10 Best Web Design Trends To Dominate In 2021

Your website is the first-ever impression that prospective customers make of your brand: what do you suggest regarding your business? If your website is not perfectly built, intelligently structured, and up-to-date with new trends and technologies, it may be enough of a warning sign for your website visitors to choose not to further uncover your business.
A website usually has more durability than faster-paced digital marketing features like SEO and social media, however, that doesn’t imply that new web design trends are to be overlooked. Having this in mind and as the best web design company in Chennai, India, our team of best web designers and professional digital marketing experts, have analyzed and came up with their projections on the key web design trends we’ll experience in 2021.

Bold Design Elements

Going into 2021, businesses would continue to stand out so that we can see a step towards bright and vibrant web design that uses both flat as well as gradient-based formats and illustrations. We believe that UX/UI is likely to become far more vital as we battle with pandemic and many people are shopping digitally, so a strong conversion and a stunning user interface are becoming highly important.

Multiple Content Options

Being a renowned web design company in chennai, the largest web design trend that we intend to see in 2021 focuses on making various sources of content available in the same perspective. These content formats can include photographs, infographics, written text, etc. Each one contains the same information, the information is interpreted differently. People read and consume knowledge in various ways and have different priorities for content. Although the key purpose of the website is to deliver details, we expect that the web design can evolve to provide a range of content choices simultaneously to enable users to select the format that is right for them.


Some trends are circulating this year but personalization is the biggest and most strong. Websites that can effectively exploit cookies and website membership to provide their viewers with personal experience are fifteen times more effective than those that do not focus on persistence and re-visit metrics. Personalization is so effective since it offers the website user a chance to feel like they are respected by the company, understood by the brand, and valued by the brand. With the potential to customize every platform, from e-commerce to SAAS facilities, the new trend has offered the initial adopters a big leg.

Virtual Reality

With the continuity of Coronavirus and the additional burden of an uncertain end date, we are probably to see websites do even more to create virtual reality in their websites. This can be achieved in a lot of different ways to make customers feel more positive interactions with brands and businesses.
We’ve seen retailers launch realistic virtual reality shops that enable you to shop in virtual shops, instead of just the picture scrolls that we’re currently depending on. Where we really believe this is going to take off is in the arts industry, where we are beginning to see more and more galleries engaging in producing interactive exhibits to keep their customers involved when near contact, real-world engagement is not as feasible at the present.


As a leading web designing company in chennai, We want more websites to be optimized and simplified to cope with the existing and potentially evolving ‘at home’ world in which we work. Websites can be huge, and there is also a world of info to be discovered – particularly for businesses that work directly with consumers.
We are sure to see this simplified to two main features – link and conversion, with stories and stores occupying top positions in the search bar, and all details being condensed to secondary tabs or search box. This is not to suggest that the other details are not just as important or valuable to users, however, because our environment is more likely to depend on these interactions to communicate, particularly if COVID-19 is now with us for a while, it would be important to connect with viewers as best as possible.

Incorporating Video and Chatbots

Provided that today’s consumers want immediate gratification, 2021’s web architecture will start moving further towards video incorporation. Users seldom read content, and if you have big blocks of text, it will scare the viewers and they will leave. Most customers now prefer video over text and pictures.
It gives them the details they need quickly and conveniently. That’s why we also see many business executives using all types of advertising. The video will also play a significant part in 2021 ads. YouTube is the second largest search engine next to Google, and being able to share video content would be key to growing brand recognition.
Another fastest-growing trend in web design of 2020, expected to continue to be one of the largest in 2021, is the addition of chatbots. Now more corporations are beginning to use these bots to serve customers with instant answers and solutions to their problems. We suppose these bots can appear to be smarter and more sophisticated. We hope they will be built to support consumers with more complicated issues as well, thus providing customers with almost instant feedback.

Dark Mode

As the best web design company in Chennai, India the new trend which is already gaining momentum and would be more consolidated in 2021 is Dark Mode or Theme. We assume that so many web designers will be designing pages for clients that are Dark Themed.
Last year, several designers and developers have tailored their browsers into Dark Mode. Also, YouTube rolled out Dark Mode earlier in April, 2020. As web giants such as Google or YouTube adopt Dark Mode, you can be confident that even more websites will join this pattern.
Dark Mode helps to ease tension on the user’s brain, nicely contrasts the design features, and makes the web a welcome shift from the previously fashionable white backgrounds. If you want your design to “pop”, try Dark Theme!

Accessibility and Authenticity

iStudio Technologies, a prominent web design service in Chennai, predicts that there can be a major surge in website accessibility in 2021. In the past few years, several organizations have made the move to make their sites more accessible to deprived people. Many company websites are also lagging, but we believe most website upgrades to make websites further accessible. It will help marginalized users, and it will also have an immense effect on the accessibility of SEO and other users.
Brands would need to continue revealing their human side to communicate with the feelings of consumers. Using photos or videos of customers can be crucial to the development or improvement of a bond between products and consumers.

Skeuomorphic Design

In a skeuomorphic style, the design elements tend to be very realistic. Simulate as much of a real-life entity as possible. There’s also a mixture of soft shadows and gradients in sketchy designs which turn design elements to life, rendering them look realistic. But because we live in a fast-paced environment, it can be very difficult to create a skeuomorphic architecture. But let’s see what the coming years can bring to this strategy.

Asymmetrical Layouts

Rather than utilizing grids to match the main elements of a site design, use asymmetrical formats is what we foresee as trending in 2021. These designs make it possible for the designer to unlock his inner imagination without being tied to any gridline. What they need to retain is to balance an overcrowded room and be too minimalist. No portion of the page should appear heavy than the remaining portion of the page.

Web Design Trends for 2021 and Beyond

Web design trends will not continue indefinitely, but something that will make a stunning, interactive, and user-friendly website valuable. Now that we’ve been over what our marketing professionals want the web design to appear like in 2021.

Take Your Web Design to the Next Level

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