill and josh amongst the attenders.

Automated messages

Sending automated messages is a highly simple task in this digitized age, there are several tools exists out there in the software world which are capable of sending automated messages, implementing the automation tool into the existing online event planning software helps to auto generate and mail the relevant messages to the concerned stakeholders.

Real-time polling

A genuine attempt carried out by the event organizer and can get executed even in a better way due to the sheer presence of digitization. Polling might or might not happen in the traditional event organizing, but digitization glorifies it to the core with the advent of virtual event management software, that creates 100% success for the online polling.

Event surveys

Surveys deliver high benefits provided if it is conducted with complete involvement and proper dedication, conducting surveys for offline or traditional events eats up your entire budget and it is mere impossible happening, but things get changed when digitization is adopted. Online event management software helps you to carry out survey in pre, during, and post sessions of the event which helps in betterment of your organizing plans at every single walk.

Event operations

Event operations refers to several activities carried out in completing the event successfully, ranging from assembling the target attenders to bringing in the contributing sponsors it is a hectic task to handle even as a team, but the same gets simplified with digital presence where the remote event handling software simplifies the entire operating process.
Event Operation

On-site check-in

The event handler can anytime, anywhere check the progress of event conducting process and measure its success rate using the implemented analytical tool of the remote event management software.

Event analytics

Analytics do play a major role in every business that not just measures the revenue generated, instead, it also scales the success attained. Holding dedicated virtual event management software of analytical functionality helps the organizer to travel in the right path.
Event Analysis

Open API

Integration Application Program Interfaces into the software is a highly responsible and essential task, where it decides the effectiveness of the software; hence the proper API integration needs to get carried out so that the required supportive applications can be brought in to the board in a frictionless way.


Without sponsorship it is impossible to conduct an event, either it is performed traditionally or in online, deriving out the sponsors is more of a promotional way which can be attained only through the implementation of renowned virtual event management software.


The success of any business that adopted digitization highly will be the personalized approach, and it does suits for the event organizing space as well. Holding personalized online event management software has always a perk to attain competitive niche in the industry.