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Top 5 Advantages of Having a CMMS Software during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The emerging global health issue has highlighted the significance of using various aspects of technology to support company operations.

With the coronavirus stopping much non-essential personnel from doing their duties in their offices, businesses have been busy restructuring different procedures to ensure their staff can continue to handle their normal workload remotely. Companies will continue to work with any changes until certain precautions are taken. These extra precautions may also mean the difference between a company’s longevity and its demise.

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Companies that are now pioneers in the use and optimization of different innovations did well during the pandemic. With key systems in place and their staff trained and proficient in their use, they will continue to execute their regular duties even while operating remotely.

CMMS is an Essential Tech for Organizations

A CMMS is one technology that has proved to be very useful during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Organizations that use desktop and mobile asset management tools can keep track of all the repair requirements for their computers, equipment, and other physical resources. These businesses could do so because a CMMS has these benefits that are helpful when normal operating processes are interrupted:
CMMS is an Essential Tech for Organizations -IStudio Technologies

1. Efficient remote maintenance scheduling

  • Because of the pandemic, many businesses have been forced to shut down entirely.
  • And with the facilities closed, operating vital infrastructure is critical.
  • However, in the absence of an infrastructure management scheme, workers must check their equipment to determine which ones need repair or enhancement work.
  • However, with lockdowns or neighborhood quarantines in operation, they are unable to visit their offices and personally inspect their facilities.
  • Organizations that have CMMS software in place will monitor and maintain on top of all their asset management needs without having to manually check these devices.
  • CMMS systems keep track of the records of maintenance and other jobs performed on key items of machinery.
  • A brief glance at this data informs staff whether a computer has to be washed or serviced.
  • Furthermore, the better CMMS platforms have warning capabilities that warn users when a specific machine requires maintenance.
  • Employees can complete all of these activities easily without having to leave their homes to examine their appliances.

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2. Quick access to a consolidated database

  • Standard management systems, such as paper and spreadsheets, necessitate further time to keep up with.
  • Furthermore, workers are often restricted in terms of the amount of knowledge they may use.
  • Users are more likely to gain access to obsolete information about repair plans and job order demands if there is no unified structure.
  • A cloud-based CMMS software enables users to review maintenance schedules and job order orders, as well as create, prioritize, and assign them from any location.
  • When a user enters new information into a cloud-based CMMS application, it is immediately modified.
  • As a result of these factors, everybody will have access to the most recent results.
  • Duplicating job order orders or arranging repairs is even less likely.

3. Automation of key processes

  • Employees can have difficulty obtaining clearance for urgent positions if employers and administrators are not in their offices and are operating remotely on changing schedules.
  • These may require the sanitation or disinfection of floor building equipment or cars that have been in high-traffic areas.
  • A CMMS software streamlines workflow so key staff will program the system to automatically keep them up to date on COVID-19 work orders and other relevant activities, as well as accept essential work orders, such as disinfecting vehicles and facilities.
  • Furthermore, most CMMS systems have features that alert key users when a critical work order request is made.
  • This automatic reminder function keeps activities and programs going and team members communicating effectively.

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4. Single platform for checklists, guides, and other digital documents

  • Many CMMS applications may be used to save guidance for carrying out specific operations or activities in addition to storing information about asset maintenance schedules.
  • This may involve washing and sanitizing machines as well as other activities to ensure that they are safe to use.
  • It will also include the proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures to use while workers are present in the workplace.
  • Employees would be less likely to make decisions on the actions they would take if the material is visible on their laptops or mobile devices.
  • Furthermore, employees would not need to be monitored or qualified to carry out these procedures correctly.
  • They just need to view and read the program's content.

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5. Real-time updates and alerts on inventory

  • The CMMS software assists organizations in avoiding the depletion of materials needed for washing, servicing, and restoring equipment.
  • It is also a useful tool for ensuring that the repair staff still has a supply of critical spare parts on hand.
  • CMMS app is also ideal for inventory and monitoring.
  • When a work order is over, the used components and components are immediately subtracted from the inventory count.
  • The framework is often modified in real-time, and when amounts reach a predetermined minimum, users are notified.
  • Furthermore, since the pandemic is still in place, supply chains are still sluggish and slowed.
  • As a result, shipment and distribution of commonly used spare parts and other critical goods will be delayed.
  • Companies may request products in advance and never run out of them thanks to the updates provided by a CMMS application.


Whether or not there is a health problem, CMMS software is a great asset to provide. It is a worthwhile enterprise solution to invest in because it streamlines different procedures and assists teams in staying on top of all the maintenance needs of their properties and keeping them in top shape.

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