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Top features for website design after Covid 19 for improve your business and increase revenue

Covid 19 and the lockdown followed by it has caused significant productivity for the business websites. But the good thing is that the companies can check the feasibility of digital disruption with the help of advanced technology in website designing and presentation of content and much more things to make their website profitable. This will not only increase the site visibility after covid situation but also bring more revenue to any business that is striving to achieve their financial targets and lead generation.

Must have website features after Covid 19

Since the customers prefer to search on the internet and buy via online websites during pandemic conditions a website may need a complete revamp starting from design UI UX, CMS (content management system), and other technologically advanced features like chatbot integration, mail box integration for better customer service and make the customers visit often to the website.

Content of a website (CMS)

CMS system is the heart of your website, first it communicates with the users to express about your business, products/services, second, it is inevitable for search engine optimization as keywords that are searched by the users can be inserted throughout the content of all the website pages. Basically, a website is alive because of Content with the right keywords. It is important for the websites to
  • constantly update the site content to stay up do date with the information they provide for the visitors and also for SEO purposes.
  • A top website designing company is well versed in doing content audits for your website and make the necessary changes to make your website listed in the Google ranking.
Content of a website (CMS) - IStudio Technologies

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Website loading speed from 2 to 5 seconds

Every business website, if it wants to survive the challenging circumstances like Covid 19 has to have a good bet on their site loading speed. Slow and sluggish loading of the website is the primary reason for any visitor to leave the website and never visit again. Having said that, page speed doesn’t matter when it comes website loading time.
  • You may have faster loading pages but the over website loading speed must be around only 2 to 5 seconds and anything higher than that means you are losing on leads and conversion rates.
  • One cannot take this lightly as it also decides your website’s ranking of Google and it well push your website down further in the SERP

Design features and CTO button

You have your website designed a decade ago and expect to improve visitor population is a goal that can never be achieved in anytime soon. Take a look at any website that is having skyrocketing visitor number and lead generation that has excellent Design UX and UI built with latest framework versions. Because the framework developing companies always add new elements and updates and produce new versions time to time which only a professional web design company adopt to these changes and produce good quality websites that match with the current exercise.
  • Be it classic and simple website design or aesthetically extravagant design it is good for a website to revamp their design
  • Play with colors and strategically positioned CTO buttons to attract customers and generate high number of leads.

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Site Responsiveness

Responsive website means the site is easy to access from multiple devices regardless of the operating system. While all the customers have gone online during Covid 19 it is essential for a web design to have one of the essential features like responsiveness to multiple devices. The user interface get adjusted with whatever the device may be like Desktop or mobiles and operating system like Windows, Android and iOS for a fulfilling experience in multiple platforms.
  • Responsive websites yield more visitors almost 60% more than the non-responsive websites.
  • Responsive websites create better image of the business and website and improve the credibility by 80% for the start ups and SMBs.

Get excellent web design features for your website


Content is not the only interacting feature on a website. For elevated customer interaction and optimum customer service a website must possess elements that actually respond to customer queries regardless of their location in this Covid times. As customers prefer immediate answers and quick replies to their queries an integrated automated chat system like chatbot is a must for all the websites looking to grow their business during pandemic.
Chatbots and social media integration increase customer satisfaction by 72% as customers immediately get the automated replies for their doubts.
Enhanced site experience and improved credibility on the products/service by 90% due to the chatbot and other interactive mechanisms in a business website.


Improving your websites involves in making it more presentable for the audience now who are spending a lot time searching for products/service on the internet in the pandemic time. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity and revamp their website to attract more customers to their website. These are entirely technical improvements that only a professional web design company can help you with redesigning and implementing features that are necessary for a website during Covid 19.

Website redesign services strategically built for Covid times