5 Things To Expect In 2021- How Will SEO Appear In The “New Normal”?

Nothing is stable in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) environment. The approaches that worked out years earlier have found their niche. It’s because search engines like Google are continuously changing their algorithms. On average, Google makes improvements to the algorithm around 500 to 600 times each year. In this article, we discussed some of the SEO trends that 2021 is expected to bring. This list is not comprehensive, but it includes some of the key places that you simply must not overlook.
iStudio Technologies, being the best SEO services in Chennai, India, deliver the finest, highly professional, and standard websites with the best up-to-date SEO tools and techniques that suit all your business needs. Throw in the chaos that the pandemic has spread to the globe, and you may be staring at 2021 as a little tricky. If you’re restarting your company or seeking to ramp up your marketing activities, here are some of the biggest SEO trends you might anticipate to see in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI helps to analyze and recognize customer intention with their competitors’ strategy.
  • Bring these insights into the overall content strategy, to deliver customized and high-efficient contents.
  • Keyword research automation to make discover trends easier, link-building opportunities, and find market gaps.
  • In fact, with AI, you can perform automatic SEO tests to measure and validate your SEO strategy.
  • AI will generate data and feedback on a scale to help decide on the improvements that need to be made.

Mobile SEO

In 2015, Google revised its algorithm to promote mobile-friendly blogs, giving birth to what’s been called “Mobilegeddon.” Ever since Google has given priority and higher search engine results to mobile-optimized websites.
In 2021, the transition appears to be much more dramatic. Google’s John Mueller recent times revealed that the company will adapt to a smartphone first index by March 2021. This move indicates that Google will remove the desktop-only websites in its index.
There’s much more to mobile SEO than to keep Google from dumping the website. As per Blue Corona, mobile users currently account for 52% of all internet traffic, and each 2 minutes out of 3 online devices worldwide. In other terms, if you do not customize your website for a smartphone experience, you will miss the traffic and your conversion rates will decline. For example, if your e-commerce website has to be imported to your mobile indefinitely, you can experience a rise in cart abandonment.
If you’d like to succeed at SEO in the forthcoming year, you need to make your site mobile-friendly. Use this quick test to determine if your website is mobile-friendly.

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E.A.T. Concept

E.A.T. is short for Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness. This definition is a metric used by Google to assess the ranking of a blog. Although E.A.T. has been around for some time, it aims to play a much more important role in 2021.
The increase of fake news has made some anxiety about believing what they read online, so that’s why Google has made it a major focus to guarantee that only good content is strong. E.A.T. is highly applicable to companies in the Your Money Your Life (YMYL) categories such as health and financing. Here’s a few methods to guarantee that you offer to E.A.T:


Build an "About" tab that lists the skills, qualifications, certification, and accomplishments of the staff. Highlight any links that you have with other respectable organizations.



Back up what you're writing with evidence and truth. In comparison, guest postings on authority pages in your specialty would build up your authority and build useful backlinks to your content.



Using case studies and feedback from pleased consumers and partners to build up your brand. Make sure the site is safe and clean of user-generated spam.

Zero-Click Search Results

The Zero-click search results phenomena is rising. SparkToro estimated that even more than half (50.33%) of all Google searches became zero-click searches including snippets as of mid-2019.
This implies that more than 50% of all Google searches would not result in a click. This is due to the featured snippets showing the details users need to fulfill their search purpose without having to press. As this change makes it easier for consumers to scan, it deprives websites of leads. Fortunately, there are ways that companies can take benefit from zero-click outcomes.
When you prepare your content, attempt to answer the queries. Perform keyword research to discover what queries and issues are in your audience’s thoughts, and create strong content that addresses those queries. Moreover, make sure that the responses are straightforward and precise.
Google likes long-form material, however, you can break down the content into small, easy-to-read paragraphs. At last, ensure you use the evidence and the truth to back up the claims in each piece of material you create.

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Voice Search

Statista estimates that 8.4 billion voice assistants will be used worldwide by 2024. This gives us an idea of how powerful a voice search can be in the years ahead. Right today, 55% of users are asking questions about their smartphones with voice search.
Enhancing your voice search content will place your website to draw visitors and leads. Here are some tips to help you optimize your results for voice search:
  • Writing in a conversational and engaging format. In other terms, regarding how people normally chat and strive to ensure that your content suits that style.
  • Target long-tail dialogue keyword phrases and placeholder terms.
  • Enhance Google My Business list. The details you give, like your working hours and address, has to be latest and up - to - date. It's because voice searchers could ask queries such as, "What time [your business] is open today? ”
  • Boost the website's loading speed. 47% of users expect the web to be loaded in 2 seconds or less.
By improving your voice search, you can make it easier to expose your material to a massive prospective audience who might never have made it by text search.

Be Ready to Adapt

One year ago, no one could have expected that a pandemic would devastate 2020 and transform the way we live and function. One point has been made clear: firms that cannot respond to shifting conditions will be left behind. The fact that distinguishes a successful company from a failing one is the opportunity to adjust, adapt, and handle challenges in a new manner.
Your team must be excited about new opportunities, and they must not be hesitant to do new stuff. The best companies are those who conduct a lot of projects, evaluations, and trials, using lessons as a springboard to perform much better in the future. Keep an alert for trends and shifts in your business. Predict and plan for the complexities.


Unfortunately, if you have optimized the website, you can’t keep on top of the SERP forever. SEO is a relentless challenge that requires a lot of time and frequent progress. To ensure sure the website is updated for 2021, please get over this checklist:
  • Calculate the user experience on your website by utilizing new main web vitals measures.
  • Customize your voice search site.
  • Build a Google My Business account if you have a local business with a specific address.
  • Start making videos to push more traffic, raise brand recognition, and get more backlinks.
  • Customize the website with current SERP features and get ready for future features.
Start to work on SEO now, so the website can have a better chance of going higher in the coming year. As well, don’t ignore the advanced SEO tools-they will help you optimize the optimizing process and monitor the success of your web.

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